[Top 5] Tekken 7 Best Mods

Tekken 7 Best Mods
Iconic artistic representation of the famous clash between father and son rivals, Heihachi and Kazuya.

Even Tekken Has a Modding Community

For the longest time (especially with Tekken being a console exclusive for the majority of its lifespan) one of the greatest fighting game franchises has been without a modding scene. Luckily, as of Tekken 7's PC release in June of 2017, this conjecture has changed. Read on to learn more about five of the best mods Tekken 7 has to offer.

#5: Honmaru – Mishima Dojo Replacement

Some of the best mods for Tekken 7 happen to be stage mods, and Honmaru is exactly that.
Honmaru is a legacy stage overhaul that mimics an arena briefly played on within the game’s Story

● Replaces Mishima Dojo level geometry, lighting and music
● Allows for play of an otherwise inaccessible arena
● Non-complex standardized installation method

Download Honmaru here

#4: InfiniteUtopia

A crossover mod, InfiniteUtopia exists to merge the realms of Tekken and Soul Calibur.
InfiniteUtopia affects the Infinite Azure stage, themed similarly to Soul Calibur 5’s Elysium stage with
brighter lighting and coloration.


● In-depth color replacement
● Cross-referential mod to Soul Calibur 5
● Floor texture replacements

Download InfiniteUtopia here

#3: Tekken 7 Jukebox Pack – TTT2

Spend many a day reminiscing upon the old soundtrack of Tekken Tag Tournament 2? Does this
nostalgia pipe dream escalate into further desires to have said tracks in Tekken 7? Well fear no longer!
This mod solves all your TTT2 soundtrack needs.


● Contains sweeping number of tracks from Tekken Tag Tournament 2
● Raw files/very little audio compression
● Audio mod

Download Tekken 7 Jukebox Pack – TTT2 here

#2: Junny Character Select and Battle Icons

In a manner like the old Bloody Roar debut title on PlayStation, with this mod you can now
change your character select and battle icons to have art stylized similarly to modern anime. Each piece
is a work by the Tekken enthusiast and artist, Junny.


● Replaces character select and battle icons
● Incredibly aesthetically pleasing
● Lossless image quality

Download Junny’s CS and BI Mod here

#1: OrdinaryTekken Reshade Preset

A type of quality-of-life/immersion mod, the OrdinaryTekken Reshade Preset works mystical
wonders on the eyes. This is done through proprietary ambient obscurance, which produces profound
effects within the environments of Tekken 7.


● Shadow, lighting, bloom + more alteration
● Use of Marty McFly’s Ambient Obscurance (MXAO) and other rendering techniques
● Graphics mod

Download OrdinaryTekken Reshade Preset here

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