Top 5 Assassin's Creed Odyssey Best Armor And How To Get Them Early

Assassin's Creed Odyssey Best Armor
Armor is important for success in a game, but its biggest perk? It makes you look SO COOL.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey has made great strides in allowing players to customize their weapons and armor.

Aside from the base stats that each item has, Epic and Legendary gear also have slots available for an added boost in the form of Engravings. Unlike with the Legendary weapons though, the best Legendary armor engravings are not accessible without collecting the entire set.

Once you have completed tasks to gain the armor sets, you can move your newfound engraving onto other gear, giving you the freedom to pick the playing build that works best for your style. We’ve compiled a list below of the top five best armor sets in the game.

5. Artemis Armor Set, Pirate Armor Set, and Spartan War Hero Armor Set

Yes, these are three different sets of armor, but since they all offer the same perks in different skill trees, it seemed illogical to rank one above the other.

Artemis Armor Set


The Artemis Armor Set comes with the engraving for +15% damage with hunter abilities. These abilities might grant you a boost if you choose to snipe your foes or rain down a barrage of arrows.

The set can be obtained by completing all the Daughters of Artemis quests, which includes killing all the legendary animals in the game. These fights can be challenging, especially if you are under-leveled.

While it is possible to kill the beasts at a lower level, be prepared for many attempts that result in checkpoint restarts. When under-leveled, one decent hit from these animals can spell immediate death. For a guide to help you get this gear, click here.

Pirate Armor Set

The Pirate Armor Set has an engraving of +15% damage with Assassin abilities and can be obtained by killing all the Gods of the Aegean Sea Cultists.

Like the Legendary animals, these naval combats can be taxing, and finding all the clues to the identities of the cultists is time-consuming. Despite the work needed for this set, the engraving is perfect to stack in combination with the Artemis set or the Spartan War Hero set’s engraving.

If you would like a guide on finding the identities of the Gods of the Aegean Cultists so you can get this gear, click here.

Spartan War Hero Set

The Spartan War Hero Set provides a +15% damage with warrior abilities and can be obtained by killing all the Peloponnesian League Cultists.

This perk is another set that works well when stacked with other engraving perks and is useful for those who prefer up-close combat. Bashing in the skulls of your foes with heavy weapons with these perks activated is easy with quick, killing blows.

To kill all the cultists and get this gear, you must also find the clues to reveal the identities of the cultists which can be found in a guide here.

4. Greek Hero Armor Set

If you struggle to dodge away from attacks with poison or fire, the Greek Hero Armor Set is perfect for you. Its engraving provides a +20% to all resistances, making it easier to survive the effects of the attacks.

To get it, you must kill the following mercenaries with these titles in their name:

  • The Flash
  • The Frenzied
  • The Translucent
  • The Resplendent
  • The Lucky Drunk

The mercenaries are scattered around the map. This will require a strategic battle plan if you intend to go up against higher-level enemies. To find these opponents, investigate your Mercenary tab in your menu and select Track.

3. Arena Fighter’s Armor Set

The Arena Fighter’s Armor Set, +10% health with overpower abilities, may be a useful set for you to grab if you have acquired overpower abilities from the skill tree.

With a cooldown on Second Wind, the healing ability, using the perk from the engraving on this set could give you enough health to survive until your ability is ready again.

You can get this set by defeating all the opponents in the arena twice. The fights can be difficult, like those from the arena battles in Assassin’s Creed Origins, but they are possible to win with well-timed strikes and dodges.

2. Achilles Armor Set

In a tough boss fight, like with the Legendary animals or the mythical creatures like Medusa, health can be everything. With the Achilles Armor Set, 2% of your damage dealt to enemies is restored as health. This may seem miniscule, but when using high damage abilities like the Devastating Show from the Hunter skill tree, which can damage 10,000 or more depending on shot location, you could restore your low health in a few quick shots.

To get this armor, you must kill all the Heroes of the Cult Cultists. Like the other sets in this list, you will need to find the identities of all these members. A guide to aid you can be found here.

1. Athenian War Hero Set

Of the Legendary sets and engravings, the Athenian War Hero Set comes with an engraving perk that is one of the most useful in the game. The engraving allows all arrows to pierce shields. As many of the enemies you encounter will have shields, with some having large shields that block arrows easily, it's difficult to use your hunter abilities and keep your distance.

To rid your foes of their shields, you must acquire the Shield Breaker ability and draw close enough to use it. If multiple enemies are present, this could mean taking a beating while you try to disarm. Using the perk from this set will allow your arrows to piece those shields without drawing in close or wasting your adrenaline using Ghost of Artemis shots (a Hunter ability from your skill tree).  

To get this gear, you must defeat all the Delian League Cultists. A guide to finding the clues to their identities is here.

Runner Up: Demigod Armor Set

The engraving perk that comes with the Demigod Armor Set, +10% damage with all abilities, makes this set one of the best in the game.

Unfortunately, there is no way to get this armor without completing the main story line and thus, doesn’t qualify as something you can get early in the game. Still, this is a powerful perk, and would work well stacked—pairing well with the Artemis, Spartan, and Pirate sets to provide a +25% damage to all abilities if all are stacked together.

To get this set, you must loot the cultist Deimos at the end of the main story and get the final piece from the last Cult of Kosmos member.

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