[Top 15] Destiny 2 Best Legendary Weapons That Wreck Hard!

Destiny 2 15 Best Legendary Weapons

Who doesn’t need to be armed to the teeth when they’re aliens all over? Destiny 2 is always shifting when it comes to which weapons are the META but there are always some guns that hold up to high standards no matter what. So here are our top 15 legendary weapons.

Our Top 15 Legendary Weapons

  • SUROS Regime
  • Arctic Haze
  • Monte Carlo
  • Posterity
  • The Old Fashioned
  • Bonechiller
  • Astral Horizon
  • Heritage
  • Last Perdition
  • Stars In Shadow
  • IKELOS_SR_V1.0.2 
  • The Supremacy
  • Falling Guillotine
  • Trustee
  • Royal Chase

1. SUROS Regime (PvP)

Nostalgia as a weapon of war. Style as a hallmark of victory.

This beloved exotic featured in the first Destiny is around and kicking. The SUROS Regime is steady and dominates in PvP. Its exotic perk SUROS Legacy adds bonus damage and can heal you when you reach the bottom half of your magazine, making you quite the beast.

Weapon Stats:

Impact: 21

Range: 60

Stability: 62

Handling: 68

Reload Speed: 76

Rounds/Min: 600

Magazine: 27

Exotic Perks:

SUROS Legacy: The bottom half of each magazine deals bonus damage and has a chance to return health on kill.

Spinning Up: Holding down the trigger increases the rate of fire.

What makes SUROS Regime good?:

  • Well-rounded stats
  • A chance at refilling health
  • Spinning Up perk can increase the rate of fire up to 900 RPM

Weapon Details:


How to get SUROS Regime:

You can acquire this weapon in random exotic rewards or purchase it from Xur for 29 legendary shards.

SUROS Regime in Action:

2. Arctic Haze (PvE, PvP)

"A haze permeates the air here, occluding clear sight. Be very sure of your aim." —The Exo Stranger

Arctic Haze is one of the new weapons from Beyond Light and is already a favorite for some players. It has a good selection of perks, but if you don’t like what you got, you can easily farm it.

Weapon Stats:

Impact: 18

Range: 42


Handling: 48

Reload Speed: 53

Rounds/Min: 720

Magazine: 51


Rapid-Fire Frame: Deeper ammo reserves. Slightly faster reload when magazine is empty.

Genesis: Breaking a combatant's shield with this weapon fills its magazine from reserves. Energy weapons regenerate ammo on hit when matching the damage type to the combatant's shield.

Elemental Capacitor: Increased stats based on the currently equipped subclass. • [Solar] increases reload speed • [Arc] increases handling • [Void] increases stability

What makes Arctic Haze good?:

  • Easy to farm
  • Good perks

Weapon Details:


How to get Arctic Haze:

Arctic Haze in Action:

3. Monte Carlo (PvE)

There will always be paths to tread and methods to try. Roll with it.

Coming in next is the exotic Monte Carlo. This auto rifle is great for PvE thanks to its powerful perks that revolve around amping your melee ability. This is a great choice for players who like to close the distance.

Weapon Stats:

Impact: 21

Range: 55

Stability: 69

Handling: 82

Reload Speed: 81

Rounds/Min: 600

Magazine: 43

Exotic Perks:

Monte Carlo Method: Dealing damage with this weapon reduces your melee cooldown and grants a chance to fully charge your melee ability with each kill.

Markov Chain: This weapon gains increased damage from melee kills and kills with this weapon. Melee kills grant ammo for this weapon.

What makes Monte Carlo good?

  • Good stability
  • Great handling
  • Perks synergize for a strong melee combo

Weapon Details: 


How to get Monte Carlo:

Monte Carlo in Action:

4. Posterity (PvE)

A single word is etched inside the barrel: "Anastasia-1."

This unique looking hand cannon belongs to the less popular 180 RPM archetype, but don’t let that scare you away, It’s got it where it counts. This raid hand cannon has some good rolls that pay for your trouble for going through the Deep Stone Crypt.

Weapon Stats:

Impact: 78

Range: 45

Stability: 73

Handling: 42

Reload Speed: 44

Rounds/Min: 180

Magazine: 13


Precision Frame: Recoil pattern on this weapon is more predictably vertical. Fires quickly with high accuracy.

Genesis: Breaking a combatant's shield with this weapon fills its magazine from reserves. Energy weapons regenerate ammo on hit when matching the damage type to the combatant's shield.

One for All: Hitting three separate targets increases damage for a moderate duration.

What makes Posterity good?:

  • Good perk rolls
  • Decent stability
  • Good in PvE

Weapon Details:


How to get Posterity:

Posterity in Action:

5. The Old Fashioned (PvP)

This is the way things were.

Now back in my day, we’d deal with problems the old fashioned way. By shooting them with a hand cannon. Well come to think of it, it doesn’t seem like anything’s changed much since then. This gun is the counterpart to the beloved Dire Promise, offering a similar performance but a somewhat different experience.

Weapon Stats:

Impact: 84

Range: 53

Stability: 60

Handling: 64

Reload Speed: 49

Rounds/Min: 140

Magazine: 9


Adaptive Frame: A well-rounded grip, reliable and sturdy.

Slideshot: Sliding partially reloads this weapon's magazine and temporarily boosts range and stability.

Surrounded: This weapon gains bonus damage when three or more enemies are in close proximity.

What makes The Old Fashioned good?:

  • Good stats
  • Reliable
  • Easy to get

Weapon Details:


How to get The Old Fashioned:

The Old Fashioned in Action:

6. Bonechiller (PvE)

"It seeps under your skin; settles in your bones. Even outside of its presence, you can feel its chill." —The Exo Stranger

It has a cool name and looks a bit like a super soaker but it’s pretty “chill”. Haha, comedy. Jokes aside, it has decent base stats and if you don’t like the roll you have, you can farm for another one pretty easily. Once you get that roll, Bonechiller is consistent and does some work.

Weapon Stats:

Impact: 70

Range: 74

Stability: 38

Handling: 38

Reload Speed: 31

Rounds/Min: 65

Magazine: 6


Precision Frame: Fires a single-slug round. This weapon's recoil pattern is more predictably vertical.

Surplus: Increases handling, reload speed, and stability for each fully charged ability.

Opening Shot: Improved accuracy and range on the opening shot of attack.

What makes Bonechiller good?:

  • Good perk pool
  • Easy to farm until you get the perfect roll

Weapon Details:


How to get Bonechiller:

Bonechiller in Action:

7. Astral Horizon - Adept (PvP, Trials)

Even the brightest stars eventually set.

This Trials of Osiris shotgun is back and is beefier than its old self. It hits hard and the curated roll is not too shabby. It can be an effective alternative to Felwinter’s Lie.

Weapon Stats:

Impact: 80

Range: 38

Stability: 64

Handling: 80

Reload Speed: 94

Rounds/Min: 55

Magazine: 5


Aggressive Frame: Hard-hitting, high recoil. Increases rate of fire after a kill.

Threat Detector: Increased reload, stability, and handling when enemies are in close proximity.

Elemental Capacitor: Increased stats based on the currently equipped subclass. • [Solar] increases reload speed • [Arc] increases handling • [Void] increases stability

What makes Astral Horizon good?:

  • Good for PvP
  • Good Impact
  • Decent perk pool

Weapon Details:


How to get Astral Horizon:

Astral Horizon in Action:

8. Heritage (PvE)

A single word etched inside the barrel: "Wilhelmina-1."

The disputed meta of Beyond Light, Heritage is a kinetic slot slug shotgun that tears through everything in PvE. It does well against bosses as most slug shooters do but the curated roll packs a little more punch, making it a favorite among players as of right now.

Weapon Stats:

Impact: 70

Range: 76

Stability: 67

Handling: 78

Reload Speed: 51

Rounds/Min: 70

Magazine: 6


Precision Frame: Fires a single-slug round. This weapon's recoil pattern is more predictably vertical.

Reconstruction: This weapon slowly reloads itself over time, up to double capacity.

Recombination: Elemental final blows increase the damage of this weapon's next shot.

What makes Heritage good?:

  • Good range
  • Good stability
  • High handling
  • Great at boss DPS
  • Powerful perks

Weapon Details:


How to get Heritage:

You can get this weapon in the Deep Stone Crypt raid whether as a reward from an encounter or one of the treasure chests.

Heritage in Action:

9. Last Perdition (PvE, PvP)

Can't outrun the ending.

A personal favorite of mine, Last Perdition is a well-rounded Void pulse rifle that is great for mid to long-range in PvP. It’s very consistent and stable yet I don’t often see people use it. This is a reliable gun that is a hidden gem among other pulse rifles. Most of its perks are random, but it plays great regardless, if by chance you roll some good perks you too will be wondering why players sleep on this pulse rifle.

Weapon Stats:

Impact: 29

Range: 58

Stability: 63

Handling: 55

Reload Speed: 48

Rounds/Min: 390

Magazine: 38


Adaptive Frame: A well-rounded grip, reliable and sturdy.

Rangefinder: Aiming this weapon increases its effective range and zoom magnification. Increased projectile velocity while aiming Rocket Launchers and Grenade Launchers.

Rampage: Kills with this weapon temporarily grant increased damage. Stacks 3x.

What makes Last Perdition good?:

  • Good range
  • Good stability
  • Good handling

Weapon Details:


How to get Last Perdition:

Last Perdition in Action:

10. Stars In Shadow (PvP, PvE)

Little is known about the early days of the Collapse. Signals vanished upon the arrival of the Darkness.

Stars in Shadow is a solid pick when it comes to pulse rifles. It is a 340 RPM archetype so it a little on the slow side, but it makes up for it in stopping power and decent range and stability. It is a Crucible drop, so it’s not difficult to farm for a roll that you like. Pulse rifles aren’t meta right now but are in a pretty good place in terms of effectiveness.

Weapon Stats:

Impact: 33

Range: 73

Stability: 55

Handling: 31

Reload Speed: 41

Rounds/Min: 340

Magazine: 28


High-Impact Frame: Slow-firing and high-damage. This weapon is more accurate when stationary and aiming down sights.

Outlaw: Precision kills greatly decrease reload time.

Thresh: Killing combatants with this weapon generates a small amount of Super energy.

What makes Stars in Shadow good?:

  • Good perk rolls
  • Decent range
  • Easy to get

Weapon Details:


How to get Stars in Shadow:

Stars in Shadow in Action:

11. IKELOS_SR_v1.0.2 (PvE)

Subroutine IKELOS: Status=reinitiated. APOTHEOSIS: Status=active…

Created by the Warmind Rasputin, this rapid-fire frame sniper is said to be one of the best DPS snipers currently. With the right perks, it can tear through most majors with relative ease. It also has a chance of spawning Warmind cells, which create mini-explosions for a damage boost.

Weapon Stats:

Impact: 55

Range: 51

Stability: 36

Handling: 66

Reload Speed: 61

Rounds/Min: 140

Magazine: 5


Rapid-Fire Frame: Deeper ammo reserves. Slightly faster reload when magazine is empty.

Triple Tap: Rapidly landing precision hits will return 1 round to the magazine.

Box Breathing: Aiming this weapon for a short period without firing grants bonus range and precision damage that resets after firing or exiting zoom.

What makes IKELOS_SR_v1.0.2 good?:

  • Strong DPS
  • Decent handling
  • Good perk pool

Weapon Details:


How to get IKELOS_SR_v1.0.2:

IKELOS_SR_v1.0.2 in Action:

12. The Supremacy (PvP)

"He didn't recognize me, at the end." —Jolyon Till the Rachis

The Supremacy is a throwback to Bungie’s former franchise Halo, it was modeled after the SRS99 sniper from that universe. Here in Destiny, it’s got a little more to show than it’s Halo counterpart. It has a relatively high reload speed and a rapid-fire frame so missing a shot won’t be too much of a problem since it won’t slow you down.

Weapon Stats:

Impact: 55

Range: 43

Stability: 62

Handling: 71

Reload Speed: 66

Rounds/Min: 140

Magazine: 5


  • Rapid Fire Frame: Deep ammo reserves. Fast reload when empty.
  • Kill Clip: Reloading after a kill grants increased damage.
  • Reversal Hit: Rapid precision hits temporarily increase stability and reload speed.

What makes The Supremacy good?:

  • Good handling
  • Faster firing speed
  • Good reload speed

Weapon details:


How to get The Supremacy:

The Supremacy in Action:

13. Seventh Seraph Saw (PvE)

Chained away long ago; its jaws too eager in times of peace.

Bungie reintroduced season 10-11 weapons in the Beyond Light expansion, one of them being the Seventh Seraph Saw. It’s a slower firing machine gun but does well in PvE. In PvP, the slow firing can help hit enemies at a distance.

Weapon Stats:

Impact: 70

Range: 70

Stability: 30

Handling: 44

Reload Speed: 38

Rounds/Min: 360

Magazine: 43


High Impact Frame: Slow-firing and high-damage. This weapon is more accurate when stationary and aiming down sights.

Grave Robber: Melee kills reload a portion of this weapon's magazine. Grants ammo for Primary ammo weapons; reloads from reserves for Special and Heavy ammo weapons.

Vorpal Weapon: Increased damage against bosses, vehicles, and Guardians with their Super active.

What makes Seventh Seraph SAW good?:

  • Decent impact
  • Decent range
  • Can roll with Firing Line, which increases precision damage when near teammates

Weapon Details:


How to get Seventh Seraph SAW:

Seventh Seraph SAW in Action:

14. Falling Guillotine (PvE)

What won't be given must be taken.

Hey, do you like swords? Yes, you do. Look at this sword. It’s great for PvE and will make all your friends jealous if you have any that is. . It chops up bosses like they’re soft-baked veggies and is amazing at DPS thanks to it’s spinning attack. It’s a very nice sword, so get it if you want to be a cool kid.

Weapon Stats:

Swing Speed: 46

Impact: 58

Guard Resistance: 76

Ammo Capacity: 67


Vortex Frame: Launch a heavy spin attack. Heavy attacks are stronger with full energy. Attacks partially bypass elemental shields.

Heavy Guard: Sword Guard has high overall defenses, but lowers charge rate.

Energy Transfer: Guarding while receiving damage generates class ability energy.

Whirlwind Blade: Rapid sword strikes increase this weapon's damage for a short duration. Guarding also ends the effect.

What makes Falling Guillotine good?:

  • Very good for DPS
  • Decent defense
  • Good ammo capacity
  • Become a Beyblade with a heavy spin attack

Weapon details:


How to get Falling Guillotine:

Falling Guillotine in Action:

15. Trustee (PvE, PvP)

A single word is etched inside the barrel: "Alton-1."

Trustee is a scout rifle from the Deep Stone Crypt Raid. It lives up to its Raid weapon status by being one of the best PvE scout rifles right now. Not only that, but it also is a respectable gun in PvP. If you can roll the Reconstruction perk, you can get up to 35 bullets in your magazine!

Weapon Stats:

Impact: 45

Range: 42

Stability: 58

Handling: 38

Reload Speed: 65

Rounds/Min: 260

Magazine: 17


Rapid-Fire Frame: Fires full auto with deeper ammo reserves. Faster reload when weapon is empty.

Drop Mag: Magazine drops on reload, wasting ammunition but greatly increasing reload speed.

Under Pressure: Improved stability and accuracy as the magazine gets lower.

Redirection: Damaging rank-and-file combatants increases damage against more powerful ones.

What makes Trustee good?:

  • Good perk rolls
  • Good for both PvE and PvP
  • Best feeling scout rifle right now

Weapon Details:


How to get Trustee:

Trustee in Action:

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