Destiny 2 Armor Mods Guide - Which Is Best?

Destiny 2 Armor Mods
Destiny 2 Armor Mods

Strength/Ordnance Mods

These mods require 3 energy of any type and are great for getting your grenade faster. How much faster depends on the base strength stats of your armor before applying mods, but think about a 30-second decrease per mod. 

What Strength Mods are good for: 

  • Boosting grenade recharge

Strength Mod details:


Recovery Mods

If you main a Titan or a Warlock and are often caught in the middle of long firefights, Recovery Mods allow minimal recharge time between engagements. A must-have for players of all skill levels, Recovery Mods can almost halve your recovery time at full capacity. 

What Strength Mods are good for: 

  • Quick health regeneration

Recovery Mod details:


Intellect Mods 

These mods require 5 energy of any type and are best if you like getting your super faster (and who doesn’t!). However, 5 energy means they are a costly mod and leave little room for any other types of boosts, so use only if you have a very powerful super-heavy build. 

What Intellect Mods are good for: 

  • Reducing Super cooldown times 

Intellect Mod details:


Loader Mods

As the name implies, these mods greatly boost reload speed for minimal energy cost. Highly recommended for PvP and PvE alike. 

What Loader Mods are good for: 

  • Improving reload times 

Loader Mod details (link directs you to auto rifles):


Resilience Mods 

Resilience Mods add a little bit of extra resilience, the stat that determines how much damage your guardian can take before dying. The boost from these is unfortunately minimal. However, a full set of resilience mods effectively raises your light level 7 points, allowing an underdeveloped player to compete in power-enabled PvP activities and higher-level endgame activities. 

What Resilience Mods are good for: 

  • Increasing damage a Guardian can take before death 
  • Making up for lower light

Resilience mod details:


Other Gunplay Mods (Counterbalance/Targeting/Unflinching)

Gunplay Mods are great if you have extra energy to burn or you’re a beginner player who needs their aim assist stat way up high. You’re sacrificing valuable mod slots for aim assist, in effect, but especially in PvP, it’s very valuable depending on the player. 

What Gunplay Mods are good for: 

  • Evening the playing field for new Guardians 

Gunplay Mod details (directs to Counterbalance Stock):


Fastball/Grenade Throw Mods

These mods take 2 energy and add 150% to your grenade throw distance. Very useful in underleveled PvE situations, especially paired with a high strength stat. 

Fastball Mods are good for: 

  • Tough PvE situations
  • Solo PvP Queues

Fastball Mod details:


Paragon Mods

These Mods help with class ability (Dodge/barrier/rift) recharge. Unless you’re a Warlock, these are incredibly situational. I would steer clear. However, Warlocks with a Rift/Lunafaction build would do well to use these. 

Paragon Mods are good for: 

  • Hunters in Crucible with dodge-heavy builds
  • Warlocks with Empowering Rifts 

Paragon Mod details:


Mobility Mods

These Mods boost movement speed, and are honestly beyond useless. Maybe in December 2018, before the legendary Go Fast update, they’d have been useful. But now, they’re a waste of armor energy. 

Mobility Mods are good for: 

  • Nothing. Just run a Hunter if you feel slow. 

Mobility Mod details:

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