[Top 15] The Witcher 3 Best Mods For Swords

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Find the best ways to slice and dice enemies in the Witcher 3.

The world of the Witcher is a vast expanse of cities, villains, monsters and adventure in abandon. As such protection on your travel throughout this world is a must have…..but what if the options available don’t fit your fancy? Luckily, many players and coders have taken the expansive time to build mods for swords and swordplay abilities that make the Witcher 3 a lot more interesting to play. But which mods to choose from of the thousands available? We list the top 15 mods for swords in The Witcher 3.

15. Exotic Arsenal

This ain't communism...use the sickle for whatever you want.

The Exotic Arsenal is a weapon DLC which adds more weapons to your…well, your arsenal.
As noted in the mod details, there are over fifty weapons added with this DLC, adding to the overall fun in searching, upgrading and acquiring these exotic weapons. If you’re a new or old player, this mod is definitely worth a download!
Exotic Arsenal features:

  • 55 bladed weapons to the game (located in chests and shops throughout the world)
  • Diagrams for the weapons can also be obtained which allow more powerful versions to be crafted.
  • There are currently 28 steel and 27 silver weapons which cover a broad range of categories such as daggers, polearms and practical fantasy. 
  • Each category of weapon comes with its own themed stats and abilities, designed in some cases to influence a specific combat style.

Exotic Arsenal details
Exotic Arsenal fun factor: 90/100

14. Ultra Gore 2

It may just be me but....that looks like it's gotta hurt....

Whether you’re out for blood or a more respectful combat player in The Witcher 3, the game can still get pretty brutal at times. For those who are looking for more of a Quentin Tarantino element of dismemberment and more blood and guts, feel free to add this mod. Flying limbs and blood and fun for you, Sicko!
Ultra Gore 2 features:

  • Adds dismemberment feature to all combat encounters

Ultra Gore 2 details
Ultra Gore 2 fun factor: 85/100

13. Auto Apply Oils

All of these oils and not a single sun tan lotion in sight.....Come on Geralt! With that white skin?!

Whether this is more fun or effective, this author sees it as a must have! So often throughout this game Geralt collects oils and, unless you take your time to thoroughly prepare for a battle, will go unused. This mod will allow you to more easily defeat multiple types of enemies as it adds the oils that best suit your enemies/sword types the best! 
Auto Apply Oils features:

  • When you draw your sword the mod scans the enemies around you, and applies the oil that will be effective most against them.

Auto Apply Oils details
Auto Apply Oils fun factor: 60/100

12. Relic Weapons Redone

Relics made even more relic'ed.

Sometimes, we like to redo some of the best things this series has to offer, this mod is an example of that. Redone Series redefines all relic weapons from scratch,to be useful  and ready to upgrade. No relic weapon you know will have the same effects as before!Integrating the Viper Kaer Morhen Armor and blades as fully 5th Witcher Gear - with upgrades,actually marked as witcher gear(green in menu) Vesemir's Blades and Teigr from Cat DLC are also upgradable. Upgrade your favorite Fraction Armor! 

Relic Weapons Redone features: 

  • All 3 DLC Armors (Temerian,Nilfgaardian and Skellige) have been included into the crafting system to be upgraded
  • Now you aren’t limited to Witcher Gear anymore.You can just upgrade your favorite relic fraction armor as well

Relic Weapons Redone details
Relic Weapons Redone fun factor: 70/100

11. Firearms

You know what they say...don't bring a knife to a gun fight....

While swords are one thing, we definitely have to talk about crossbow mods here as well. We love a crossbow, BUT, what if you could use other side arms…like….firearms? 

Firearm features:

  • This mod adds a variety of flintlock pistols as a ranged weapon alternative for crossbows. 
  • There are currently 10 guns available and 7 types of ammunition at 3 tiers (that's 21 total & 27 if you include silver bullets!). 
  • Firearms as a mod has been designed to offer a different combat style, allowing you to use your ranged weapon for damage. 
  • Whilst guns are powerful their usage is limited by ammunition, similar to crossbow bolts.

Firearms details
Firearms fun factor: 75/100

10. GoT Valyrian Steel Sword of Jon Snow (Longclaw) 

Too good to just keep this weapon for The Wall.

While Jon Snow may “know nothing”, he does know a thing or two about swords. This mod is clearly just an appearance based on Jon’s sword, a very cool sword and story associated that cannot be missed! If it’s good enough for Jon, the wall, and Winterfell, it’s good enough for us.
GoT Valyrian Steel Sword of Jon Snow (Longclaw)  features:

  • Create a DLC Valyrian Steel Sword of Jon Snow
  • The Sword is Available in Kaer Trolde Castle Blacksmith Store Skellige

GoT Valyrian Steel Sword of Jon Snow (Longclaw)  details
GoT Valyrian Steel Sword of Jon Snow (Longclaw)  fun factor: 75/100

9. NPC Weapons Mod V1.01

The common folks' weapons galore!

Ever wanted to beat an enemy to death with a wooden spoon? Well, if for some reason this was your wish, now you can.

NPC Weapons Mod V1.01 features: 

  • With it you will be able to use nearly every NPC weapon
  • Custom Icons and weapon names included

NPC Weapons Mod V1.01 details
NPC Weapons Mod V1.01 fun factor: 95/100

8. Indestructible Items

Save some coin and some time with this feature.

The days of weapons degradation are over! Where you used to have to repair your weapons as you fought, this mod allows for you to ditch the blacksmith trips and keep doing what Geralt does best.
Indestructible Items features:

  • Removes weapon degradation so Geralt's weapons and armor will always be at 100% durability. 
  • If you already have a broken weapon/armor and you install this mod, you just have to use the weapon or get hit while wearing the armor and it will be set to 100% durability.

Indestructible Items details
Indestructible Items fun factor: 95/100

7. The Enhancement System

Get ready for the witcher 3.2 with this one.

While not just for swords, there are some other benefits to the Enhancement System mod. This Mod is a real overhaul that improves many facets of the game making it very useful to the player’s overall gaming experience.
The Enhancement System features:

  • Gives all the Relic Swords upgrades making them more useful to the player, the Mod promises that no Relic weapon will have the same effects as before
  • Gives the player access to NPC weapons such as Eredins sword, Zoltan’s axe, and a whole host of others which is a nice feature. It also affects other weapons in the game such as crossbows, armor, and throwable knives.
  • This mod also adds extra money into the world for you to find, shows you the true value of an item before you sell it, an enhanced crafting menu, new animation features, and more items like herbs, books, and diagrams. 

The Enhancement System details
The Enhancement System fun factor: 90/100

6. Stronger Crossbow Bolts 

Make the skies slightly less scary with this mod.

Swords aren't the only tools in Geralt's arsenal of weaponry. He also has access to the Crossbow, which gives the witcher some much-needed ranged capability. However, fans will quickly notice that the Crossbow isn't the "be-all-end-all" in a tough fight. Melee weapons remain as Geralt's primary means of dealing damage. Furthermore, as enemies become stronger as Geralt levels, the effectiveness of the Crossbow wanes a bit. The Stronger Crossbow Bolts mod attempts to keep the Crossbow as a viable weapon, even in the latter stages of the game. The damage of the bolts is increased, thereby ensuring the weapon remains dangerous in Geralt's hands. So, feel free to fire away!
Stronger Crossbow Bolts features:

  • Base damage values for piercing damage,silver damage and armor reduction are multiplied by 10.

Stronger Crossbow Bolts details
Stronger Crossbow Bolts fun factor: 60/100

5. Shields

What's the sword without the shield?

Geralt doesn’t really look after himself when he fights, does he? From tiny dueling bucklers to what is essentially a pantry door with a handle on it, shields have served to keep people safe from the stabby, slashy, smashy death that is coming for them in any battle. This Witcher 3 mod simply adds shields into the game, but more than that it also adds some hoods, some new armor pieces, and a couple of cloaks. I would recommend picking this up even just for the new armor alone.
Shields features:

  • Over 40 shields to use in gameplay from all factions
  • 56 New armor pieces
  • 12 Hoods
  • 2 Cloaks/Capes
  • An entirely new merchant, easily found in the Vizima palace gardens!
  • New witcher armors with custom abilities!

Shields details
Shields fun factor: 80/100

4. Legendary Swords

If Geralt wasn't already legendary enough....

Tired of ordinary swords? How would you like some LEGENDARY swords?! This mod adds a new set  of swords in the game that are guaranteed to give you the cool edge you’ve been missing in weapons before. Swing away, you legend.
Legendary Swords features: 

  • This mod adds a new set  of swords in the game. The set has the look of aerondight from The Witcher 3 and the trailer of the game. 
  • The steel sword is called Maugrim in game and the silver sword is called Aerondight but there are standalone swords, not remplacers. 
  • They have the same stats from the vampire sword of blood and wine, and 3 slots for runes or enchantment.
  • This set comes with custom scabbards: Original, Black or the corresponding witcher schools.

Legendary Swords details
Legendary Swords fun factor: 70/100

3. Son of Sparda Swords

Devil May Cry? Or Geralt May Cry? No...not him! Ever.

If you’re a Devil May Cry fan, this is going to be your favorite mod on the list. The two swords in this set are mostly just awesome for aesthetic reasons, and this author doesn’t think that’s a bad thing. Also, you can feel free to yell, “THIS IS SPARDA!!!!!” as you attack. Or don’t….I don’t do that…..I never said that…..
Son of Sparda Swords features:

  • The Rebellion Sword is Available in Hattori Store. 
  • The Sparda Sword is Available in Kaer Trolde Castle Blacksmith Store Skellige. 

Son of Sparda Swords details
Son of Sparda Swords fun factor: 80/100

2. Sword Hip Carry

Drawing from your back is overrated.

Carrying your swords on your back can sometimes take away from the aesthetic of that cat school armor you worked so hard to get your hands on. So why not move your swords to your belt?
Sword Hip Carry features: 

  • Allows Swords/Crossbow on the hip
  • Allows Swords and/or crossbow on Roach
  • Allows swords criss-cross on the back
  • Allows invisible weapons

Sword Hip Carry details
Sword Hip Carry fun factor: 50/100

1. Sword FX

Combat effects THROUGH THE ROOF.

Sword FX is just an extra little cherry on top of the list of all of these mods. I mean, it’s a video game, so we want some effects right? This easy little mod adjusts not only to add extra FX, but can also change some settings you might not like from regular gameplay. Whatever your choice, this mod makes it yours.
Sword FX features:

  • Lets you customize various sword effects using the in-game options menu. These include changing how runes appear on your sword, if the oil should be visible and forcing sign infusion effects
  • Also fixes a couple of visual bugs on the Aerondight sword

Sword FX details 
Sword FX fun factor: 65/100

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