[Top 10] Animal Crossing New Horizons Best Bird Villagers

Animal Crossing New Horizons Best Bird Villagers
Aren't you sick of seeing Raymond's cute face everyday?

Is your island tired of dog and cat villagers? Do you need some charm and color added to your either completed or work-in-progress island? Well, as in our reality, birds are a really beautiful species that will add some elegance and fun (depending on their personality) to your Animal Crossing life. Here’s a top 10 with the best of them.

10. Admiral (Cranky) - Zodiac sign: Aquarius

Admiral, like the rest of the cranky villagers in Animal Crossing, might be old fashioned; but he a green bird with two orange circles on his cheeks is someone who will make the neighbors in your island quite entertained, as he loves to talk with jock, snooty and sometimes lazy and normal villagers and spread rumors about others. Peppy villagers might be a little too much for him, though. His Japanese-styled house has a black exterior with a wooden door and roof, which will make your island very elegant and good-looking in neighboring areas. His birthday is on January 27th and his phrase at the beginning is “aye-aye”.

9. Jacques (Smug) - Zodiac sign: Cancer

“Zut Alors” being his initial phrase, Jacques is a perfect fit for your island if you don’t want Raymond being annoying with your neighbors but want someone who wants to become a singer and will easily become friends with your snooty, lazy, peppy, and normal neighbors. His birthday is on June 22th and his elegant house consists of a black exterior with a blue door and green roof.

8. Jay (Jock) - Zodiac sign: Cancer

Jay is probably one of the most popular villagers on this list. He has a distinctive blue body with a red circle on his face and initially wears a number 6 ball green tee. As Midge, Jay appears on the cover of a K.K. song, this being King K.K. but not reflecting his favorite song which is K.K. Country. Due to his personality type, Jay is a  competitive guy who will fight everyone when it comes to catching bugs and fish. His house has a blue door, brown roof, and white exterior, while his birthday is on July 17th.

7. Twiggy (Peppy) - Zodiac sign: Cancer

Twiggy is a really pretty yellow bird villager who is perfect for islands that are looking for someone to get along with their jock, normal, sisterly, and lazy neighbors. Her beautiful house is a mix of white, yellow and blue colors, which might be a perfect house to be near a beach. She is part of a really big family of birds as she is the second of six kids. Her birthday is on July 13th and “cheepers” is her initial phrase.

6. Robin (Snooty) - Zodiac sign: Sagittarius

Being a snooty villager, you might not be surprised to learn that Robin is quite pretentious, but her hobby of fashion is perfect for neighbors who have either cranky or normal personalities. Her house on the inside resembles a very relaxing spa, while the exterior has some nice colors such as blue, red, brown, and white. Her initial catchphrase is “la-di-da” and her birthday is on December 4th.

5. Peck (Jock) - Zodiac sign: Leo

Born on July 25th, Peck has an enormous interest in bodybuilding and sports and greatly gets along with peppy, cranky, and sisterly neighbors. Peck is an always motivated bird, so you might want him on your island if you want your villagers to feel motivated too! His house has a red door, green roof, and brownish exterior; those colors are perfect if you're looking for a nature-filled themed island. His initial phrase is “crunch”.

4. Midge (Normal) - Zodiac sign: Pisces

Midge is a beautiful magenta and white normal villager who will get along with your lazy, peppy, smug, and snooty villagers. Her initial catchphrase “tweedledee” is a perfect reflection of her skill in tongue twisters. She has appeared in two K.K. cover art songs, those being K.K. Aria and K.K. Marathon. Midge’s birthday is on March 12th and her house on the exterior is white with a red roof and door.

3. Lucha (Smug) - Zodiac sign: Sagittarius

As his name suggests from the Spanish word “lucha”, which means wrestle, Lucha’s goal in life is to become a famous professional wrestler. His house on the exterior is white with a red roof and yellow door, which makes it a very good-looking and alternative-ish add to the style of your island (it looks really cool when you place his house near a beach). His birthday is on December 12th and his initial catchphrase is “cacaw”.

2. Anchovy (Lazy) - Zodiac sign: Pisces

His favorite song being “K.K. Ragtime”, Anchovy is a lazy brown/white bird villager whose initial catchphrase is “Chirping”. He is a playful villager and loves to eat; his birthday is on March 4th. If you’re looking for someone who gets along with normal, peppy, smug, and sisterly villagers, Anchovy might be the perfect fit for your island. His house has a brick exterior combined with a green common door and black tile roof, which could make a great rustic addition to your island design.

1. Piper (Peppy) - Zodiac sign: Aries

Piper is a stylish white peppy villager who first appeared on Animal Forest way back in the Nintendo 64 release in 2001. Her birthday is on April 18th and her hobby is playing. She is perfect if you're looking for a positive vibe and good mood villager as she will get along with most villager personalities. Her house consists of a grey-blueish roof with a white exterior and a modern house interior. Her initial catchphrase is “chickadee”.

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