[Top 10] Destiny 2 Best Bow and How To Get Them

Destiny 2 Best Bow

10. Point of the Stag
Great for PvP and PvE


The Point of the Stag has been around for a while. It is a must-have for any arsenal. It has high impact quick reload speed and aim assist make it great for PvP and PvE.

Weapon Info

  • Impact 76
  • Accuracy 78
  • Stability 46
  • Handling 60
  • Reload Speed 46
  • Draw Time 612
  • Inventory 61
  • Aim Assistance 72
  • Charge Time 60
  • Recoil Direction 77
  • Zoom 18


  • Elastic String
  • Natural Fletching
  • No Distractions, Archer’s Tempo
  • Vorpal Weapon, Eye of the Storm

What Makes Point of the Stag Great

  • The compound bows longer draw time is great for damage
  • It causes increased damage against bosses, vehicles, and pesky guardians in PVP with active supers.

How to Obtain:

Quest Cast in Iron from Iron Banner. This is a relatively easy questline to do. Most players should have no problem progressing to unlocking this bow. 


30 Opponents Defeated. The keyword here is defeated; this means that final blows and assists count towards the final goal. 

10 Zones Captured. Control matches consist of dominating lettered areas. Here you have to capture said areas.  

3 Super Defeats: Use your super (preferably one that does area damage) to defeat opponents.  


Complete six matches. Yes, your previously played games in the first step count towards this goal, so you should have this step mostly completed when you tackle it. 

Capture 20. Similarly, this step also counts the ten previous zones you captured. 

25 Hand Cannon Kills. This one's a little trickier since you have to land the final damage and kill your opponent for it to count. So, grab your best hand cannon and get out there to cause some damage. 


Defeat 100 opponents: Between the first and second steps, you should be reasonably advanced towards your goal. Here kill assists also count, so work together, and fight hard. 

30 Zones Captured. Take control of the lettered zones. It might take you a bit, but it is not a complicated process.  

20 Sub-machine gun kills: Kill 20 opponents with sub-machine guns. 


15 Super Kills. Similar to the first step, use area of effect supers to cover more ground. 

Capture 40 Zones. Run around and take those zones! 

15 Fusion Rifle Kills. Like the previous, equip your best fusion rifle and take it to the enemy. 

Once finished, the bow will drop. 


Complete 15 Matches.  Finish up your matches. 

Capture 50 Zones. Capture the final zones 

10 Combat Bow Kills. Use a combat bow to finish off your fellow guardians. 


Once completed, return to Saladin.

Video Guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iq3l08u0YeM&ab_channel=ThisWeekInVideoGames


9. Tyranny of Heaven
Great for PvE

 This bow was made to be taken out and used in PvE. Its explosive qualities should be more than motivation enough, but just if you need more, it shines in its stability, and becomes quick to draw, and allows for faster movement. Great for those gambit matches and open world.   

Weapon Info

  • Impact 68
  • Accuracy 52
  • Stability 63
  • Handling 31
  • Reload Speed 28
  • Draw Time 540
  • Inventory 67
  • Aim Assistance 74
  • Charge Time 80
  • Recoil Direction 54
  • Zoom 18


  • Lightweight Frame
  • Dragonfly
  • Sneak Bow

What Makes Tyranny of Heaven Great

  • Draw quickly and movement is faster when this weapon is equipped
  • Precession kills create an explosion that affects surrounding enemies. 


How to Obtain: Random Drop during the Last Wish Raid.

Video Guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XEPk1kgRChQ&ab_channel=TheGamesEntertainer 


8. Le Monarque
Great for PvP

 Le Monarque feels like Thorn on steroids. Yes, Le Monarque poisons enemies, Thorn drains their souls. The point is they both drain enemies of their health. Monarque stands out by affecting nearby opponents, and after a full draw, shoot faster. Great for PvE and gambit events where enemies cluster up.

Weapon Info

  • Impact 76
  • Accuracy 81
  • Stability 51
  • Handling 59
  • Reload Speed 46
  • Aim Assistance 70
  • Inventory Size 61
  • Zoom 18
  • Recoil 78
  • Bounce Intensity 22


  • Poison Arrows
  • Snapshot Sights
  • Natural String
  • Compact Arrow Shaft

What makes Le Monarque Great

  • Poison arrows that can affect nearby enemies
  • Fast shooting arrows after a full draw
  • Quick aim down sights.

How to Obtain: The only way to get Le Monarque is through a Powerful Frame purchased from Ada-1 in the Tower. Once you obtain the crafted frame, Le Monarque might drop as a random addition to the frame you already created.

Video Guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KXTQtesnCu8&ab_channel=BHMNINEROLLIE

7. The Spiteful Fang
Great for PvP

 This kinetic beauty does wonders on groups of enemies and other pesky guardians that think they are clever. With explosive heads and qualities that allow the player to move faster while the weapon is equipped, it is a dream to wield in PVP matches.

Weapon Info

  • Impact 68
  • Accuracy 53
  • Stability 55
  • Handling 73
  • Reload Speed 64
  • Aim Assistance 76
  • Recoil 50
  • Inventory 63
  • Zoom18


  • Lightweight Frame
  • Explosive Head
  • Natural String
  • Fiberglass Arrow Shaft
  • Archers Tempo


What makes Spiteful Fang Great

  • Explosive Arrow Heads!!!
  • Quick movement while the weapon is equipped.


How to Obtain: This is now offered by Ada-1 and acquired by completing any forge events.

Video Guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zJNcaGvHIK8&ab_channel=Aztecross


6.Whispering Slab
Great for PvE 

High impact, exemplary handling, reasonable aim assistance, this thing does it all. Great to take out and tank your way through PvE encounters. It also excels with its combination of increased damage from melee kills. This means you can punch your way through to great ranged damage.  

Weapon Info

  • Impact 68 
  • Accuracy 45
  • Stability 58
  • Handling 68
  • Reload Speed 64
  • Draw Time 612
  • Aim Assistance 75
  • Inventory Size 62
  • Zoom 18
  • Recoil 55
  • Bounce Intensity 45


  • Lightweight Frame
  • Natural String
  • Fiberglass Arrow Shaft
  • Killing Wind
  • SwashBuckler

What makes Whispering Slab great

  • Players move faster with this weapon equipped
  • Increases damage after melee kills. 
  • How to Obtain: Contact Public Event

Video Guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1MNRfVrnHSw&ab_channel=ThisWeekInVideoGames


5. Wish Ender
Great for PvP or PvE 

 There is simply no hiding while using this weapon; not only that but the weapons deadly with high impact, excellent accuracy, and fantastic stability. I wish Ender does nothing but win and can even damage groups of enemies over penetrating arrows.

Weapon Info

  • Impact 92
  • Accuracy 72
  • Stability 91
  • Handling 46
  • Reload Speed 37
  • Draw Time 792
  • Inventory 60
  • Aim Assistance 51
  • Recoil 60
  • Zoom 18


  • Queens Wrath
  • Hight Tension String
  • Anti-Taken Fletching
  • Broadhead

What makes Wish Ender Great

  • Enemies are highlighted behind walls as the player draws an arrow and aims down sights.
  • The arrows damage enemies on entry and exit! It can damage various targets. 

How to Obtain: This statue is acquired in the dungeon Shattered Throne. It consists of many steps, but it's worth it.


Once you defeated the first boss (the ogre), follow the doors to the next room and find the statue holding a bow with three ornamental bowls. Present the Awoken Talisman given to you by Petra at the start of the quest. Now proceed to complete the Shattered Throne Dungeon. 


Make your way to the Tangled Shore (Four-Horned Gulch). Follow the bouncing ball (kinda like following the white rabbit) to the mission called "???" Agree and fight Taken; once all bosses are taken out, you acquire three Tokens.  

 3.This process will feel convoluted, but it's pretty straight forward.

Return once again the Dungeon (Shattered Throne). Here you will find strange statues. Almost all these statues have orbs in their hands. Find the three that are lacking these orbs.  

Find an orb and throw it at the statues with no orbs in their hands. This will trigger a boss fight. You need to spawn 3 bosses to cleanse the three Tokens. 

First Statue - Look for the largest building in the area. There will some steps you can jump along the exterior. The first boss is at the top. You should find the first orb in the Dragon Symbol Temple. The fight starts once you place the orb into the statue. 

Second Statue – The area with the narrow beams is what you are looking for; the statue is in that area. Find the orb at the left of the place where ogres spawn.  Good news, no boss fight for this one. This opens the door for the third orb and statue.

Third Statue - Follow the long hall where lots of Thrall spawn, look right and go up the stairs to find the orb. Once you have the orb you will find the statue to the left of the room. Now place the orb to spawn the second boss fight. To beat this ogre, you're going to have to apply boss mechanics. 

The fourth Statue – Is located in the area that looks like an arena with a Wizard floating around. Once you deposit the four orbs the Wizard becomes vulnerable; then, an invisible minotaur will spawn in the area. Find it, kill it to collect the last orb. Deposit it to trigger the previous boss. Kill the ogre to purify the last token. 

 4. Once you have purified all three tokens, you can return to the statue with the bow; all three bowls will be lit up. Talk to the figure and acquire the Wish-Ender.


Video Guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GjH6iPAKsoI&ab_channel=Vet


4. Imperial Needle
Great for PvE

 The imperial Needle is one of the best neutral game bows in the game. It does everything well; it does shine with its ability to generate small amounts of super energy upon kills. This can lead to some very powerful builds and will help players flourish in the PvE arena.

Weapon Info

  • Impact 68
  • Accuracy 49
  • Stability 48
  • Handling 71
  • Reload Speed 64
  • Draw Time 612
  • Aim Assistance 80
  • Inventory Size 62
  • Zoom 19
  • Recoil 52
  • Bounce Intensity 48



  • Lightweight Frame
  • Agile Bowstring
  • Carbon Arrow Shaft
  • Quickdraw
  • Thresh

What makes Imperial Needle great

  • The lightweight frame allows for faster movement and quick draw
  • Kills with this weapon generate small amounts of super energy.
  • How to Obtain: Battlegrounds 

Video Guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jBXblEEbzMc&ab_channel=ThisWeekInVideoGames


3. Ticuu’s Divination
Great for PvE

 While a low-impact bow and arrow, when compared to other damage, focused weapons. This bow and arrow shine with its perks that allow firing multiple tracking projectiles. These also explode upon the enemy's death injuring surrounding enemies. These features enable this weapon to shine in PvE against powerful opponents. This bow and arrow allow for a great run and cover tactics.

Weapon Info

  • Impact 68
  • Accuracy 52
  • Stability 57
  • Handling 69
  • Reload Speed 64
  • Draw Time 612
  • Aim Assistance 79
  • Inventory Size 63
  • Zoom 18
  • Recoil 60
  • Bounce Intensity 40


  • Sacred Flame
  • Tactical String
  • Straight Fletching
  • Causality Arrows

What makes Ticuu’s Divination Great

  • Energy arrows that track your enemy
  • Explode on enemy's death
  • Arrows shot while aiming down the site will explode!


How to Obtain: Season Pass Reward

Video Guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M09E-G2b5yI&ab_channel=DPJ


2. Subtle Calamity
Great for PvP

 High impact, check, great accuracy, check; subtle calamity shines with its neutral game allowing for a much more slow and methodical combat form. Fire and cover, this weapon even will enable players to vanish from enemy radar while crouching! Perfect for setting up ambushes in Control and other PvP like events.

Weapon Info

  • Impact 76
  • Accuracy 79
  • Stability 46
  • Handling 52
  • Reload Speed 46
  • Draw Time 684
  • Aim Assistance 70
  • Inventory Size 64
  • Zoom 18
  • Recoil 60
  • Bounce Intensity 40



  • Precision Frame
  • Flexible String, Polymore String
  • Carbon Shaft Arrows, Natural Fletching
  • Sneak Bow

What makes Subtle Calamity Great

  • Allows players to disappear from enemy radar
  • Great neutral game
  • Longer draw times optimize damage.
  • How to Obtain: Faction Rank up Packages

Video Guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K3LhfWcoKZk&ab_channel=TheGamesEntertainer


1. Trinity Ghoul
Great for PvE

This old bow with new tricks shines once you equip its catalyst! Well worth the grind with new features. It still has a tremendous impact, outstanding accuracy, and when it has implications with precision sets off a lightning rod. Players that favor arc damage have to get this weapon! It is a must since it does a sort of feed loop that charges arc abilities.

Weapon Info

  • Impact 80
  • Accuracy 86
  • Stability 55
  • Handling 58
  • Reload Speed 55
  • Draw Time 720
  • Aim Assistance 74
  • Inventory Size 60
  • Zoom 18
  • Recoil 77
  • Bounce Intensity 23 



  • Split Electron
  • High Tension String
  • Compact Arrow Shaft
  • Lightning Rod

What makes Trinity Ghoul Great.

  • Precision kills grant the next shot in chain lightning capabilities
  • Feeds energy to arc abilities.

How to Obtain: Extremely Rare World drops

Video Guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uBHDFNj8WCI&ab_channel=TriGs


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