EA’s Battlefield 1 To Face Competition From Activision’s Call Of Duty: WWII – CoD Releases November 3 2017

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EA’s impressive game Battlefield 1 takes a prominent position beside Activision’s Call of Duty: WWII in the battle for best World War fighting game developer.

In The Right Corner We Have EA’s Battlefield 1

Set during the First World War, Battlefield 1 is an FPS game that allows the player to take part in WWI battles. The game features special vehicles, such as an armoured train or torpedo boat, as well as many of the weapons common to the WWI era.

Other features include destructible environments and weapons customization. The game offers Campaign mode, where the player can control several characters, or Multiplayer mode which can support up to 64 players at a time. When a player dies during a Campaign mode game, they do not have to start the entire level again, but can now play on as a different character in their team, at the trade-off of having a character with different stats, skills and style now. Also, when a player dies in Battlefield 1, the name and birth year of a real soldier is displayed on the screen, which is a nice gesture of support for the troops.

The game was launched with a total of 9 different multiplayer maps and also 7 different modes of multiplayer. All multiplayer maps are based on real locations around the world. The 7 different modes of multiplayer are Conquest, Domination, Rush, Operations, Team Death match, War Pigeons and Frontlines.

In The Left Corner We Have Activision’s Call of Duty:WWII

Activision’s Call of Duty: WWII, being released on November 3rd 2017, will be in direct competition with Battlefield 1, as we see the beginnings of a battle for position of leader in Realistic World War Games. CoD:WWII will offer 3 main game modes, being Campaign, Multiplayer and Nazi Zombies.

The game will have some new features, such as that there will be no automatic health regeneration, instead being replaced by use of health packs and also the same deal with ammo too. All campaign missions are now locked down to Hard Core Mode, removing the difficulty option for campaign mode and there will be no unlimited sprint in this version either.

What EA and Activision Are Up To Now

Battlefield continues to impress due to its high quality while the last instalment in the Call of Duty series is failing to meet gamers expectations. Creative Director for Battlefield 1, Lars Gustavsson says Call of Duty:WWII  is healthy competition. He continued “I think it is just like Usain Bolt; if you’re running your race, yes, you should be aware of what other people are doing but you need to focus on your lane and do your race. If someone would go to the same era, I would welcome them.”

In the meantime Activision are set to return Call of Duty to its roots by setting the next instalment in World War II, with the last instalment Infinite Warfare set in a futuristic era.

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