[Top 10] Tekken 7 Most Played Characters That And Why They're Popular

Tekken 7 Most Played Characters That And Why They're Popular
The fight between father and son that never ends

Being popular in a fighting game means a lot of things for a character.

First of all, they should not be too hard to play effectively. Secondly, they should have some other way that draws a player in in terms of character design. Lastly, they should be reliable and strong. The perfect combination of these 3 aspects is what makes a character popular and we are here to discuss what the Top 10 Most Played Tekken 7 Characters do best and for what reason. 


First on the list is Asuka Kazama, (probably) the cousin of the protagonist. Asuka isn’t too hard to master and has some back-up moves that a player can reliably use in times of panic. This is already enough to get her a spot on the list and on top of that, her combos aren’t particularly difficult to execute. She has decent lows to fall back on and looks great due to her fluid animations. Her stance is a bit questionable but her reliability and strength are, without a doubt, magnificent. It is also nerve-wracking to press a button against her if she has the advantage due to her long-duration parry. It’s not hard to see why Asuka is so popular when she can be played by anyone who picks up a controller for the first time. Here is Blackkazama defending his chance at a tournament win with Asuka herself: 


Right before the first spot comes Sergei Dragunov, a man of threatening silence and creepy glares. He has all the necessary components of a fundamental character for Tekken. He has great mix-ups, combos and pressure. His lows are decent and some of his moves can be changed mid-animation to a grab that catches the opponent if they try to block the previous version. He is also not difficult to pick up and use and provides a good understanding of the game in general. Coupled with this, his cool appearance makes him one of the most used characters in the game. He is a blast to both play and watch, earning him the second spot on our list.

The human-machine does it again with his favorite character Dragunov: 


The single most popular character in Tekken 7 is the Ken look-alike Paul Phoenix. Possibly the most beginner-friendly character in the game, Paul has been a staple for new Tekken players since his first appearance. His combos do excellent damage and do not require difficult execution. He has easy to use tools in times of panic and his aesthetic is a great mix of comedy and strength. He is also a great teacher in that learning him helps the player get a hang of the intricacies of the game. He has everything a viable Tekken character might need and more. He even has a junkyard combo just in case you wanted to spam one.Paul has been here forever and will probably continue to appear in future entries to the series. The most played Tekken character of all time, Paul is impossible to overlook when talking about popularity despite his janky animations.

Tekken legend Knee demonstrating how useful a character Paul is:


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