Top 10 Superheroes Who Can Beat Batman

superheroes who beat batman

The World's Greatest Detective

He is vengeance, he is the knight he is.. Someone that would actually have a pretty tough time beating these superheroes. Batman has been an icon for decades and has become the hero of many kids and adults alike. He has defeated the likes of Lex Luthor, Superman and many more. But today in celebration of Matt Reeves’ Batman movie coming out in 2021, we are taking a look at the superheroes that would overthrow the caped crusader in a physical battle.

10. Deadpool

Wade Wilson

Ok we get it but hear us out. Batman may be more skilled than Deadpool and he probably has various weapons just waiting to blow this guy up but Deadpool isn’t just all talk. Just like Wolverine, Deadpool has a special ability known as regeneration. This aids Deadpool entirely as no matter how many times Batman blows his brains out or decapitates him, HE JUST WON’T STAY DOWN.

How He Could beat him:

  • Using his large arsenal of weapons, Deadpool can deliver critical damage to the Batman.
  • When Batman tries to attack him with a dangerous gadget in any point during the battle, Deadpool can withstand the damage and attack him even harder the next time. Even if he gets run over by the Batmobile, Wade has a healing factor which helps him recover extremely fast when hurt.

9. Black Panther

Wakanda Forever!

The King Of Wakanda makes this list. Batman and Black Panther share many similarities, they both have badass looking costumes in black, they are both rich and both have a vast knowledge in combat. This would be a close battle but Black Panther would stand tall.

How would he win:

  • Utilizing his stamina, speed and reflexes he would avoid everything Batman would throw at him
  • His suit is made from Vibranium making him extremely durable for strong strikes or batarangs
  • Not only that but he has superhuman like strength along with some of the best combat skills in the world to deliver a lot of damage to Batman

8. Wolverine


Wolverine is probably one of the most popular Marvel characters to date and rightfully so as he claws his way through the 8th spot. A battle with him and the Batman would be very close. As Wolverine is more experienced and his regeneration factors would aid him to victory. Not only that but his vicious adamantium claws can rip through the suit of the caped crusader.

How will he win?

  • Wolverine is a more of an experienced fighter and has superhuman strength
  • He can regenerate when harmed with Batman’s weapons and it means he can withstand a lot of damage
  • He has keen animal senses so if Batman attempts to hit him from behind, he can sense it and reverse it into an attack.

7.  Daredevil

Matt Murdock

Daredevil and Batman seem like half brothers. They both dwell in the darkness and bring justice to their respected cities. If you're a comic book fan this is definitely a dream match between some of the best. Batman, arguably the best martial artist from DC and playboy billionaire. Daredevil, One of the best fighters from Marvel history and daytime lawyer. Oh yeah and he’s BLIND. This gives him radar sense which is kind of like echolocation. This can aid him in battle because he can sense any attack coming his way. He is also equipped with two staffs that connect to each other called “Billy Clubs”.

How would he win?

  • Daredevil is an expert in Combat and so him and Batman would have a pretty close back and forth fist fight.
  • Daredevil can also sense his every move making Batman vulnerable to reversals.
  • Matt also has his weapons known as the Billy Clubs. These won't do much to the Dark Knight as Batman has by far a more advanced weaponary, but it will surely aid him in combat if he needs to block batarangs coming his way.

6.  Thor

Son Of Odin

This may seem unfair considering Batman is just a mere mortal whereas Thor is a greek god. But Batman has been through battles with aliens, superhumans and gods alike. Some of which he has beaten. But Thor is the god of thunder with ungodly strength and equipped with his Mjolnir he is unstoppable. He can withstand any damage from The Dark Knight and it would take alot to even put a scratch on the God Of Thunder.

How Would He Win:

  • He could give Batman fatal injuries using his hammer and summoning thunder from the skies.
  • He can also resist injury so the World’s Greatest Detective is gonna have a hard time battering Thor with his attacks.

5.  Martian Manhunter

J’onn J’onzz

Martian Manhunter is one of the most powerful heroes from the DC Universe. He has many abilities like speed,strength,flight and many more. He is also a very popular member of the Justice League. Batman and Martian Manhunter are used to working together on the same side but if they were to battle each other Martian would knock him cold.

How He Would Win:

  • Martian Manhunter can shapeshift which can aid him in a battle
  • Like others on this list, Martian can fly which will catch Batman off guard and it allows him to make attacks from above which will be hard for Batman to counter.

4. Wonder Women

Diana Prince

Next up we have another notable Justice League member. Wonder Woman is one of the strongest female superheroes in comic history. She is equipped with superhuman strength, enhanced senses,flight and many more. She is known for her Lasso Of Truth, which is her rope that she uses in battle and it can also help her greatly, as anyone who gets wrapped up into the rope automatically obeys her because of the rope’s power. This could aid her in a battle against the Dark Knight and she can trick him into doing damage upon himself using mind games. Even without the Lasso she can deal great damage to Batman as she has superhuman strength and she was an Amazonian warrior.

How She Would Win:

  • She would withstand the damage from his gadgets and utilize her bracelets and Lasso
  • If she has to, she would trap him in the Lasso and trick him into hurting himself. This is extremely dangerous because Batman's greatest weapon is his mind and if Diana has that againist him she's unstoppable.

3. Doctor Doom

Dr. Victor von Doom

Ok you may feel like we are cheating but hear us out. Dr. Doom isn’t exactly a superhero, in fact he’s far from it. He is one of the greatest and most powerful villains from the Marvel Universe. But the Earth-616 version of the character eventually turns into a redeeming anti hero meaning he gets a pass.  Even with preparation Batman would still have a very low chance of winning. For starters he has genius level intellect and oh yeah he’s a sorcerer. That alone should guarantee a win but Batman has fought with magic before. His armor augments his physical strength and durability as well. 

How He Would Win:

  • Genius level intellect as well as sorcery would leave Batman hopeless.
  • In terms of resources you would expect Batman to win this category but Doctor Doom is a leader of a nation and has an army just like himself. That would aid him in battle tremendously.

2. Moon Knight

Marc Spector

Moon Knight is the closest thing to Batman in the Marvel Universe. They both lurk in the shadows, fight for justice and have similar costumes. The only difference is Moon Knight has no trouble in killing people to get through them. Moon Knight is an expert in martial arts just like Bruce Wayne and he also utilizes high tech equipment for battle. This is definitely a dream match for all comic book fans.

How He Would Win:

  • This would be a very close battle but Batman would come up short due to the fact that Moon Knight wouldn’t hold anything back because he would be OK with killing. Whereas Batman would do enough damage to give him gruesome injuries.

1. Iron Man

Tony Stark

Come on we all know he was gonna be the number one pick! That’s right ladies and gentleman Tony Stark takes the number one spot as you expected! Now you would expect Batman to win by default because without the suits Tony will be bested. But for a prepped fight Iron Man would take the win.

How He Would Win:

  • Tony Stark is a genius and so he would create a specialized suit just for the Batman to defeat him in battle. Batman would do the same but even if Batman destroys his suit Tony can just call in a new one as a backup plan.

That was our list do you agree? Let us know in the comments below!

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