[Top 15] Tekken 7 Best Combos With Insane Damage

Tekken 7 Best Combos With Insane Damage
Heavy grappler King takes initiative with a running charge.

A Taste of Tekken's Combo Variety

Tekken 7, along with many other contemporary fighting games of the era finds itself accessible to on-the-fly patching. This allows for the quick and efficient addition of character balances, as well as move additions and removals. In this list, we'll be going over a few crucial formulas that can be implemented into your arsenal.

#15: Launcher into Low Juggle (Eddy)

A relatively simple combo to learn, this string of attacks starts with somewhat of a feigned leaning movement into a launch. From this launch you pick up a series of devastating lows before ending with a flourish.

● d/b23, b33, RLX ,23, b24, dash b 3+4

#14: Raver’s Special (Lucky Chloe)

Lucky Chloe’s strange combo here starts out with an intermediary charge. Once you sequence your low, you can perpetually snowball speed and rhythm until this shorter combo is complete.

● FC CH d/f 1, d/f 2431, ff4~3+4~4

#13: Juggle Flicker Setup (Steve)

Integrating Steve’s quintessential stance, this combo sets up an explosive combination of jabs. The flicker is excellent for not only juggles but creating distance between yourself and the opponent (create pressure).

● CH 3F111, EXT DCK 1, DF121~B1D1, dash, B*11 (ALB 2)

#12: Double Launch + Lows Variation (Eddy)

Like Eddy’s last devastating combo, this one sprinkles in some slight variations to the formula. Starting immediately with the launch and following up with another one throughout the combo, this one is hard to predict, making rationed use effective.

● d/4 3+4 b3, 3 RLX 2, 3 b2, 4 S! dash b2, 4

#11: Split the Melon (Negan)

The Walking Dead’s legendary antagonist swings into Tekken with his fair share of useful abilities. With this combo you’ll effectively knock the lunch out of your opponent, leading way to further thrashing.

● WS2, U/F4, D/F 4,2*, 12, dash, f32

#10: Stutter Step Finesse (Steve)

A powerful non-high juggle that contains a series of multiple fake-outs, flickers and stutters. Results in multiple setup opportunities during and after the combo.

● B2, F21~B1D1, DF121~B, DCK 1

#9: Ouch! (Noctis)

The most user-friendly character of them all has quite a few combinations up his sleeve that some may slyly refer to as “cheap”. With this technique, your opponent is sure to rage quit due to the
sheer punch packed behind each punishing attack.

● D/B1+2, D/F1+2, dash, 422, FF4

#8: Quick Tornado (Lucky Chloe)

Initially posing as a short-change combo, this one evolves to a stunning conclusion. May be used for light setups but has good base damage output.

● CH D/F4, D/F 3+4, F3+4

#7: Stunning Flip to Low Twists (Eddy)

Eddy’s ability to switch between high and low attacks is nonpareil. This combo serves as a good example of implementing buffer moves accompanied by unpredictable lows, allowing for new openings and previously unseen opportunities.

● FCdf4 (ch) RLX 2, 3 b2, 4 S! dash b2, 4

#6: Shocking Damage Cut (Jack-7)

No, that isn’t your eyes deceiving you (or perhaps a typo). With such a short and sweet combo, you can rattle off over 45 damage in a second flat! An excellent move to open a match with.

● FF1, hcf~df1

#5: Imposing Will (Miguel)

Miguel is typically known for strings that come into use during defensive play. While preparing for a trade, you can open up this crucial combo with an overhand kick that flattens the opponent, building up to a sequence of heavy individual shots.

● FF3, dash, SAV, U/F3, D/F1F, SAV U/F3, D/F1, FF2,1

#4: Raw Run of Insanity (Yoshimitsu)

The current top-ranked samurai Yoshimitsu finds himself covering both distance and damage output in this running combo. At first, spitting what appears to be poison clouds into his opponent's face, Yoshimitsu eventually tramples his opponent with this slightly comical move.

● BDS1, SSR, D/F+1, D+22, D/F+12, S!, SSL, F 3+4, FLE 2

#3: Chloe Devastator (Lucky Chloe)

Lucky Chloe serves as the lucky beholder of many crucial combos from within Tekken 7. If one takes the time to master this one, they will find themselves with an output of 100+ damage! Unfortunately, many experienced players can predict Chloe’s f3+4, so be cautious.

● (BT) f3+4~f3+4~f3+4, DF2431, dash, 3+4

#2: Horizontal Sustain (Dragunov)


With this heart-stopping combo, Dragunov can wipe his opponent’s health bar just like that. Multiple launchers within this incredibly difficult to pull off maneuver are sure to trash the opposition’s
ragdoll-like corpse.

● F443, 1, F3~DF, U, 44, dash, F3+4~df, ws1+2

#1: Blue Bomb (King)

Perhaps one of the most devastating Season 3 combos of them all, King tallies in with one of the most satisfying sequences to pull off in Tekken history. Egregious smacks and launchers accompanied by command grapples lead to a beast-size chunk being ripped out of health bars all across the globe.

● D/B+1+2, SSL, JGS 4, S!, F,F+1, D/F+4,3, GS

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