[Top 5] Warframe Best Braces That Are Powerful (Latest Patch: Echoes Of The Zariman)

[Top 5] Warframe Best Braces That Are Powerful (Latest Patch Echoes Of The Zariman)-1
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I’ve already written an article about which Operator Amps work best for each scenario in the game (go check it out if you haven’t already). But maybe you want to be more creative and make your own customized Amps. So now I wanna dive into a smaller niche in that department so you can learn more about Amp building yourself.

I’m specifically going to be ranking the Braces. These are one of the three components that make up an Amp (the other two being the Prism and Scaffold).

Unlike the other two parts, the braces don’t determine the mode of fire your Amp is going to use, it simply adds some bonus properties to your Amp like added energy, critical chance, or recharge speed. Also, unlike the Prism, the braces don’t grant mastery rank so it’s okay not to have a single Amp for every brace. Just pick whatever suits your needs.

There are currently 7 braces you can choose from, and here are the top 5:

5. Suo Brace

The brace you need for guerilla warfare

The Suo Brace takes the 5th place with its effect giving your Amp an additional 100 energy but adds 2 seconds to its recharge delay. The positive effect is really great but the negative effect… not so much.

So it’s not the best. But it’s definitely also not the worst.

What Suo Brace excels at:

  • Hit and runs

Amps with this brace are best used by unleashing all your energy at the enemy’s quickly and then running away to give your Amp time to recharge. The additional energy will allow you to deal more damage before needing to recharge but the additional recharge speed means you’re more vulnerable when you run out of energy.

A good strategy would be to pop back into your Warframe once your Amp energy depletes.

  • Quick encounters

Due to the effects, any amp with the Suo brace will serve you way better in fast battles rather than long-winded ones.

Suo Brace Details

4. Plaga Brace

If you’re going for endurance battles, this is the brace for you

In contrast to the Suo brace, the Plaga decreases your Amp’s overall energy by 20 while also making your recharge delay 1.5 seconds faster.

This is generally considered to be a better trade-off as one of the main issues with Amps is that your Operator almost becomes a sitting duck when it’s out of power. Plus, this brace’s negative effect can be compensated for by picking specific parts and arcanes to put on your Amp (like the Virtuos Null and Pencha Scaffold)

What Plaga Brace excels at:

  • Firing constantly

If you pair this with slow but heavy-hitting Prisms and Scaffolds and Arcanes that help with your Amp’s recharge speed, you’ll be able to completely forget about having to worry about recharge time. 

This is because your Amp will constantly be recharging in between your shots so once your second shot fires off, your Amp is already charged again.

  • Prolonged combat

Contrary to the Suo brace, Amps made with the Plaga brace will be completely fine in battles that drag on as you’ll be able to fire frequently and won’t have to worry about your Amp’s downtime too much.

Plaga Brace Details

3. Lohrin Brace

Great for your everyday walk in enemy territory!

A nice and balanced brace that’s really effective for general use. The Lohrin brace gives your Amp an additional 12% critical and status chance (this is a flat addition so for example if your Amp’s primary fire has a 20% critical chance, the Lohrin makes it 32%).

Since it increases both your critical and status chance, it’s kind of a jack-of-all-trades/master-of-none brace. That’s not a bad thing, of course, it means this will make your Amps effective in almost any situation.

What Lohrin Brace excels at:

  • General missions

You’ll find the boosts this brace gives to be effective in taking on a wide variety of enemies as it’ll deal both decent crits and status effects.

  • Dealing the void status effect

The Lohrin is actually the only brace that increases an Amp’s status chance. So if you’re looking to trap enemies in the bullet attractors that the Void status effect generates, this is the brace for you.

Lohrin Brace Details

2. Anspatha Brace

When you get to eat your cake too

The Anspatha brace takes a little inspiration from the positive effects of the Suo and Plaga braces with none of their negative effects! Sure the individual positive effects aren’t as good but when combined, it’s more than worth it.

It adds 20 energy to your Amp as well as increases its energy recharge rate by 50%

It also has an additional effect where it boosts your Operator’s energy recharge rate by 50%, making it even more useful.

What Anspatha Brace excels at:

  • Maximizing Operator abilities

This is the only brace that will affect your Operator’s energy recharge rate making it really useful for when you’ve unlocked and leveled up many of your Operator abilities. You’ll be able to use them faster and more frequently than ever!

  • Being High energy/Quick recharge

Seeing as it increases both the energy and the energy recharge rate of your Amp, you’ll be worrying less about having no Amp energy to use in combat. 

You can’t achieve the unlimited fire that the Plaga allows, but it’s close enough and your additional energy will give you some wiggle room.

Anspatha Brace Details

1. Certus Brace

The Eidolon slayer

Unlike the other braces in this list, the Certus Brace only has 1 effect. But, some players would argue that it’s the only effect that matters for an Amp. That said effect is an additional 20% critical chance (also a flat addition).

Now, that may sound like it’s just a little higher than the Lohrin’s but that’s all it needs to set it apart from the rest of the braces. Why? Because critical hits are incredibly important in fighting the enemy the Amps are mostly used against: Eidolons.

What Certus Brace excels at:

  • Fighting Eidolons

Since the Eidolons are incredibly tanky giants, it’s best to make every shot count, and increasing your chances of landing critical hits will make sure your Amp deals the most damage it can against these behemoths.

  • Taking out high-priority enemies

Aside from Eidolons, the Certus just makes Amps more effective in combating other hard-to-kill enemies as they’ll be dealing the most damage. So whenever someone’s giving your Warframe trouble, you can just pop out of your frame and blast them in the face with your Amp.

Certus Brace Details


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