[Top 10] CSGO Best AWP Skins That Are Freakin Awesome!

CSGO Best AWP Skins
Gotta Catch Em All

CSGO is an iconic game in the FPS genre and arguably the most iconic piece of the game is the AWP. Nothing sends shivers down the spine of the opposing team more than hearing an AWP ring out on the server. 

So it stands that the only thing better than an AWP is an AWP with a freakin awesome skin. (cause skins get wins) For that reason I have compiled the Top 10 CSGO AWP Skins That Are Freakin Awesome!


10) AWP | Neo-Noir

We start our list with the AWP | Neo-Noir and man is it a great place to start. Since it released this skin has shot up in popularity and it isn’t hard to see why. The color scheme and graphic make the skin feel like you are part of a real noir novel while you are popping heads in the server. 

Why this skin is awesome:

  • The design looks like it came straight out of a Crime Noir novel 
  • Color palette is awesome and really stands out
  • It’s got a hot chick in the side

Get this skin:

  • Drop in the Danger Zone Case 
  • Buy it for $50




9) AWP | Hyper Beast

Who doesn’t want to feel like a Hyper Beast? While I’m not sure what a Hyper Beast really is carrying this skin around the server certainly makes you feel like one. The bright monster coming right out of your shoulder and winding down the gun makes every frag feel like you are wielding a real beast.  

Why this skin is awesome: 

  • Feel like you are carrying a true beast in the server
  • Overall design is incredible to look at but not distracting in game 
  • Everyone on the server will ask you to buy an AWP for them just to hold the beast

Get this skin:

  • Drop in the Falchion Case
  • Buy it for $75




8) AWP | Asiimov

The clean sleek design of the AWP | Asiimov has made it a staple of the Counter Strike scene. You can’t watch a pro match without at least one of these making an appearance and for good reason. The skin just looks sick and feels great to hold in game. I promise you that having this in your inventory makes everyone around you jealous.

Why this skin is awesome: 

  • Clean overall design
  • Minimalist look is different from the style fo most skins 
  • One of the original all-time great skins for the boom stick

Get this skin: 

  • Drop in the Operation Phoenix Weapon Case
  • Buy it for $73




7) AWP | Wildfire

The AWP | Wildfire is one of the newer AWP skins to be added to the game and it shows. With this skin you can see just how much better skin design has gotten over the years. It is as if they took the Hyper Beast and said let’s make it better to which I would have said no way you can. But they did and now I have to shut my mouth and stare in awe at the new beast.

Why this skin is awesome: 

  • Contrasting colors make the graphic really pop
  • Color scheme holds up nicely throughout the whole body of the skin
  • Who doesn’t want to be a Phoenix running around the server lighting people up

Get this skin: 

  • Drop in the CS20 Case 
  • Buy it for $106





Obviously, this skin had to make an appearance here just for the name alone. But the AWP | Boom isn’t just a great name but a sick skin as well. It does a great job of bringing the comic book style into the game and the bold color makes the text on the skin pop in game.

Why this skin is awesome: 

  • Simple yet awesome design 
  • Pay great homage to comic books
  • The skin is called boom on the boom stick and just feels right 

Get this skin: 

  • Drop in the eSports 2013 Case
  • Buy it for $190




5) AWP | Containment Breach 

Who needs toxic teammates when you can have them on your AWP? Or at least I think that’s the idea they were going for when AWP | Containment Breach was created. Whatever the reason they created this skin it is definitely a stand out and deserves the number 5 spot on the list. The bold color choice and intricate graphic design are just some of the reasons this skin is awesome. 

Why this skin is awesome: 

  • Toxic monsters are your friends with this skin
  • Detailed and incredible looking graphic design
  • Color palette stands out even among the best skins

Get this skin: 

  • Drop in the Shattered Web Case 
  • Buy it for $197




4) AWP |Oni Taiji

If all things Japan is your thing then I present you with the AWP | Oni Taiji. The name literally translates to Demon Extermination and it’s not hard to see why. With the depiction of a Samurai and Demon fighting right on your skin you can’t go wrong.  There is even some Japanese Kanji on the skin that translates to Courage to make you feel better when taking those aggressive peaks.

Why this skin is awesome: 

  • Samurai and Demon fighting on your gun
  • Graphics are standout and maybe the best in the game 
  • The colors really help make the graphic stand out 

Get this skin:

  • Drop in the Operation Hydra Case 
  • Buy it for $176




3) AWP | Medusa

We have had a couple monsters on this list already but we have finally come to the queen. The AWP | Medusa is not just a cool concept for a skin but also looks amazing. With the mythical monster Medusa gracing the skin you are sure to send anyone thinking of looking your way packing. Like the flavor text for the skin says “If you can see me, you're already dead”. 

Why this skin is awesome: 

  • The skin makes you feel like the mythical monster turning people into stone dead people
  • Color palette is stand out but not distracting in game
  • Overall graphic design is amazing

Get this skin: 

  • Drop during Operations not in any Cases 
  • Buy it for $1,600




2) AWP | The Prince

If you ever wished you could feel like European royalty there is a skin for that. The AWP | Prince is truly fit for a king with the design making it look like a decoration piece rather than a boom stick. But don’t worry this stick still booms, it just does it with the knowledge that it is better than all you other peasants.  

Why this skin is awesome: 

  • Feel like royalty running around the server 
  • Unique textured design makes it one of a kind 
  • No part of this skin doesn’t stand out but it all works together

Get this skin: 

  • Drop during Operations not in any Cases
  • Buy it for $1,560




1) AWP | Dragon Lore 

Since we’ve talked about monsters and beast so much on this list let’s talk about the number one spot the AWP | Dragon Lore. Anyone who knows skins knew which one would take the top spot and for good reason. This skin is the top AWP skin in the game with no exception. It’s literally the embodiment of cool with a Dragon on it.

Who hasn’t dreamed of being able to tame or become a Dragon? Well you don’t have to dream anymore as this skin will let that dream come true, that is if you have 5k to throw at it. 

Why this skin is awesome: 

  • You are holding a freakin Dragon in your hands 
  • Every part of the skin has been polished to an absurdly high level 
  • The colors and graphics just look ridiculously good 

Get this skin: 

  • Drop during Operations not in any Cases 
  • Buy it for $4,900




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