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Horror Games Where You Play as the Killer
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3) Hatred

Hatred gameplay trailer

Hatred is a game fraught with controversy. With a rating of Adults Only and with no other goal than complete global genocide there is a concern floating around the internet that games like this one and GTA encourage violence in teens and contribute to school shootings. Despite these rumblings Hatred did well enough to be reintroduced to the Steam platform.

The game is presented in a top down view and in grainy black and white reminiscent of gritty detective stories. The player has no name (he declares it’s unimportant) and is a mass-murderer who “hates this world, and the human worms feasting on its carcass.’ He launches on a “genocide crusade” with the only goal of killing everyone in his wake.

Even your health is regenerated by killing incapacitated people which are executed with cinematics. There is a loose plot involving a nuclear power plant in New Jersey, the military, and even local politicians. There are also several side quests that allow the player to rack up a limited number of spawn points in the case of your death.

It’s a lot of fun to just let loose and kill indiscriminately but the lack of real direction makes the game feel much longer than it actually is. For those of you that have played the Grand Theft Auto series (GTA) the game mechanics for Hatred are similar. The biggest difference, besides the lack of color and the change of perspective, is the lack of dialogue. The character doesn’t say much and the victims don’t say much outside of screaming.

Overall, the game is very straight forward. Kill indiscriminately to continue. Keep in mind the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) rated this game Adults Only (AO) but it can still be found on Steam.

Kills in Hatred often switch camera angles and play a short cinematic

Every time you kill you increase your health

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