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sexiest Lara Croft cosplays

8. Lena-Lara


Image from Lena-Lara, photo by Jascha Photographer.

Media designer and model Lena-Lara is Germany’s official Rise of the Tomb Raider cosplayer. It’s not hard to see why. She not only looks the part, she’s not afraid of doing difficult poses or getting dirty to look like everybody’s favorite tomb raider.

To say Lena-Lara’s Tomb Raider cosplay resume is remarkable is an understatement. She’s not only appeared as the 2016 version of the character; she’s also taken on a multitude of her other incarnations throughout the years, such as Catsuit Lara, Doppelganger Lara, and Underworld Lara. Additionally, she’s cosplayed Game of Throne’s Daenerys, a World of Warcraft Blood Elf, and a Star Wars Sith,


Image from Lena-Lara, photo by Christoph Gerlach.


Image from Lena-Lara, photo by Christoph Gerlach.


Image from Lena-Lara.

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