[Top 10] Death Road To Canada Best Weapons

You'll need a way to kill huge hordes of zombies like this one!

In any given zombie apocalypse, weapons are going to be needed, but this is especially true in Death Road to Canada. You could easily see several thousand zombies in a single Death Road run, all of which are dangerous. They want your brains, and you have to fight if you want to keep them away. But, of course, not all weapons are equal. Some are incredibly powerful, some are weak — some are fast, some are slow. 

Different characters need different weapons to fight at their best. Characters with a high shooting skill will do great with ranged weapons, like guns and bows, but characters with a high strength/fitness stat combination are best wielding melee weapons to bash zombies with. But what about specific weapons? Which ones are the best for slaying the undead that want to eat you?

While Death Road has a lot of rare weapons that are rather difficult to obtain, most weapons on this list are going to be ones that are at least somewhat easy to obtain. That is to say, weapons that you will be able to obtain in any given 5-10 runs of the game. Plenty of weapons are so rare that you could go several dozen runs without even knowing they exist, so be on the lookout for new stuff at all times!

With all that out of the way, let’s get into my top picks for Death Road weapons:


#1. AK47 

Premium firearm! Image credit: Malvi on YouTube

AK47 stats:

  • Cooldown: 0.2 seconds
  • Power: 2.5/shot
  • 50% Penetration
  • 1 Knockback
  • Ammo Capacity: 150

While this might seem like a basic first-pick to many, I find it hard to come up with any weapon better for first place than the AK47. And that says a lot, considering I tend to lean towards shotguns and melee weapons.

The AK47 is an automatic rifle that can be shot in bursts or in streams of bullets. Whenever you are in a tricky situation with the undead, the AK47 is your best friend. You will be able to take out countless zombies as long as you have the ammo to do it with!

Not only is the AK47 easily the best rifle the game has to offer, but it is the best firearm in the game. It costs a great deal to purchase from vendors at 25 food and can be located in safes or bunkers sometimes. If you have a good stockpile of food to spend, and plenty of rifle ammo, do not wait to get this zombie-killing machine.

The AK47 may also be obtained from the Challenge Mode and/or Three Graves events on occasion. 

What the AK47 excels in:

  • Fairly powerful shots - while you aren’t getting as much raw power from each individual shot as you would a shotgun, the AK47 holds up with its power level per bullet. 
  • Flexibility - the gun works great both shooting slowly and quickly, depending on your needs
  • Ammo accessibility - rifle ammo is much easier to obtain than shotgun shells 
  • Zombie slaying - you will have no problem taking out entire hordes with the AK47!
  • Speed - you can expect zombies to fall FAST with the AK47 in your hands.

The AK47 is extremely effective at taking out zombies. 

Lethality Score: 98/100


#2. Autoshotty / Automatic Shotgun

Credit to the wonderful Malvi on YouTube for the video demonstrating the Autoshotty (and for the image!) Watch their short video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OfsFT7qisW4

Automatic Shotgun stats:

  • Cooldown: 0.4 seconds 
  • Power: 0.5/bullet (4 power per single shot)
  • 10% Penetration
  • 1.5 Knockback
  • Ammo Capacity: 80

The Automatic Shotgun is, in my opinion, the best shotgun in the game. It can shoot rather quickly, it’s powerful, and it can hold up respectably well at medium range, unlike most shotguns. Every chance I have to wield this gun is a treat. 

It’s able to handle most situations, from large crowds of zombies running (well… hobbling) towards you, to picking off single zombies that are in your way. The only drawback I ever find myself having with the Autoshotty is finding enough ammo for it, but purchasing shells from vendors can resolve this issue fairly easily.

The Autoshotty costs a whopping 25-30 food to purchase from vendors, but it can be found in bunkers and safes on occasion as well, like the AK47. Its cost is worth it though, especially if you manage to collect a ton of shells along your journey. 

This firearm can also be obtained through the Challenge Mode and Three Graves events.

What the Autoshotty excels in: 

  • Close-range combat - while it still holds up at medium range, it’s hard to deny that it’s really at its best close-up 
  • Dealing with large crowds - it can one-shot several zombies at close range and knock many to the ground at medium range
  • Shooting at an incredible pace - it’s really satisfying to have a shotgun that has great speed!
  • High power - a bit less than the double-barreled shotgun, but still great compared to many other choices
  • Hitting many zombies at once - many guns are only able to knock down one zombie at a time, but you don’t have that same drawback with the Autoshotty!

The Autoshotty is incredibly effective at killing large amounts of undead.

Lethality score: 92/100


#3. Bardiche

Everything is right in the world… (The Tactical Spear makes it even better!)

  • Bardiche stats:
  • Cooldown: 2.3 seconds
  • Power:3.5
  • 2 Knockback
  • Breakability: Unbreakable

The Bardiche is a heavy weapon that has a lot of range to it. Because it’s a heavy weapon, it is best-suited for characters with very high fitness and strength stats. The Bardiche allows you to wipe out most zombies that are in front of you, stopping them from attacking you. 

Not only is this weapon pure fun to use, it is also very helpful. In sieges where there are crowds of zombies, this weapon can break up said crowds into smaller groups if used strategically. That way, different people on your team can take care of the remaining mini-groups while you gain back some stamina.

Although it’s a bit less fast than the Medieval Axe, it is a lot more powerful. 

The Bardiche is not as slow as some other heavy weapons out there. It also doesn’t tire out your character as quickly as some other heavy weapons, like the Log. So the Bardiche is a good choice for taking zombies out one swing after another, unlike many other weapons in its weight group. 

This weapon can be bought from trader camps for 25 food. It’s pricey (12 days worth of food!), but I would say it’s worth it. It can be obtained in the Cursed Treasure Event.

What the Bardiche excels in:

  • Power - as with many other heavy weapons, you can kill lots of zombies with only a few swings of the Bardiche.
  • Okay speed - It won’t be as fast as a lighter weapon, but it isn’t slow either. 
  • Doesn’t require super high fitness or strength - as always, I would suggest increasing your fitness and strength when able, but the Bardiche is usable without it and will not be too tiring. 

The Bardiche is great at killing zombies!

Lethality score: 90/100


#4. Medieval Axe

Dawn breaks in the Military Depot, and me and my heavy-hitting team are about to strike....!

Medieval Axe stats:

  • Cooldown: 1.75 seconds
  • Power: 3
  • 2 knockback
  • Breakability: Unbreakable

The Medieval Axe is one of my more recently-discovered treasures. I found it when wandering around the Museum for the first or second time ever. Quickly, it became one of my absolute favorites, and it is now the reason why I always pick Museum as a looting location when it comes up. 

This weapon is incredibly satisfying to use. If you have any Ultrafit characters at the moment, let them be the ones to swing it. My Ultrafit/Warrior character is able to swing the axe maybe four or five times before getting too tired, and with how much raw power this weapon holds, that makes a real difference. 

For those that adore the heavy-hitting, wide-swinging melee weapons that can kill several zombies at once, this is an incredible choice. The fact it can’t break is an enormous benefit, too. 

This axe can be found, like I said, in the Museum. If you have been having a hard time getting the Museum to come up as an option, some merchants will sell this beauty to you for 15 or 20 food. A hefty price for a hefty blade!

This axe can also be obtained through the Cursed Treasure event.

The Medieval Axe excels in:

  • Slaying many zombies at once - several times throughout your runs, you will encounter seemingly impossible situations. The Medieval Axe, like all weapons, are not guaranteed solutions, but you can get a lot done with them very quickly. 
  • Knockback - A lot of zombies are stunned or knocked down entirely by this weapon. Zombies that are knocked down help to hold back other zombies. 
  • Reliability - Although it’s a heavy weapon, it can’t break and as long as your character isn’t exhausted, the weapon will always have your back!
  • Satisfaction - Let’s face it, using this weapon is just really fun. 

This weapon works masterfully to send zombies packing!

Lethality score: 89/100


#5. Halberd

The Halberd is so good, even knight NPCs like to use them! 

Halberd stats:

  • Cooldown: 1.4 seconds
  • Power: 2.5
  • 2 Knockback
  • Breakability: Unbreakable

The Halberd not only feels powerful to use, it looks powerful to use! Yet another medieval weapon that slays zombies with no effort. They really knew how to make their weapons back then, didn’t they?

Although the Halberd looks a bit cooler than the Medieval Axe, it does pack less of a punch. It’s also harder to get - there are no locations where they can be found. Instead, you must purchase the Halberd from a vendor at a trader camp for 24 food, or you may also receive it from the Cursed Treasure or Challenge Mode events. 

What the Halberd excels in: 

  • Knocking away small crowds - when your teammates are being attacked, a good swing from the Halberd can dispel the zombies and protect your friends!
  • Killing zombies - with the right timing, small clusters of zombies can be wiped out entirely with this weapon
  • High-fitness scenarios - Characters with low fitness and strength should likely not wield this weapon; they’ll get exhausted much too quickly

The Halberd is incredibly destructive!

Lethality score: 90/100


#6. Sturdy Machete

Joy holds her Sturdy Machete, standing next to one of the other best weapons in the game: shopping carts!

Sturdy Machete stats:

  • Cooldown: 0.86 seconds
  • Power: 2
  • 1 knockback
  • Breakability: Unbreakable

Unlike the more-common Rusty Machete, the Sturdy Machete is (in my opinion) much more aesthetically pleasing as well as unbreakable and slightly more powerful. It is a great weapon for pretty much any character, but, of course, a higher strength/fitness stat makes this weapon more effective. 

The only thing I dislike about the Sturdy Machete is that it isn’t quite as good at taking out the same number of zombies per swing as some of the other melee weapons that can be found within the game. However, it has a good amount of speed to it and in my experience, it isn’t difficult for most characters to handle effectively. 

The weapon can be purchased from vendors for either 6 or 12 food (depending on the vendor), or obtained at the Cabin, Camp Supplies, and Sporting Goods locations. It’s incredibly affordable but not too difficult to find while exploring, either. I recommend keeping an eye out for this shiny blade!

This machete can be obtained through the Cursed Treasure event on occasion. 

What the Sturdy Machete excels in:

  • Flexibility between characters - characters with low strength and fitness will get decent use out of the Sturdy Machete
  • Good speed - while not as fast as firearms or bombs when it comes to slaying zombies, it isn’t a particularly slow weapon either. 
  • Taking out a few zombies at once - one or two zombies will be one-shotted on average whereas several others can be knocked down if the swing is placed just right
  • Dealing with small crowds or sparse zombies - when trying to loot quickly, using the Sturdy Machete to slay only the zombies that are directly in your path seems most effective

The Sturdy Machete is pretty good at killing undead. 

Lethality score: 75/100


#7. Pipe Bomb

Pipe Bomb explosions take care of crowds in a flash!

Pipe Bomb Stats:

  • Cooldown: 0 seconds
  • Power: 1
  • “Ammo” Capacity: 6

The pipe bomb is something you are likely to encounter on any given run of Death Road. In my experience, it is the easiest explosive to come across, especially in late-game states and sieges. Six of these explosive monsters can be carried in a weapon slot at once and their destructive power is great!

Pipe bombs have to be used with caution, or else they could completely wipe your team out and you along with it. They should also be used very sparingly since, although they are common for most explosives, they are nowhere near plentiful. 

As long as you keep enough space between you and the explosion, this weapon will surely take care of any nuisance you are dealing with in the apocalypse. They are reliable and easy to use; and they don’t require any high stats to use effectively! Just strategy. 

What Pipe Bombs excel at: 

  • HUGE explosions! - Seriously, you will want to take MANY steps away from these things once you’ve thrown them. 
  • Clearing sieges - especially if you manage to get your hands on them early on, pipe bombs can be used to completely wipe out sieges worth of zombies 
  • Accessibility - although they aren’t common compared to guns or melee weapons, they are likely the most easy-to-get explosive out there

Pipe bombs are every zombie’s worst nightmare. 

Lethality score: 100/100 


#8. Molotov

My Pyromaniac main (Pyrous) blocks the path from zombies with a Molotov! (He still has to worry about the ones right next to him, though…)

Molotov stats:

  • Cooldown: 0 seconds
  • Power: 1
  • “Ammo” Capacity: 5

Molotovs are flammable bottles that can create a huge flame to burn zombies to a crisp! They should only be used to deal with large crowds in tricky situations or by Pyromaniacs, since the large flame can easily cause harm to you or your teammates. 

It’s best to ensure you are able to keep your distance from the Molotov’s flames, and that there isn’t any flammable furniture in the space between you and the flames, either. Fire can spread surprisingly far and it can be unpredictable at times. 

I would also recommend only using Molotovs during sieges, since zombies are much more clustered together at this time and since each Molotov is one-time usage. 

You can purchase Molotovs at trader camps for varying prices, and you may also find them at the “Burning House” location. They can also sometimes be found late-game in houses during some of your final sieges. 

What Molotovs excel at: 

Crowd control - taking out enormous crowds of zombies for long periods of time will be easy with just a few Molotovs on hand!

Lighting furniture/trees on fire - Molotovs shouldn’t be used primarily for this purpose, but fires can continue raging on for extended periods of time if your Molotov’s placement is strategic!

Siege survival - some sieges, especially late-game, are incredibly stressful and hard to survive through. Sometimes, throwing a Molotov or two is the only way to get through those difficult days.

While Molotovs aren’t as accessible as some other weapons out there, they are VERY good at killing. 

Lethality: 100/100


#9. Blowtorch

Just be sure not to accidentally hit your own teammates with your blowtorch, like I tend to do…

Blowtorch stats:

  • Butane Capacity: 100

As some of you might already know, I am a huge fan of the “Pyromaniac” perk. With said perk, you spawn with the Blowtorch and keep it until the character dies (and the character will not drop the weapon when they die). 

The blowtorch is the weaker of the fire-related weapons, but it is the easiest to get and, alongside the perk I mentioned before, recharges itself over time. The blowtorch does use butane quickly, so it’s best to use it as little as possible. The fire doesn’t spread super easily from zombie to zombie unless there is an enormous crowd, so here is the real strat:

Light trees or furniture on fire. Furniture stays alight much longer than zombies do, and you’re able to move a cluster of furniture together with a high enough strength stat. I find that the fires are much more spreadable this way and, during sieges in particular, there are enough zombies to spread the fire even further. 

With the Pyromaniac perk, you are immune to fire, so you do not have to worry about your fire-loving friend falling victim to the very flames they ignite. However, other non-pyromaniac characters in your party will not be immune, so you will have to take control of them to keep them away from the fire if necessary.

Another benefit to using the Blowtorch as opposed to many other fire-based weapons (like the flamethrower) is that it doesn’t require your car’s gas to use!

What the Blowtorch excels at: 

Guaranteed with Pyromaniac - I would recommend avoiding blowtorches and other fire weapons if you don’t have Pyromaniac on at least one character

Recharges a bit between rounds (Pyromaniac) - Yet another Pyromaniac-exclusive benefit that makes the Blowtorch an incredibly effective choice

Lighting objects on fire to create massive infernos - the blowtorch isn’t as effective as weapons like the flamethrower when it comes to creating fire, but strategizing removes this need

Sieges/enormous crowds/sticky situations - while you can use the Blowtorch on small-to-medium-sized crowds, it’s best not to waste the butane unless absolutely necessary. 

When used correctly, the blowtorch can be astronomically good at slaying zombies. 

Lethality: 89/100


#10. Tactical/Homemade Spear

Sitting and waiting… (Sidenote: The Cleaning Lady is a great character to have for the Tactical Spear!)

Tactical Spear stats:

  • Cooldown: 0.7 seconds
  • Power: 1.5
  • 0.5 Knockback
  • Breakability: Unbreakable

The Tactical Spear is a fantastic weapon for slicing through several zombies at once. While it isn't nearly as good as weapons like the Medieval Axe, it is sure to help you out if you are unable to obtain a higher-tier weapon.

I enjoy using spears quite a bit in DR2C. I am someone who finds myself sneakily luring zombies into rooms so that I can attack them right at the doorway often, and the Tactical Spear is perfect for doing stuff like this. You want zombies to be in a straight, narrow area to the best extent possible when you are using this weapon. 

When you have a good fitness stat and you aren’t exhausted or afflicted with the Tired debuff, the Tactical Spear can one-shot several zombies in a row. When it doesn’t one-shot them, it’s fairly effective at stunning them, and the weapon is quick enough that you are able to get several shots in before the zombie can advance forward. 

The Tactical Spear can be received from trading at trading camps for only nine food! It is incredibly worth the price. 

What the Tactical Spear excels at:

“Narrow passage” combat - killing zombies in doorways during sieges, picking off singular or small-clustered teams of zombies, and killing zombies standing between furniture

Support - I consider the Tactical Spear to be ideal as a ‘support’ weapon; that is to say, a weapon you only have out when your teammates have powerful weapons that you can back up. Your teammates can knock zombies down while you spear down the stragglers!

Low fitness requirements - You can get by using this weapon even with low-ish fitness stats. Still, it’s important to increase your fitness as soon as you can! 

The Tactical Spear isn’t the most lethal, but it’s effective for what needs to get done. 

Lethality score: 70/100


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