The Evil Within 2 Story Revolves Around Detective Sebastian Castellanos’ Daughter

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Sebastian Castellanos returns to the nightmarish city of Union to find his daughter

From the mind of video game horror-expert and Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami and Tango Gameworks finally comes the sequel to the horror title The Evil Within. Trapped within the nightmarish realm of STEM is Lily, the daughter of protagonist and former detective Sebastian Castellanos, who, after an encounter with an ex-colleague has a chance to find her after the shocking revelation that Lily is in fact alive, and not deceased as he’d once thought. Fraught with unspeakable horrors, uncertainty and unimaginable peril, this quest isn’t going to be plain-sailing. 

The former detective Sebastian Castellanos is clinging on to the last threads for a reason to live. He is a broken man, an alcoholic, and his family are all but gone. Before the events of The Evil Within, Castellanos’s wife left him shortly after the ostensible death of their daughter, and his life began to fall apart. Fuelled only by the surprise re-emergence of the ex-rookie he’d once taken under his wing, Juli Kidman telling him his daughter is alive, and trapped within the nightmare world of STEM does he continue. He receives the tip-off that Mobius, the antagonistic and mysterious organisation that Kidman had actually once been secretly working as an undercover agent for, has kidnapped Lily and are using her as a test subject for the decrepit city of Union, set within the terrifying cosmos of STEM.

Producer Shinsaku Ohara explains: “STEM is a piece of technology, created by Mobius that allows for shared consciousness by connecting human minds”. He continues “Mobius believes this shared conscious can bring order and peace to the world, but their true motives are unclear, and that’s what Sebastian has been trying to uncover.”

With the aid of Kidman, you’ll be given a new communicator device which will enable you to sporadically access the real world as you delve into the suspense-ridden surrealism of STEM. As you roam freely throughout this weird yet alluring world, you’ll find plenty of side-missions, information about the city and resources, as you’ll regularly find yourself with scant ammunition - in keeping with the survival-horror tradition. Bethesda released some gameplay footage which shows off the grotesque creatures Sebastian will face.

“The story we’ve crafted for you is very compelling” explains executive producer Mikami.

A range of horror and fantasy-movie pastiches form what looks to be a unique horror experience.

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