[Top 15] The Witcher 3 Most Important Choices In The Game

The most difficult choice of all!

The Witcher 3 is a game filled to the brim with choices. Almost every important quest in the main game and DLCs contains choices that influence the end that we can create for ourselves. In our worlds, we can make Ciri a Witcher, romance whomever we’d like to, and even kill off side characters. Every dialogue choice brings us closer to the ending we want.


15. Tragic Tale in the Towerful of Mice

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - A Towerful of Mice (All endings/Death March)

A Towerful of Mice takes us into the Fyke Isle Tower where a mystery involving angered spirits and a forgotten battle between Alexander, an unethical mage, and local townsfolk awaits us. We also meet Annabelle, the daughter of the lord of the tower, who took a paralysis potion, was eaten by mice and around whom our choices revolve.

Annabelle, who has now decomposed into a Pesta and requests to be reunited with her lover, Graham; she asks Geralt to bring her bones to him in Oreton. Our choice can have grave consequences for both partners if we don’t choose carefully. This choice is important in determining the end of the quest and the release of Annabelle’s spirit. We can either free her of her pain as a plague maiden by putting Graham in danger or unite them for a final goodbye.

Choices and Outcomes:

  • Refusing Annabelle’s Request

Annabelle reveals herself to be a powerful plague maiden cursed by her hatred and broken heart caused by Graham’s betrayal. We battle her and find out that she is doomed to be resurrected in that ghastly state until she forgives him for what he has done. After bringing Graham to her, the lovers reconcile, and die wrapped in each other’s arms.

  • Bringing the Bones to Graham

Graham admits his role in aiding in the overthrow of Fyke Isle Tower which led to his beloved’s demise. Annabelle reveals her true appearance as a plague maiden and kills Graham. Her curse and attachment are broken, and she is now free to roam the world and spread her plague.

  • Leaving the conversation

Annabelle locks us in and attacks. This has the same outcome as refusing her request.

The Spirit of Annabelle and Graham, her lover, in A Towerful of Mice quest.


14. Whoreson Junior

Whoreson Junior: Full Story (Witcher 3 Game Movie | Geralt in Novigrad)

Whoreson Junior is easily one of the vilest villains in The Witcher 3 and a cruel underworld boss of Novigrad. In the quest Get Junior, we can follow the trail of murdered captive women and assassination attempts on his fellow associates to find where Whoreson is hiding. Geralt interrogates him to find the whereabouts of Ciri.

The choices in this quest reflect Geralt’s character and the extent to which his fatherly love for Ciri can bring him to violence. After acquiring information from Junior, we can either put our blade to his throat or leave him to fall from grace for betraying his Djikstra, Cleaver, and Bedlam. Given his terrible past of abusing vulnerable women and exploiting others for his gain, you’d likely be motivated to bring justice to the streets of Novigrad.

Choices and Outcomes:

  • Geralt kills Whoreson Junior

We act as the judge and executioner. Whoreson is defeated and Dudu takes control of his identity.

  • Geralt spares Whoreson Junior

Geralt controls his anger and leaves Junior in the hands of his enemies without Radovid’s protection. Whoreson slips to the lowest depths of Novigrad’s underworld and becomes a peasant on the streets he once owned.

Whoreson Junior, one of the cruelest characters in the Witcher series.


13. Kings of the North

The Witcher 3: Reason of State - Quest Walkthrough

Novigrad is desperately sought after by Nilfgaard, Radovid, and even Djikstra as the hub of commerce and industry. During the quest Reason of State, Geralt can actively assist who he believes should lead the North, leading to different outcomes for the bustling city.

At the end of the quest, we stand between our closest allies brandishing their swords at each other. Every outcome leads to bloodshed, but the choice of whose blood is spilt lies with us. We can either side with Ves and Roche, bring in Djikstra’s militant rule, or leave the city in Radovid’s cruel claws.

Choices and Outcomes:

  • Geralt does not intervene in Dijkstra's betrayal.

Roche and Ves are slain by Djikstra’s thugs, and he becomes Chancellor of Redania. Novigrad suffers beneath his iron fist, but Djikstra’s business knowledge allows industry to flourish.

  • Geralt kills Djikstra

Geralt protects his friends and spills Djikstra’s blood on Madame Irina’s theatre’s wooden floors. Nilfgaard takes control of the North and the people of Novigrad experience peace under strict control.

  • Geralt refuses to take part in the assassination (quest failure)

The Witcher focuses on the Wild Hunt and his search for Ciri instead of assassinating a King. Radovid takes control of the North and mages and non-humans live in constant danger.

Ves and Roche bring the fight to Djikstra in Reason of State.


12. Sparing Sara?

Novigrad Dreaming: All Options. Corinne Tilly, Geralt and Godling Sara (Witcher 3 Quest)

During our search for Ciri in the bumbling city of Novigrad, we pass a house rumoured to be haunted. After finding the oneiromancer, Corinne Tilly, who could help him find Ciri in a trance, Geralt investigates the “ghost” haunting the house. Geralt discovers that the abode is haunted not by a spirit, but by a mischievous godling who wishes to stay at her hiding place.

At the end of Novigrad Dreaming, we can have mercy on the cute non-human or banish her from the dangerous city. Thankfully, both outcomes of this quest result in her surviving albeit with different side characters.

We can either leave her in the house and Corrine Tilly befriends the non-human. If we choose to banish her, we must use an herb known as burdock and igni to send her into the heart of Velen. This side quest questions the heart of Geralt and how far his mutations have impaired his empathy.

Choices and Outcomes:

  • Geralt forced Sara to leave the house

Geralt drives the godling away and she finds refuge with another godling named Johnny. He later forgives the Witcher for banishing her as it allows the two to meet.

  • Geralt lets Sara stay in the house

Geralt tells the owner of the house, Rudolph de Jonkeer, that the curse cannot be broken. Corinne decides to take care of and protect Sara despite her foolish trickery and they live together in the house.

Sara, the mischievous Godling, beside Corinne Tilly.


11. Interrogating Menge

The Witcher 3: ALL Outcomes in Triss’ Torture Quest [PC] [4k]

Geralt and Triss infiltrate Caleb Menge’s headquarters when she pretends to be the Witcher’s prisoner in exchange for information about Dandelion’s location for Djikstra. Triss enters the Temple Guard’s interrogation, leaving Geralt to probe Menge. During our interrogation in Count Reuven’s Treasure quest, our silver tongue should snake around Menge’s guarded attitude while we listen to the screams of Triss being tortured.

This scene is difficult to play through; however, our choices here determine our relationship with Djikstra and his assistance later in the game. We can leave Triss to be tortured and gain the information that we need although the sounds of Triss being hurt can be difficult to stomach. Geralt can also forego the script and kill Menge and his Temple Guard to keep Triss from being tortured longer.

This quest has far-reaching consequences that influence the main battle at Kaer Morhen. Failing to acquire information about Dandelion angers Djikstra but getting the information requires Triss to endure a great deal of pain. Players who choose to romance Triss would likely rather slash Menge.

Choices and Outcomes:

  • Geralt fails at any point in the conversation

Menge raises his suspicion if we choose the wrong words. This results in us killing everyone and protecting Triss from torture without learning anything. We only loot Menge’s body and find the key.

  • Geralt successfully gets information from Menge without asking about the treasure first

With this option, Djikstra assists us at Kaer Morhen and he respects our investigative prowess. Triss is tortured for the entirety of the conversation, after which she stabs Menge.

  • Geralt asks about the treasure first

This also results in Triss killing Menge and grants us the necessary information to bring to Djikstra. Thankfully, this option cuts the beautiful mage’s torture session short.

Geralt and the witch-hunting fanatic, Menge.


10. The Bloody Baron’s unborn child

Family Matters: Kill botchling vs Turn into a lubberkin [The Witcher 3 Next Gen]

The Bloody Baron is a conflicted character in The Witcher 3. Early in our search for Ciri, we must help him find his wife and daughter, Anna and Tamara, in exchange for information about where our ashen-haired daughter went. The Family Matters quest forces us to deal with a botchling born of an improper burial by Anna Strenger to find the Baron’s estranged wife.

We are given two incredibly different choices in this quest. We can lift the curse and give the babe a ceremonious burial beneath the family home, freeing her spirit from its demonic form. This gives the Baron a chance to protect and name his stillborn daughter. Alternatively, we choose to be cold and merciless by slaying the beast which morphs into a greater monster.

The latter choice results in the Baron admonishing Geralt for killing his child as he would any other monster. With this choice, we also skip the cutscene of the burial and the ancient elven naming ceremony. The choice is yours, but your heart may lead you to the merciful option.

Choices and Outcomes:

  • Lift the Curse

Geralt and the Baron protect the botchling until they reach the manor. After the naming ritual, the beast becomes a protective spirit known as a Lubberkin and leads Geralt through Anna’s trail.

  • Kill the Botchling

The botchling evolves into a ghastly beast upon attack and puts up a fair fight against The Witcher. To the Baron’s disappointment, we destroy it and use its blood at the Pellar to find Anna and Tamara.

The Baron’s botchling, an uncoming beast to slay or save.


9. Keira’s Fate

All Keira Metz endings in The Witcher 3 [Complete Walkthrough]

Keira Metz is a powerful sorceress in the mystical Lodge of Sorceresses and she happens to be one of Geralt’s possible romance options. Did you know we also choose her fate in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt? Keira searches for the notes of the mage from the Fyke Isle Tower, leading Geralt to confront her.

This is one of the game’s more subtle choices. Geralt’s words directly influence Keira’s decisions, and harsh confrontation can even cause us to battle the beautiful sorceress. Keira believed that she could trade the mage’s notes for a place next to King Radovid in luxury and aristocracy. We can argue with her and then battle to the death. She played Geralt like a harp but most would opt to keep her alive instead.

The other option involves allowing her to parlay with Radovid as she planned to. This option is seemingly safe for her until we realise that she was burned at the stake for trying to speak to the cruel King. The final option is to convince her to go to Kaer Morhen.

Choices and Outcomes:

  • Geralt refuses to let Keira go to Radovid

After a harsh confrontation with Keira, we fight the sorceress, and she dies at our hands.

  • Geralt convinces Keira to go to Kaer Morhen

Geralt succeeds in convincing Keira to take refuge at the Witcher castle and avoid confrontation with Radovid. If we choose this, Keira saves Lambert from certain death during the battle for Kaer Morhen.

  • Geralt let Keira parlay with Radovid

Keira takes Alexander the mage’s notes and she sets off for Oxenfurt. Later, we find Triss taking down Keira’s body from a stake.

Keira Metz is a conflicted character in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.


8. The Whispering Hillock

The Witcher 3: The Whispering Hillock - All Options & Tricks

Near Downwarren, a spirit occupies the Ancient Oak and The Ladies of the Wood ask us to destroy it to release the Bloody Baron’s wife. We find out that the Crones captured the spirit and imprisoned her within the tree.

We can choose to free the spirit against the wishes of the Crones to protect the children in Crookback Bog or fight the unknown entity. The consequences of our actions here have a greater effect on Anna than on the mysterious spirit. Geralt can follow the Crone’s orders and destroy the spirit. Without an enemy, the Ladies take the children away and Anna falls into insanity due to the loss. Keeping the Spirit alive ensures the safety of the children but Anna is punished.

Our choices with the spirit have no best ending. Anna and the children are both at risk and it is up to us to choose who fares best.

Choices and Outcomes:

  • Geralt kills the spirit.

The village of Downwarren is safe from her retribution. Without the spirit to stop the Crones, they take the orphans to eat, and Anna falls into insanity. The Baron takes her away in search of help.

  • Geralt frees the spirit

The spirit protects the children and transports them to Marabella, a teacher in Novigrad. The Crones punish Anna for losing the children and she is cursed as a water hag—Geralt’s attempts to change her back cause her death and the subsequent suicide of the Baron.

To help the Whispering Hillock or the Ladies of the Wood?


7. Cerys or Hjalmar

Who Should Rule Skellige In The Witcher 3?

Geralt often doesn’t dabble in matters of politics and chooses battles with bloodening beasts over choices in throne rooms. However, even Witchers must adapt to the environments in which they find themselves and take on challenges they would otherwise avoid.

The King’s Gambit quest places us in that position. We have the choice of siding with the strategic, level-headed Cerys or the fiery, hot-tempered Hjalmar, the children of Crach an Craite. Our choice in this quest boils down to our personality and what we value. Players who engage in battle without much thought would often choose Hjalmar to take the throne; calmer, strategic characters choose the softer Cerys.

Our choice here also determines the outcomes of the quest itself and the knowledge we gain. If we side with Hjalmar, his unplanned actions clear the an Craite name without completing the investigation of who caused the massacre at Kaer Trolde. Cerys’ careful investigation leads us to find the culprit and clear the family’s name of any wrongdoing.

Choices and Outcomes:

  • Geralt decides to help Cerys

Cerys’ systematic actions and thorough investigation lead us to find and punish the culprit behind the massacre. For her honourable actions, she becomes queen of Skellige and pleases the people with her careful rule.

  • Geralt decides to help Hjalmar

The hot-headed brother becomes king of Skellige without finding the culprit. Hjalmar seeks vengeance over the pursuit of justice and destroys the Vildkaarls, clearing the Craite name. Without bringing justice to Skellige, the an Craite family are still in danger.

  • Geralt doesn’t side with either Cerys or Hjalmar

Cerys and Hjalmar battle the Nilfgaardian fleet and die together, leaving Skellige in deep mourning.

Skellige needs a leader, and the choice is ours!


6. Syanna’s Ribbon

Syanna’s fate is decided through a small, significant symbol from her past.

The Witcher 3 ┇ WHAT SAVED SYANNA'S LIFE? ┇Defeating Dettlaff┇ ENDING WITH RIBBON┇B&W Expansion┇

Syanna, the sister of Anarietta, is a character in the Blood and Wine DLC who ties intricately into the story of the addition to the game. Interestingly, a single item from Syanna’s childhood is what saves her from her former lover and ancient vampire, Detlaff, whom she betrayed into committing murders for her. We can choose to get the ribbon from a match girl in the Land of a Thousand Fables or ignore the seemingly pointless item.

If we get the magical ribbon, Syanna is transported to safety in the family’s palace and Detlaff fails in his vengeance. This item from her childhood proves its usefulness as an heirloom made to protect the sisters should harm ever come their way. Without the ribbon, the princess is slashed to pieces by the mighty higher vampire.

Choices and Outcomes:

  • Geralt gets the ribbon

When Geralt brings Syanna to Detlaff, his wrath overpowers him and he moves in to attack her. With the ribbon in hand, the ducal daughter is transported to safety.

  • Geralt doesn’t get the ribbon

Without magical protection, Syanna is destroyed at the vampire’s hands as he takes vengeance on her for using him in her assassination plots.


5. Vivienne’s Curse

The Witcher 3 - Vivienne's Curse: all options (Egg or Water Ritual) [4K]

Vivienne de Tabris is a side character in the Blood and Wine DLC who suffers from a unique curse. She is the Duchess’ lady-in-waiting and destined to be with Guillaume, her suitor. During her questline, we discover that she was cursed in her mother’s womb to live life as half woman and half oriole when a mystical creature punished her parents for trespassing in the forest.

We can directly influence the tragic love story of Vivienne and Guillaume to decide if they live happily ever after in the land of wine or separate to keep her secret safe. Geralt can choose to either weaken the curse by transferring it to a willing participant or trap her curse in an oriole egg in exchange for her living only a few more years.

Choices and Outcomes:

  • Geralt tells Guillaume about the curse

Guillaume takes her curse upon himself and lifts the curse from Vivienne. Checking in with them later reveals that he experienced light symptoms of the bane and their love flourished because of his heroism.

  • Geralt does not tell Guillaume about the curse

Geralt keeps her secret and conducts a ritual using an oriole egg to trap the curse. Vivienne lives for another seven years in the game and finally dies in Skellige.

Can love withstand the greatest of curses?


4. Blood Sisters in the Land of Wine

Syanna and Anarietta embrace one another.

Witcher 3 BLOOD AND WINE ► How To Get All ENDINGS + Secret Zoltan Ending at the End of the Video

The entire Blood and Wine storyline revolves around Syanna and Anarietta’s strained relationship. Thankfully, we can intervene and decide the fate of the sisters and subsequently the royalty of Toussaint. With some careful choices and strategic dialogue, Geralt can weave his way into the best DLC ending!

The endings available for the sisters rely on our previous choice with the ribbon for Syanna. However, even if we manage to save the estranged sister and bring her to trial, tragedy can still strike if she’s not forgiving. If we fail to complete the investigation, Syanna and Anarietta meet a terrible demise in the royal palace because of a single missed detail.

Choices and Outcomes:

  • Geralt investigates the 5th victim and gets Syanna to forgive her sister

In the best ending, Geralt visits Syanna in her cell before the trial and convinces her to listen to reason. In the end, she realises that her sister would have never exiled her.

  • Geralt didn’t convince her to forgive her sister or Geralt doesn’t visit the fablesphere to get her

Syanna completes the final part of her revenge and stabs Anarietta in the neck as she moves in to hug her sister. Damien shoots Syanna and the two sisters are buried in the same crypt, cementing the worst ending of the DLC.


3. Matters of the Heart

Witcher 3 Yennefer or Triss?

The Yennefer and Triss dilemma has plagued the Witcher community for years. Before the game was even created, the books detailed Geralt’s love triangle with the two mighty sorceresses. In The Witcher 3, we have the option to romance either Yen, Triss, or string along both at the same time. However, as with everything in the Witcher world, your choices have consequences, and you can never truly get exactly what you want.

If players choose to romance Yen in Skellige, we are treated to a risqué scene of the two on a stuffed unicorn in her room. This traditional approach to the Witcher’s love life allows us to overlook the sorceress’ difficult character and fall in love with the adoptive mother of Ciri. However, we can also profess our love to the fiery redhead as she leaves Novigrad with the mages.

Be warned that romancing both has a secret little ending that leaves a greedy Geralt in chains and without either sorceress by his side. You can’t have your cake and eat it too!

Choices and Outcomes:

  • Romance Yennefer

We enjoy two scenes with Yen in her room in Skellige and finally retire with her after the events of the game.

  • Romance Triss

Triss and Geralt are intimate in the Novigrad lighthouse after he professes his love for her. This leaves Geralt and Triss in Kovir living happily together.

  • Romance Triss and Yen

The sorceresses teach Geralt a lesson by handcuffing him to the bed in a secret ending. His ship has sailed, and neither would want to pursue him after he played his cards so poorly.

Yennefer of Vengerberg or Triss Merigold?


2. The War

Should You KILL Radovid In The Witcher 3? - Reasons of State

The control of the Continent is a deeply compounded choice for us to make with three separate questlines influencing the outcome of the war. Geralt can act as an assassin of kings in The Witcher 3 during the quests: A Deadly Plot, An Eye for an Eye, and Redania’s Most Wanted. These quests involve plotting to kill and deliver the final blow to Radovid V, the cruel and cold king of Redania.

This choice harbours no perfect outcomes. The Nilfgaardian Empire are as strict as they are powerful. Under their rule, the people of the Continent would experience controlled liberty without much freedom. However, with Radovid as the high king, all non-humans are burned at the stake and exiled from the main cities, including Witchers.

Our choices in the named quests determine which leader survives the brutal war. Emhyr is killed after Nilfgaard loses the war if we avoid the quests. Without Radovid’s lead, the Nilfgaardian Empire takes control and reinstates Temeria.

Choices and Outcomes:

  • Geralt does all three quests

Reason of State quest is unlocked, allowing us to choose who takes control of the North. Radovid is killed and Nilfgaard wins the war.

  • Gerald does not complete the three quests

Radovid V survives the assassination plan, leaving Emhyr vulnerable to death for losing the war. Temeria no longer exists as a country.

Radovid and Emhyr battle for control of the Continent.


1. Ciri

Witcher 3: How to Get All Endings (Including Every DLC Ending)

The final and most important choice in The Witcher 3 is the fate of Ciri. This choice involves multiple choices that mark the game towards a good and a bad ending. Ciri’s life depends on Geralt’s role as a father and their relationship with one another. Should Geralt act on greed and follow orders blindly, Ciri distances herself from the Witcher.

The crux of this choice is the welfare of the world as compared with the welfare of our adopted daughter. If we follow Emhyr’s orders, taking on the task of finding Ciri, returning her, and accepting the reward, she feels betrayed. The first bad ending has Ciri becoming the Empress of Nilfgaard. She would likely rule with compassion as compared to her true father.

We can also help Ciri become a Witcher herself by guiding her as a father would and setting an example for the young woman to follow. If we make the correct decisions and keep Ciri away from Emhyr, she will go on the Path with us.

Choices and Outcomes:

  • Geralt does not bring Ciri to the Emperor and he makes two positive decisions from the list: Geralt has a snowball fight with Ciri, Geralt doesn’t take Ciri to see Emhyr, Ciri goes alone to the Lodge of Sorceresses, Geralt encourages Ciri to destroy Avallac’h’s laboratory, Geralt goes with Ciri to Skjall’s grave

This results in the positive ending in which Ciri survives and becomes a Witcher. She sets off on the Path with us and we live as her true father.

  • We assassinate Radovid, Geralt accepts Emhyr’s payment in exchange for bringing Ciri back and takes her to see her father with three positive choices

This results in Ciri becoming Empress of Nilfgaard and living her life with the Empire instead of Geralt.

  • Making three of the five negative decisions

Ciri feels self-doubt in her battle against the White Frost. She dies in battle.

Ciri’s fate is decided at the end of the Witcher 3 storyline.

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