[Top 10] Lost Ark Best Solo Classes To Play

Lost Ark Best Solo Classes To Play

[Top 10] Lost Ark Best Solo Classes To Play

This is a Lost Ark “best solo class” tier list that will tailor to your solo gaming needs! It’s not easy to pick a class purely based on aesthetics. So I’m here to guide you on the top ten extremely viable classes for solo gameplay in Lost Ark.


10. Artist

Control your fate using a brush and ink.

Artist, the support healer with a brush and ink

Like the Bard, the Artist is a new class archetype just released as a new support character. However, she has a unique play style that utilizes her Harmoney Meter and Orbs, which are generated by attacking enemies. These orbs allow her the ability to cast Moonfall and Sunrise, which give her damage or healing, respectively.

Solo At A Glance:

Because she is a support class with unique mechanics, Artist can have a high skill ceiling to use once you start playing as her. She is considered very squishy, so it is recommended to stack defense onto her builds to alleviate this problem. Her gameplay consists of looping her Harmony Orbs while keeping her buffs up constantly. While there are ways to make her a DPS in the game, it is not recommended since she excels mainly as a support class.

What Artist Excels In Solo:

  • She has status cleansing, heals, and buffs
  • She has high uptime in her attack buffs and healing due to her Identity Gauge
  • Decent stagger damage for stagger checks
  • Full Bloom can buff Sunrise to cure for 15% more of Artist’s HP.

Pick Artist if:

  • You want a class that can normal attack with a big paintbrush.
  • You need a class that constantly has uptime on her buffs and healing.
  • You want to play a support class with a unique and non-conventional play style.

Solo Power Score: 75/100


9. Reaper

Reaper, the assassin from the shadows

The Reaper class is a very mobile assassin type Melee DPS who deals damage with highly flashy skills. Reapers can be played as a burst-oriented class with a simple gameplay loop style (Lunar Voice), or she can be played in a more consistent, sustained DPS style to keep her gauge maximum and constantly refresh her self-buff skill (Hunger).

Solo At A Glance:

Reapers are viable to play solo but can be very difficult due to their high skill ceiling. Although they have multiple styles of skills, it can indeed be satisfying and rewarding to play because of her versatility and fluid combat style. Reapers are the only class that can counter from behind an enemy while using her Dagger skill, Nightmare. This can be a great panic button for those who often run into danger.

What Reaper Excels In Solo:

  • She has fast and low cooldown animations, which makes her mobile
  • She can easily dodge attacks and position herself for back attacks
  • She has stealth which reduces the amount of aggro she takes
  • Variety of playstyles to build 

Pick Reaper if:

  • You want to deal high damage output constantly.
  • You want a fluid, highly mobile class that looks cool and stylish.
  • You want to play as a high-risk, high-reward class of being a glass cannon.

Solo Power Score: 82/100


8. Deathblade

Deathblade, the swift slasher of a thousand cuts

The Deathblade is one of the first sub-classes of the Assassin type in Lost Ark, with its role-playing as a Melee DPS. Deathblades are centered around a unique Identity Gauge called the Death Orb Meter. When one Death Orb is filled, Deathblades can receive an attack buff while reducing cooldowns of all their skills and access to her immense damage skill, Blade Surge.

Solo At A Glance:

Deathblade is a highly viable option and fun class to play due to their high mobility and the amount of significant AoE damage skills that they have. They can easily cut through huge packs of mobs and apply debuffs to their target with Spincutter, which increases back-attack damage to the target. Deathblades can build up to 20 buff stacks with the Surge engraving that converts their stacks to zero, which deals full damage with Blade Surge. However, to optimally use Surge to keep the high DPS uptime, it is recommended to keep her stacks around 16 and then use Surge.

What Deathblade Excels In Solo:

  • They have strong protection skills that allow them to climb high in PvP
  • High mobility due to their quick dash skills allowing them to quickly dodge attacks
  • AoE skills with high damage allowing them to clear mobs fast and efficiently

Pick Deathblade if:

  • You want a class with excellent crowd control to take advantage of zoning the battlefield.
  • You want to deal a high damage output that destroys enemies through burst damage.
  • You want the satisfaction of back attacking with a full stack crit Blade Surge.

Solo Power Score: 85/100


7. Sorceress

Sorceress, master of fire, frost, and light

The Sorceress class wields a staff dealing powerful magic based on three elements as a Ranged DPS Class. She is a long-range caster DPS that uses fire, frost, and lightning spells that damage multiple enemies from afar. She has abundant AoE skills that allow her to blast through the battlefield while having some of the highest burst damage in the game.

Solo At A Glance:

With her AoE skills, Sorceress can easily zoom through content while playing solo. Although she has high burst potential and crowd control spells, she can still be squishy while requiring proper positioning when it comes to demanding boss mechanic fights. Sorceress’ can be very mobile if you play her Reflux build due to her access to Blink, her movement skill. Though Igniter Sorceress (her other unique engraving) has longer cast times and high damage potential, Reflux can deal consistent damage while being able to maneuver around the battlefield.

What Sorceress Excels In Solo:

  • Has powerful AoE and crowd control capabilities to clear mobs
  • AoE skills also have high burst potential if her hits land (i.e., Doomsday skill)
  • Decently mobile with great spacebar and movement skills (Blink & Phase Leap)
  • Has an attack speed buff due to her identity gauge.

Pick Sorceress if:

  • You want a class that can deal damage from afar in fights while letting your teammates take aggro.
  • You want to nuke your enemies by casting a giant meteor upon them.
  • You enjoy always getting the MVP trophy in parties 99% of the time.

Solo Power Score: 87/100


6. Destroyer

Destroyer, the gravity slammer

The Destroyer is a Warrior class that utilizes gravity to deal damage with his giant hammer as a Melee Tank. His main points as a class are his high potential stagger and destruction damage which can be very viable for soloing your enemies and in fights.

Solo At A Glance:

Although Destroyers can be very slow, he makes up for his ability to face tank bosses due to his access to shields and Endure Pain, which gives him 5 seconds of invulnerability. Not only does he have great stagger and destruction potential, but he can also have high bursts due to his abilities like Big Bang. One thing with Destroyers; however, is that walking in the long run can be better and often outpace his movement skill. Even if he is slow, you have plenty of defensive abilities to mitigate incoming damage from enemies.

What Destroyer Excels In Solo:

  • Arguably has the highest stagger and destruction potential due to his abilities
  • Has a unique taunt skill like Gunlancer to disrupt enemies from doing big damage
  • Has debuff skills to reduce enemy defense, allowing more damage dealt

Pick Destroyer if:

  • You want to stare bosses down face to face without having to dodge all the time.
  • Who doesn’t like smashing enemies with big hammers?
  • You want to AFK for a bathroom break, grab some snacks, then continue with your boss fight.

Solo Power Score: 89/100


5. Machinist

Machinist, robotics and cutting-edge technology expert

The Machinist or the Scouter is a Gunner class that uses robotics and cutting-edge technology like Iron Man. They use many grenades, lasers, guns, and even drones to attack enemies at long range, making them very viable for solo play.

Solo At A Glance:

Machinists can be fast-paced while having many huge damaging abilities. They also have shields due to their hypersonic mode, which can protect them from harm while gaining tremendous speed as well. Machinists can get tricky to play once their shield breaks off if you play his transformation build. And although his aesthetic is popular amongst many players, some classes still can do a better job and outperform him in other aspects.

What Machinist Excels In Solo:

  • Consistent DPS due to his Command: skills
  • Is mobile along with his shields, Fiery Escape and Hypersonic Mode Activation Shield
  • Able to maintain long-range distance from enemies and attack through skills like Crimson Breaker or Comet Strike.

Pick Machinist if:

  • You are Iron Man.
  • You want to let a drone fight for you.
  • You want a highly mobile class while having a shield on top of that.

Solo Power Score: 90/100


4. Artillerist

Artillerist, gunner of explosive weaponry

Artillerists are another Ranged DPS Gunner class that heavily utilizes mechanical launchers and explosives. They can use a massive weapon that can shoot bullets, rockets, and be used as a flamethrower.

Solo At A Glance:

Artillerists have some of the most extensive AoE skills in the game, which allow them to push through content solo quickly. They have plenty of long-range skills and destruction & stagger damage to deal with enemies. Artillerists can be powerful playing solo, especially when they have an ability that gives them shields. Still, they can be challenging to master due to his skills requiring boss mechanic knowledge to use them effectively.

What Artillerist Excels In Solo:

  • High survivability because of his unique engraving effect
  • Large AoE skills to clear big waves of mobs
  • High crit chance and consistent damage for high DPS

Pick Artillerist if:

  • You want to nuke the whole battlefield with his AoE skills.
  • You like a slow class but still deal significant damage.
  • You want to play a class with a high skill ceiling.

Solo Power Score: 92/100


3. Berserker

Berserker, warrior of undying rage

Berserkers are your standard yet powerful Warrior Melee DPS class who swing their greatswords in fury towards their enemies. Their unique rage mode heavily increases their damage and movement speed, allowing them to wreak havoc on the battlefield.

Solo At A Glance:

Berserkers are considered one of the best classes to do solo content due to their overall versatility in damage, mobility, stagger, destruction, and counter abilities. With their skill set, they can quickly push content solo as they are one of the most accessible classes to play. One gripe about Berserkers is that they can be entertaining to play with their Mayhem build, but constantly looking at a low HP bar can be anxiety-inducing if you’re not used to it.

What Berserker Excels In Solo:

  • Versatile in damage, mobility, and utility 
  • Powerful burst damage and high stagger due to skills like Hell Blade and Berserk Fury
  • Strong in melee, yet sturdy with decent health and defense to stay in fights

Pick Berserker if:

  • You want to play an easy class.
  • You enjoy YOLO-ing with Rage Mode to deal enormous damage.
  • You enjoy fighting with one of the most incredible weapons, the greatsword.

Solo Power Score: 94/100


2. Summoner

Summoner, caller of ancient elementals

The Summoner is a unique Ranged DPS Mage class that utilizes summons to aid her in battle. Summoners can use various spirits and spells that make them versatile in virtually any situation in the game.

Solo At A Glance:

Summoners have almost everything that you need to play solo. Why? Because they summon Ancient Elementals that can deal consistent DPS as well as having Pets like Maririn and Pauru to deal damage for you. The only issue that Summoners have is that they constantly rely on Specialization stats, which can be troublesome if you don’t have much gold to invest in this character.

Why Summoner Excels In Solo:

  • Excellent mobility with ranged options and serious damage for consistency and burst
  • Great stagger for boss stagger checks
  • All of her spells have AoE damage which can clear waves of mobs
  • Has a diverse toolkit of stagger, weak point, self-buffs, and high DPS.

Pick Summoner if:

  • You want to steamroll content with a high-skill ceiling character.
  • You enjoy having pets as camaraderie to aid you in battle.
  • You like having a versatile skill set that can be played in various play styles.

Solo Power Score: 97/100


1. Gunlancer

Gunlancers, the first line of defense

The Gunlancer, AKA the Chadlancer, is one of the best classes to play solo due to their capabilities of soloing raid boss fights even when his whole team is down. Gunlancers are versatile in their utility, burst damage, and extremely high stagger and destruction damage.

Solo At A Glance:

Gunlancers are helpful in parties and themselves as they utilize their Identity shield to face tank enemies. His Red build allows him to deal high damage and stagger, while his Blue build focuses on keeping consistent damage with mobility and very high shield uptime making him constantly invincible. Gunlancers are one of the most enjoyable classes to counter bosses due to their proximity when using Bash and Dash Upper Fire. They can also disrupt boss mechanics because of their ability, Shout of Hatred, which taunts enemies.

What Gunlancer Excels In Solo:

  • Can deal high amounts of stagger, weak point damage, and disrupts enemy attacks
  • Has high uptime on shield buff due to Nellasia’s Energy and Identity shield if Blue build
  • AoE skills with high damage allowing them to clear mobs fast and efficiently

Pick Gunlancer if:

  • You want to face-tank a boss with only getting mere scratches.
  • You want a class that can disrespect plenty of boss mechanics while dealing damage.
  • You want the joy of clutching raid battles when your party is down.

Solo Power Score: 100/100


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