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Elder Scrolls 6. Argonia? Hammerfell? Valenwood? BS? Whatever. Just bring it out already.
Getting crazy over Argonia? Go nuts with our predictions.

9. Guns anyone?

Ninja star. Because everyone wants to be a Ninja once in their life.

I’ve recently watched a movie like Skyrim and I thought the game lack something essential: the ability to hurl things at your opponent or in short, projectile weapons. Slashing with glowing blades (unless they’re lightsabers), hacking with rusty axes, staves shooting toasting fireblasts – it’s the same story all over again. These puts a limit on the weapon choice and combat approach you can use in the game.

Yeeha! Don’t want to be a ninja? Then be a cowboy!

Elder Scroll 6 will breathe fresh air by introducing projectiles like spears, javelin, rocks, gladiator nets, and tomahawk axes, which fans have been looking for. Forget hack and slash battles. We’ll be seeing javelin throws impaling enemies like shish kebab, swirling axes piercing through plates of armor, and slingshots hurling rocks to blind unknowing guards.

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