[Top 15] Dishonored Best Bonecharms To Get From Early To Late Game

Push your arcane powers further with a bit of witchcraft

Dishonored has a range of powerful and diverse powers that are a lot of fun to play around with. And on top of that, the game lets you equip little trinkets of witchcraft that push your powers further.

A little lore. Bonecharms are made out of bones from mostly whales and humans. They can be found anywhere, but the Abbey has banned them. Because witchcraft. But whatever’s banned is only going to have a higher demand!

Every bonecharm gives you a little supernatural boost. It’s not enough to overpower you. (As if you weren’t overpowered already.) But just enough to make a difference. But not all charms were created equally. And in this article, I’ll cover the best ones for fun gameplay.


15. Raven/Bird of Prey

  • “Drop assassination gives you a bit of health.”
  • Only available in Void Walker’s Arsenal DLC or Definitive Edition

With this, every encounter can be started with a health boost. Assuming you’re running low. Combining this with Agility is kinda overpowered.

Obviously this will not work if you take too much damage. But you can keep regenerating in combat to be invincible.


14. Fencer

  • “Advantage in sword vs. sword combat.”
  • Only available in Void Walker’s Arsenal DLC or Definitive Edition

If you’re engaging in sword fights, you’re likely to get into a lot of sword clashes. It’ll take a lot of button mashing to come out on top. And that’s why you could use a hand.

With Fencer, you’ll save more time in combat. And if you get the Sword Clash upgrade, you can get more out of this! This means you can engage other enemies. Or you could just run away and recover.


13. Void Channel

  • “20% increased duration for powers, increased range for Blink and Windblast.”
  • Only available in Void Walker’s Arsenal DLC or Definitive Edition

To be completely honest, this one feels like a bit of a cheat. It slightly strengthens your powers, which are already powerful. But it also makes them more fun!

Since it’s part of Void Walker’s Arsenal, you’ll find it right after your meeting with the Outsider. So even without upgrading Blink, your range will be longer.


12. Void Surge

  • “Sometimes, when using a power, no mana will be spent.”
  • Only available in The Brigmore Witches DLC

The key word here is sometimes. The chance of this working is pretty low. But considering how valuable mana is, it’s still a blessing. I recommend throwing it in there and forgetting about it. That way, you’ll find a nice surprise when it works.

Since it’s luck based, you can’t control which power it’ll save mana on. Luckily it’ll happen when you use Time Bend Level 2. Worst case, you’ll still save a sliver on Blink.


11. Undertaker

  • “Move slightly faster while carrying a body.”

Carrying a body makes you very slow. And you’ll want to do it quite often, dead or alive. Unless you’re roleplaying as rage incarnate. Even then, you’ll at least kidnap Sokolov.

You only get a small window to get past most guards, especially when you’re near patrols. The bonecharm gives you a tiny boost, and every little bit helps. Combining with the next one is highly recommended for non-lethal playthroughs.


10. Strong Arms

  • Description: “Faster choking speed.”

Just like carrying bodies, choking out enemies takes time. There are times when the other guards are moments from turning away. It’s a race against time, and this bonecharm gives you what you need.

With the faster movement speed of Undertaker, you’ll actually get a noticeable edge. Of course, this all depends on not being seen by the guards in the first place.


9. Light As A Shadow

You’ll take damage but you’ll survive.

  • “Take less damage from falls.”
  • Only available in The Knife of Dunwall DLC

Fall damage is a real obstacle in Dishonored. Sure, most games have it. But Dishonored is the kind of game which relishes in its verticality. You were meant to look down on everyone else.

While there is a trick to use Blink and reduce damage, it doesn’t compare to this. With this Bonecharm, Daud can stick some pretty high landings. Of course you’ll take some damage, but there’s enough elixirs lying around.


8. Whirlwind II

  • “Swing speed for swords is moderately faster.”

Like in every other aspect of the game, speed is essential. Enemies usually move and fight in groups. That means it’s very easy to get cornered in combat.

Your weapon swing speed can really make a life-and-death difference. Faster swinging means you can land more hits. Equals damage. It’s simple math, really.


7. Tough Skin

  • “15% increase to maximum health.”

You can never have enough health and mana. Especially on combat-heavy runs. Unless you’re as good as StealthGamerBR, you’ll probably take a lot of damage.

This bonecharm is no replacement for Vitality. But if you’re lucky enough to get it early, you can spend those runes elsewhere. Of course, you can stack to maximize your health.


6. Swift Shadows

  • “Increased movement speed in stealth mode.”

Stealth and speed don’t go hand in hand. Observing patterns patiently, waiting in the shadows. The whole of this is a slow style. But it doesn’t have to be that slow.

You now have more of a leeway to move from one spot to another. Very useful for areas with lots of patrols. Once you observe enemies and get a hang for their timing, you’re good to go.


5. Fleet Fighter

  • “Drawn weapons do not slow movement speed.”

Yet another speed charm, how original. But if you’ve played Dishonored, you know how important this is. Just being able to move out of your enemy’s reach is a huge advantage.

Using this alongside Whirlwind II will let you dance around your enemies. You’ll practically be a sword-dancer.


4. Falling Star

  • “Drop assassinating recharges mana by 20%.”

You’ll be using a lot of mana in combat. Magic is costly, just take a look at the charge for Time Bend. With this charm, every drop assassination will recharge your mana.

The obvious strategy is to begin every encounter from above. If you use double jumps, you’ll be invincible. Alternative drop attacks with powers to keep using them indefinitely.


3. Acrobat

  • “Climbing speed is slightly faster.”

I was actually satisfied with the speed of climbing. But this isn’t about slow or fast, it’s about making it faster. And the little edge doesn’t hurt.

Almost every obstacle in Dishonored has a vertical solution. You can climb up and get out of almost everything. This will let you get to your destination quicker. Or you can use this to run away.


2. Spiritual Pool

  • “Slightly faster mana regeneration.”

You only regenerate a little amount of mana. Just enough to Blink. For every other power, you’ll be using Piero’s Remedy. Despite that, I consider this incredibly useful.

Blink is the most versatile power in the game. You can already use it indefinitely, with this the delay is less. Whether you’re changing blinks from one rooftop to another. Or blitzing in and out of combat.


1. Blood Ox Heart

  • “20% increase to maximum mana.”

And this right here is the best of them all. Literally every power costs mana, and your mana pool is very limited. While there’s enough Remedy for you to recharge with, more is always better.

Unlike Vitality, you don’t get any ability to increase your mana pool. You can’t go wrong with this. The only case where you won’t need this is if you’re trying a no-power-challenge.


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