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Elder Scrolls 6. Argonia? Hammerfell? Valenwood? BS? Whatever. Just bring it out already.
Getting crazy over Argonia? Go nuts with our predictions.

6. Grow your own family

Adoption. A step towards a brighter future for all of us.

I’m not against adoption or anything. It’s saintly to pick up homeless, innocent kids who need special care, attention, and guidance of a parent. But isn’t it a good idea to have your own kids, watch them grow to full adults, eager to explore the world and have their own adventures?

Did the absorption of dragon souls made the Dragonborn infertile? I’ve never played a game where the hero can have his/her own child. I want to be able to raise my own child on the next Elder Scrolls installment. I want to guide the future generation of heroes because there’s no better model than a hero himself.

This is what you do after adopting children.

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