Destiny 2 Best Hunter Subclass [All Hunter Subclasses Ranked From Weakest To Strongest]

Destiny 2 Best Hunter Subclass Ranked
With Arc 3.0 its subclasses have finally time to shine.

With the release of Season of the Plunder and Arc 3.0, it’s time to see how the Hunter’s Subclasses fare in the sandbox and figure out what you’ll bring to take down Oryx in the updated King’s Fall raid or against your fellow guardians in Trials of Osiris. 

Bungie had something to prove this season after the stellar Void 3.0 upgrade and the somewhat lukewarm Solar 3.0 upgrade. For months, Arc has been a sorely lacking and neglected class, begging for an update to make it viable and enjoyable to use. 

With that in mind, let us see if they succeeded or not. 

Note: Bungie has changed the way subclasses work with the 3.0 rework. There are no longer distinct “paths” with unique abilities for each super; instead, you can now switch between supers, and each element subclass shares the same aspects and fragments. Because they use the toolkit in different ways, I consider each super to be a separate subclass.


#9 Deadshot Gunslinger

Deadshot feels lacking when compared to other subclasses.

I would argue that hunters don’t have any outright bad subclasses. However, since the release of all the 3.0 reworks, a clear difference in power and utility has emerged, causing some hunter solar subclasses to lose ground. They are still fun to use, but they now feel a little weaker in comparison to other subclasses, this is especially true for Deadshot Gunslinger.

When it comes to PVP subclasses, Deadshot Gunslinger is a good option. In situations when the other team has supers active, this subclass super gives you a good, aim-assisted way to kill them. However,  it still doesn’t feel as powerful in PVE, and I believe the toolkit is insufficient to place it higher on the list.

Deadshot Gunslinger Rating: 70/100

Subclass details:


#8 Deadfall Nightstalker

Deadfall can be used to control adds. 

While it is not a bad subclass and it has a good neutral game, it feels  lacking when you compare it to others. It is more effective at controlling adds than Moebius Quiver, but it  doesn’t have good DPS, and there are other supers that are more effective at clearing adds.

While the super has some add control capabilities, it is not unique enough to be higher on the list. Even in PVP, this subclass doesn’t offer a clear advantage over the other available options. 

Deadfall Nightstalker Rating: 72/100

Subclass details:


#7 Marksman Gunslinger

Marksman gives you high damage but it's not in the best spot at the moment.

Marksman Gunslinger is in a weird spot. It isn’t bad in and of itself, but it has steadily lost ground as the once-best DPS for hunters (especially when paired with Celestial Nighthawk). What was once the only option for high-end content for hunters in LFG groups is now frowned upon.

While the subclass is entertaining, and the Gunpowder Gamble is a fun addition to the hunter’s solar arsenal, it is not as useful as other options. It has also lost some power since classy restoration was removed from the sandbox.

Bungie and time have not been kind to this subclass. As a result, it remains at the bottom-part of the list for the time being.

Marksman Gunslinger Rating: 75/100

Subclass details:


#6 Spectral Blades Nightstalker

Spectral Blades is a fun subclass, but not enough to be the best. 

Since its release in Forsaken, Spectral Blades Nightstalker has been a favorite of mine. The ability to become invisible, combined with the cool factor of the super, makes for a very enjoyable gameplay loop. The subclass has suffered as there are now good builds and exotics to make your hunter invisible outside void.

The super is excellent for clearing out adds. However, it is not particularly effective for DPS in high-end content. In Void 3.0, void grenades received a buff, but the super makes this subclass feel a little lacking.

In short, as the subclasses have been fine-tuned over the last few seasons, other options have felt better to use in the game. 

Spectral Blades Nightstalker Rating: 78/100

Subclass details:


#5 Gathering Storm Arcstrider

Gathering Storm is a great new addition to the game.

We’ve reached the top half of the list, and while some subclasses have advantages over others, each of the following subclasses brings something to the table. It could be a fun game loop, a very strong DPS, or a strategic advantage.

Gathering Storm, a newcomer to the list, is the newest Hunter super and a welcome addition to the family, packing quite a DPS punch. This subclass has all the benefits of the Arc 3.0 rework, including the grandiose return of blink. Blink has been sorely missed by Hunter mains since the end of Destiny 1, and having it in the game automatically improves the Arc subclasses.

Gathering Storm Arcstrider Rating: 82/100

Subclass details:


#4 Blade Barrage Gunslinger

Blade Barrage has one of the highest DPS in the game at the moment.

Blade Barrage has taken an interesting path since its introduction back in Forsaken. I‘ve always thought it was a fun option for add-clearing, but the effectiveness of the super in PVE hasn’t always been popular.

Although the Solar 3.0 update did not raise this Hunter Subclass to the level of other elements, it did grant Blade Barrage the highest DPS super for hunters, which is very useful to have when you need to take down a raid boss.

This subclass currently outperforms Gathering Storm as the highest DPS super for hunters.

Blade Barrage Gunslinger Rating: 85/100

Subclass details:


#3 Silence and Squall Revenant

Revenant is a very strategic subclass for Hunters.

To say Revenant is a powerful subclass would be an understatement; it dominated PVP for several months after its release in Beyond Light and had to be nerfed by Bungie. It is a very versatile subclass because it not only grants you good add clearing abilities, but it also grants you map control, which can be very useful in both PVE and PVP.

While the subclass could use some updating and another super option would be nice, it remains one of the better options for hunters. 

Silence and Squall Revenant Rating: 87/100

Subclass details:


#2 Arc Staff Arcstrider

Arc 3.0 brings this subclass almost to the top of the list.

According to Bungie, the Arc Hunter’s player fantasy is to be a “graceful warrior monk”. You can see what they mean in action with the Arcstrider Subclass.

Hunters are used to gaining survivability through invisibility with the Void subclasses, but the Arc toolkit now introduces a new way to play up close and personal. It also has two very powerful exotics to assist with this. Using the Liar’s Handshake, for example, gives you a powerful counterattack while also healing you, making danger somewhat negligible even in high-level activities.

I have been having a blast with the Assassin’s Cowl exotic, which gives you invisibility after a powered melee final blow and after a finisher. With this, you can spend a lot of time being aggressive while also becoming invisible to disengage from encounters.

Arc Staff Arcstrider Rating: 92/100

Subclass details:


#1 Moebius Quiver Nightstalker

Nothing can top the utility and strenght of this subclass.

While the Arc 3.0 update might have made Arc Subclasses more useful, Moebius Quiver Nightstalker continues to be the overall better choice for hunters. The update received by the subclass in Void 3.0, as well as the general viability and flexibility of its tools, allows it to reign supreme over the other subclasses.

This subclass has one of the highest DPS in the game, as well as a debuff that increases the damage of other players in high-level content such as dungeons, raids, and GM’s.

Bungie will be taking a break from updating subclasses for the upcoming season. So, aside from some general balancing, we may have to wait for next year’s release of ‘Lightfall’ to see a significant change in the meta.

Moebius Quiver Shadowshot Nightstalker Rating: 95/100

Subclass details:

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