Lost Ark: Will It Be Better Than Diablo 3? Here Are 10 Interesting Facts About This Awesome Game

Ready to take on hordes of enemies with style.
Ready to take on hordes of enemies with style.

A Diablo-Like, Massively Multiplayer Online Action RPG With An Open World

Unveiled at GStar 2014, they say that the trailer for Lost Ark Online blew away its audience, leaving it completely silent, speechless after it ended and the lights were back on. Not only was this reveal competely unexpected, but the trailer, captured using the game's own engine (which you can discover below), promised to revolutionize both the MMO and the ARPG genres, and the game has ever since looked as spectacular as on the day it was revealed.

1. A True Mix Between MMO And Action RPG

This area is really reminiscent of the Bastion's Keep in Diablo 3 – Lost Ark seems to draw a lot of inspiration from other action RPGs.

Right off the bat, Lost Ark attracts our attention by combining two of everyone's favorite genres. Yes, it is without the shadow of a doubt a hack and slash game, with a non-targeting, fast-paced combat system. Yet it will also be massively multiplayer, a real MMO with an open world where you will be able to other players without having to invite them to your party first so they can join your specific instance.

The developers clearly stated that “Lost Ark is an MMORPG”, so you can rest easy – it will not be just an Asian clone of Diablo. Featuring several classes, an epic storyline, dungeon challenges, puzzles, and other content, all of which you can discover below, this game will blow you away with its breathtaking graphics and hauntingly beautiful soundtrack.

2. Character Customization, Mounts And More

This mounted dragon is incinerating its master's enemies with its fiery breath.

As an MMO, Lost Ark will come with all the features players have come to expect of the genre over the years. Unlike in Diablo 3, for example, players will be given the possibility to fully customize their characters. You can choose your character's haircut, skin and hair color, customize their clothes and more.

The world of Lost Ark will include not only dungeon exploration and boss fights, but quests, gathering and crafting, PvP combat, possibly player housing, and yes – mounts.

Mounts do not seem to be simple consumables or items, like in other games, whose only purpose is to get faster from one point to another. They are full-fledged companions, serving their master in battle. They even have their own set of skills, which is supposedly customizable.

3. 18 Playable Character Classes

More character classes are to come.

Lost Ark is going to have 18 playable classes in total, of which seven are already implemented.

The playable classes are the Warlord, the Infighter, the Battlemaster, the Berserker, the Devil Hunter, the Arcana and the Summoner, with more “coming soon”. Stay tuned!

Supposedly, Lost Ark is going to have a traditional “holy trinity” setup for dungeon parties. In a party, every class has a defined role, for example the Warlord is a pure tank. It is expected we will also see a healer type class, or at least some kind of support, and seeing as the developers managed to make each class feel unique, healing in Lost Ark is not going to be your average run-of-the-mill experience.

Currently the classes are gender-locked, which is not something that everyone will enjoy. This might change for the international release, which should happen around 2017.

4. Unleash Impressive Skill Combos With The Tripod System

The Berserker using a Tripod skill combo.

The Tripod system is the skill customization system for classes that has been revealed by the developers. Currently only the Battle Master's Tripod system is known, and you can also see the Berserker's Tripod combo in action during the trailer. The Tripod system will be different from class to class.

Essentially the Tripod system is a three-skills combo (hence its name). It will also be possible to improve a specific skill by giving it an elemental affinity, changing its type (for instance causing it to do AoE damage) and various parameters, such as range.

The Tripod system looks like a clear, more exciting improvement of Diablo 3's system, where you simply augment your spells with runes. It should offer the player an in-depth customization of the way in which their character fights.

5. Dungeons Are A Truly Cinematic Experience

In this dungeon, going from platform to platform is accompanied by a cutscene.

Even though dungeons are an age-old feature of RPGs and MMORPGs, in Lost Ark they feel like a new experience. Despite having to run them with your classic party setup of tank, support and several damage dealers (or alone, if you're looking for a challenge), the amount of details never ceases to impress.

In one zone, an NPC helps the party get to another platform by casting a spell to bring two platforms together. In another, you have to cross a chasm on a rope. Finishing off all the enemies in a third zone trigers an event that unlocks the next area. Every time such an event occurs, a short but breathtaking cutscene takes place.

Bosses are huge and impressive. Some fights definitely require coordination between players. Simply hacking at the boss until it is dead will not be enough; you need to exploit terrain and interact with the environment to overcome these challenges.

Dungeons will also require you to solve puzzles to progress. Some are simple, like finding a lever to pull while the rest of your party is waiting elsewhere for your signal to cross the bridge that the lever makes appear. Some are harder.

6. Interactive And Destructible Environment

Destroy these pillars that block your path before the boss does the same to the bridge you're on.

Lost Ark's physics engine looks impressive to say the least. A lot of elements in the world are destructible, either indirectly, when your spells hit them particularly hard, or directly, when you need to break something to clear a path.

You will even have to escape from a dungeon that is collapsing behind you while being chased by an enraged boss that is wreaking havoc on the infrastructure! This level of detail only adds to the already amazing graphics of Lost Ark.

7. Fast-Paced Combat

Short cooldowns, devastating attacks.

Getting tired of the average MMO's tab-targeting, button-mashing, old and tired combat system? Good news, Lost Ark's combat is anything but that.

Fast-paced, featuring visually impressive and equally devastating skills, most of which have a short cooldown, it has a MOBA feeling to it, and the isometric view only adds to that impression. Victory is decided by skillful placement, timely dodges and intelligent use of skills at the right moment.

Every class is different and has a unique feel to it. No class fights in the same way as they all have different combos and even different resources to monitor.

Some classes are harder to master than others. For instance the Devil Hunter constantly switches between three different weapons (rifle, shotgun and dual pistols), with skills changing according to the currently equipped weapon.

8. Set Sail And Explore The Seas On Your Own Ship

This is what the world map looks like.

Exploration does not halt once you have discovered every nook and cranny of the zone you are in. Your character owns a ship, which you can use to travel on the world map and discover new zones to explore.

You can also meet other players during your travels and even come across rare events, such as the ghost ship that you can board to hunt rare bosses!

Exploring the world map allows you to discover hidden zones full of secrets and treasure. This is like the good old hidden passageways with a chest at the end inside a dungeon, but taken to a whole new level of epicness.

9. A Ton Of Mini-Games And Other Things To Do

The trading cards mini-game is actually quite entertaining.

Tired of adventuring? Take a break in a tavern. The world of Lost Ark always offers something to do even when you are not exploring dangerous crypts in search of epic loot.

Take this relaxing mini-game, for instance. You can challenge other players to a game of cards that is a little reminiscent of Magic the Gathering. You can even participate in drinking games where you have to drink an entire barrel of beer before your opponent does! Beware of the hangover next morning.

There is also gathering and crafting. Gathering is pretty interesting in that there are several ways for you to acquire the same resource, and you can even team up with other players to gather more efficiently. Gathering and crafting are separate skills, with entire skill trees dedicated to them.

10. What About PvP?

The arena of the Colosseum is drenched in blood from previous battles.

Lost Ark features special zones where players can fight each other, such as the Colosseum. There, you can fight one on one or participate in 3 vs 3 battles with a team. One can hope that this means there will be some sort of competitive PvP scene in Lost Ark.

So yeah, will Lost Ark be better than Diablo 3? Despite being very similar in some aspects, it is a very different game in the end, but one thing is certain: it will be very much worth playing.


What do you think of the game so far? Leave your impressions of the game in the comments below.


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