CD Projekt Red's “Promised Land” Art Festival Brimming With Talent

Witcher 3, Promised Land
The Witcher trilogy has sold over 25 million copies worldwide (image courtesy of pcwallart)

Polish developers of The Witcher host art festival for fans and professionals alike

The Promised Land Art Festival, running from September 3rd through the 6th of 2017 in Łódź, Poland, may be sold out but fans and participants alike are in for quite the show.

Organized in part by CD Projekt Red and numerous industry giants in the visual arts, the three day art festival promises a wide range of experts and pioneers in their field ranging from gaming, film, production, and everything in-between. Acclaimed artists such as Toniko Pantoja (formerly at Dreamworks Studios) and John Grello (best known for the Telltale Game series The Walking Dead & Batman) are just a few who will be present to share their expertise and individual career paths.

The festival owes much of its success and notoriety to the little known developers of The Witcher series at CD Projekt Red who quickly established themselves as professional storytellers and RPG designers. A rags to riches story, CD Projekt Red’s profitability and revenue from The Witcher trilogy soared past initial production costs and overhead. Now considered a AAA studio, the developers are in a unique position to advocate for the visual arts without the outrageous price tag of more established gaming giants in the United States and the UK.

The Promised Land Art Festival has been held in Poland for the last two years and shows no signs of relenting; using the notoriety and talent of CD Projekt Red’s team as a nucleus for creativity and networking. There’s no word yet on whether the festival will be streamed but, based on the previous year's coverage, it is likely fans across the world will have a chance to see and hear from what is quickly becoming a well of innovation in the visual arts.

Check out the Promised Land site for more information on speakers and events.

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