Phasmophobia: How To Anger Ghosts

If we're being completely honest, playing phasmophobia is enjoyable when we anger the ghosts. There is something compelling about hiding and fleeing for your life. You can aggravate ghosts in a number of ways so they will interact with you or even hunt you. You must enrage the ghost in order to interact with it, right?

The following actions can be taken to learn how to anger a ghost in phasmophobia.

Step 1: What’s Your Name Ghost?

We undoubtedly already know from personal experience how annoying it is to hear your name mentioned over and over again. And the ghosts are no different!

They will quickly become enraged if you keep calling them by their name, which could lead to interactions or even a hunting phase.

Step 2: Staying In The Ghost Room

Be swift and effective when you are inside because certain ghosts, especially spirits, don't enjoy it when people spend a lot of time inside.

Step 3: Where’s My Sanity? 

Of course, the longer you stay there, the less sanity you have. While this doesn't necessarily make the ghosts angry, it does make them hunt more frequently and for longer lengths of time.

Step 4: Asking Questions

By using equipment like the spirit box or a cursed object such as a Ouija board, you will be able to anger the ghost by constantly asking questions. I don’t know whether they are having a bad day or in a bad mood, but just don’t ask too many questions! 

Step 5: Cursed Objects

Triggering their cursed objects is another easy way to enrage ghosts. For instance, playing with their voodoo doll or dropping their music box will result in hunting. So exercise caution when using these cursed items.

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