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sexiest Lara Croft cosplays

9. Giorgia Cosplay


This famous Italian cosplayer likes to keep herself busy. When she’s not dodging ravenous wolves in the wilderness, she models, sings, acts, and travels the world appearing at all sorts of conventions.

Giorgia Cosplay’s excellent work has garnered her awards, including Best Individual Cosplayer and Great Championship Cosplay team at World Cosplay Summit 2005 at Nagoya, Japan. We’re not surprised. Her Lara Croft cosplay is, quite simply, sensational. But she’s not one to sit on her laurels. Her other cosplays – such as Elektra, Wonder Woman, Jade from Mortal Kombat, Morrigan from Darkstalkers – are just as stunning.

But don’t take our word for it – let her work speak for itself! Check out her social media sites, which we’ve listed down below.



All images from Giorgia Cosplay, photos by Daniele Faccioli.

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