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Zombies swarming Aiden
With the announcement of the long awaited addition of firearms in an... Read More
Aiden holding a Molotov cocktail and sword.
Blueprints are likely the best addition that techland has added to... Read More
Aiden shooting an arrow at some zombies.
Dying Light 2 has a loony amount of ways to approach combat. Whether... Read More
Waltz on the floor as he is being choked.
Intro Techland’s Dying light 2 greatest innovation to its... Read More
Call of Duty’s Zombies mode holds a very special place in my heart.... Read More
Best Zombie Movies Shows
Humans have long been curious about zombies and viral, infection-... Read More
A Wallpaper showcasing the game Project Zomboid
Zombies. One of the most famous members of the horror movie rogues... Read More
Over time, gaming has evolved into its own artform. From the 1980’s... Read More
Horror, costumes, halloween, dress-up
Are you prepared to begin making plans for one of the year's most... Read More
Zombie games
[Top 5] Zombie Games with Cars (Ranked Fun to Most Fun) Zombie... Read More
Do you know how to use a simple zombie and give a horrific experience... Read More
Movies like Train to Busan
Are all zombies alike? Below you will discover each zombie is created... Read More
zombies, undead, dying light, horror, top 15, Days Gone, The Last Of Us
15. Dying Light   Dying Light Graphics... Read More
Resident Evil, RE3, Achievements, Guns, Coins, Mods, Top 11, Horror, Adventure, Shooter, Zombies, Umbrella
11. Hip Pouch This small, belted pouch is good for carrying... Read More
Best Zombie Survival Games
A Must Know List for All You Zombie Fiends: 15. Mist Survival (... Read More
zombies, Undead, top 50, zombie games, zombie shooter, horror games,
Over the last decade, the zombie genre has grown impossibly huge with... Read More
Upcoming Zombie Games
15. Dying Light 2 (PC, PS4, XBOX ONE) DYING LIGHT 2... Read More
10. Jill's New Look Jill & Carlos gear up to take on the... Read More
Movies Like Resident Evil
Are you a Resident Evil fanatic? As in, have you played all the games... Read More
Black Ops 4 Zombies Guide for Beginners and Pros Starting Out... Read More
Dying Light Best Weapons
Ready to slay the Infected in Dying Light? Here are the weapons that... Read More
Games Like Dead Island
What Are The Best Games Like Dead Island? Let's take a look! Imagine... Read More
New Zombie Games
A look at some of the newer zombie games. Let's take a look shall... Read More
Free Zombie Games
#13. Into the Dead 2 Platform: Android and IOS This... Read More
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