5 BIG Characters Who Will Be Playable In Tekken 7

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Bandai Namco’s world famous series of Tekken fighting games comes back with the introduction of some familiar and some new faces to grace the screen in Tekken 7.

Bandai Namco’s release of Tekken 7 to the gaming world will bring back a host of familiar faces and fighting styles as well as a number of new ones as well, as they battle it out together in a competition for dominance and a chance to win the title of the  King of Iron Fist tournament. The following are 5 of the “Big” characters that players can choose from:

1: Akuma (Ansatsuken Martial Arts):

Akuma makes a grand appearance in Tekken 7 having coming across from the Street Fighter universe.

Akuma originally comes from Street Fighter and got tied into the Tekken story when Kazumi hires Akuma to kill her husband Heihatchi. It is interesting to see that Bandai Namco were able to make the Street Fighter signature moves integrate into the Tekken control system without any issues. The Ansatsuken style of fighting focuses on killing an opponent rather than incapacitating them, making Akuma a very dangerous enemy.

2: Jack–7 (Brute Force):

One of the game's original characters from back in the PS1 days, this version of Jack is dramatically enhanced.

Jack-7 is a massive character with a massive aggression to match, this mohawked cyborg returns to the game from previous titles, where he was known for his brutal punching ability. Jack-7’s Brute Force fighting style makes him a formidable enemy whose attack might be slow, but is compensated by his excellent ranged attacks. His appearance in Tekken 7 has remained mostly the same with a few small tweaks like the green glowing arms.

3: King (Pro-Wrestling):

Another of the original Tekken characters that returns in Tekken 7 is the jaguar that earns respect in the ring.

King is another fighter that returns to the 7th game in the series from earlier Tekken titles. He specialises in Pro-Wrestling style which is a defensive approach to fast or highly manoeuvrable opponents. He appears as a Luchadore (masked wrestler) who is based on a combination of two other wrestlers, one Japanese and known as “Tiger Mask” and the other Mexican and named Fray Tormenta. A little known fact about King is that he does not speak a single word but instead growls like a jaguar to communicate.

Tekken 7 Extended Trailer (E3 2017)

The official release trailer showcasing some of the characters and fighting styles you should expect to find in Tekken 7.

4: Bryan (Kickboxing):

Bryan is another popular character returning to the ring for Tekken 7, having made his first appearance in Tekken 3.

Bryan Fury first appears in the Tekken series during Tekken 3 where he is introduced as an ex-International Police Organisation officer, who was shot dead in a shoot-out in Hong Kong, resulting in his becoming the cyborg he is in the game. He uses kickboxing fighting style making him a powerful enemy, although often lacking in ranged fighting skills. Bryan has a somewhat cruel sense of humour and can sometimes be heard to laugh at an opponent when a particular attack is used against him.

5: Gigas (RushRushRush):

The G Corporation's lethal weapon, Gigas makes an appearance in Tekken 7, intent on destroying Mishima Zaibatsu.

A direct result of the military arms race being waged between Mishima Zaibatsu and the G Corporation, Gigas is a very powerful robot which has an in-built hatred of Mishima and which was the reason for Gigas entering the Tekken world. His rush rush rush style of fighting means he will ground and pound his victim’s until stopped. Gigas has excellent ranged attacks but lacks in safety and also speed of his moves. He knows lots of powerful strikes and he likes to grab a lot. He also appears much larger than the other characters in the game.

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