[Top 10] Dishonored Best Powers To Get From Early To Late Game

The more powers you have, the more ways to play

I can confidently say that Dishonored is one the best games of the last decade. The game takes place in the steampunk city of Dunwall. Corvo Attano is the Royal Protector of the Empress. But then he was framed for the murder of the Empress. Now, he has to both clear his name and avenge her.

A supernatural being called the Outsider takes interest in our boy Corvo and gives him powers. He’s kind of like a god but also not really. But that’s a topic for another time. With these powers at our disposal, we can carry out whatever method of justice we wish to.

And that’s where the real beauty of the game design comes in. Dishonored prioritizes freedom in gameplay. We get choices during the game, different routes to take. And different ways to use our powers. How we choose to proceed depends on how we want to play.


10. Shadow Kill

There’s a lot of problems with killing people, which is why we shouldn’t do it. But the main problem in video games is that it leaves a body. Now you also have to find a way to take care of it. Otherwise, someone else will find it and raise an alarm. That’s where Shadowkill comes in.

In-Game Information:

  • “Each time you kill an unaware enemy, the body turns to ash, disappearing so you don’t need to hide it.” Cost: Corvo - 2 runes | Daud - 1 rune.
  • “At Level 2, all enemies killed turn to ash.” Cost: Corvo - 4 runes | Daud - 3 runes.


  • Suited for stealthy and lethal playthroughs. Lets you kill enemies and avoid detection.
  • This can actually reduce the number of rats on High Chaos runs. Since all bodies turn to ash, it leaves less for the plague.
  • When paired with Arcane Bond II, Daud’s summoned assassins also get this power.


9. Blood Thirsty

Dishonored’s combat is fast-paced and pretty challenging. Even with superpowers, you might find yourself overwhelmed against groups. Thankfully you start off with Blood Thirsty 1, which gives you an edge during combat.

In-Game Information: 

  • “Allows you to build up Adrenaline by blocking attacks, performing assassinations and inflicting melee damage. Once Adrenaline is maxed out, move close to an enemy for an instant fatality.” Cost: Corvo - 2 runes | Daud - 1 rune.
  •  “At Level 2, you can execute a double Adrenaline attack, instantly killing more than one enemy. You can move and look freely while doing this in order to aim at your targets.” Cost: Corvo/ Daud - 3 runes.


  • Adrenaline builds up faster after using the ability once. So if you want to deal more damage, keep blocking and fighting.
  • You are still vulnerable. So if you get hit before landing a strike, you’ll lose health.
  • Since it’s insta-kill and unblockable, save it for powerful enemies. Assassins, music-box overseers, officers with guns and gangsters with bottles.


8. Summon Assassin

Daud is a Master Assassin. The leader of the Whalers and the killer of the Empress. It only makes sense that Daud can call upon an assassin of his own. I'd really question his leadership status if he couldn't. This is an ability that is most effective when used cleverly.

In-Game Information: 

  • “As Daud, summon allies to join you in combat. Your assassin ally will choose the nearest enemy and attack. If you target an enemy, the assassin will target that character first, then move on to other nearby enemies. If the assassin is summoned with nobody nearby to attack, he will stick around for a while before disappearing.” Cost - 1 rune.
  • Level 2 cost - 5 runes


  • Assassins can take on most enemies in one-on-one attacks. Against groups, they’re not that tough.
  • Best used for sneak attacks. You know, assassins.
  • Upgrade to Level 2 for a Master Assassin (stronger and faster)
  • Pairing with Arcane Bond Level 2 will give a lot of benefits. Assassins will be able to use Pull, Shadowkill and Vitality (if Daud has them.) Bend Time will also leave them unaffected.


7. Pull

You might remember this ability. In the game’s prologue, an assassin uses this against Corvo while Daud kills the Empress. It was a bit of a disappointment that ‘The Knife of Dunwall’ did not have this power. ‘The Brigmore Witches’ brings this back for Daud to use, and for you to fulfill your Jedi Assassin fantasies.

In-Game Information: 

  • “At Level 1, grab inanimate objects from afar. Items such as money, ammunition, and keys can be pilfered from a distance. Other out of reach objects such as bottles or Whale Oil Tanks can also be picked up.” Cost - 2 runes.
  • “At Level 2, pull living things and bodies for a slightly higher mana cost than inanimate objects. When enemies are close enough, they are lifted helplessly and can be executed or choked out. Corpses and unconscious bodies are automatically carried.” Cost - 4 runes


  • Very useful for pickpocketing, or even reaching objects from afar.
  • At level 2, enemies can be used as human shields.
  • Or you can just pick them and throw them off high buildings. 


6. Windblast

We saw a glimpse of this power back in the days when the cinematic trailer dropped. In some ways, this is the opposite of Pull. Which makes sense if you contrast between Corvo and Daud. Windblast is basically a powerful push that can obliterate a lot of things.

In-Game Information: 

  • “Releases a powerful blast of wind, knocking your enemies off their feet and throwing them. This power will also douse fires, shatter wooden doors, and blow projectiles like arrows back at the enemy who fired them.” Cost - 3 runes.
  • “At Level 2, Windblast will throw enemies against the wall with enough force to kill them.” Cost - 4 runes.


  • This is a combat-based ability, so upgrade to level 2 to make the most out of it.
  • Great against tallboys, as you can throw their bolts back at them. 
  • If you get cornered, you can use it for crowd-control.
  • This power can accidentally kill nearby civilians. Or blow up Whale Oil Cans. Careful where you point.


5. Devouring Swarm

There are two kinds of people in this world. The first sees a swarm of rats eating a human body and feels horrified. The second grins and thinks “Whoa, cool!” You already know who this power is for. Those of us who don’t mind a bit of High Chaos can have a lot of fun!

In-Game Information: 

  • “Summon a vicious swarm of rats that will consume or attack the nearest living thing. The rats scatter after a while.” Cost - 3 runes.
  • “At Level 2, more rats are spawned and they devour bodies at a faster rate.” Cost - 4 runes.


  • Rats are powerful against small groups. Crowds have an easy time eliminating them.
  • They’re good for distraction in combat if you need to run away. Or they can draw attention away and let you sneak past guards.
  • Won’t leave a body behind, so there’s nothing to hide.
  • They will kill and eat anything, including civilians.


4. Possession

The idea of someone controlling your body is a scary one. But it's a lot of fun when it's a tool in a game. First, it opens us different ways to solve challenges in the game. Second, you can find some very creative and unique ways to have fun.

In-Game Information: 

  • “Physically merge with any animal’s body for a limited time. If your host were to die, you would endure the same fate. Small animals can’t survive the possession process.” Cost - 3 runes.
  • “At Level 2, you can also possess people. While inside another human body, you are too clumsy to do anything but actions like opening doors or carrying objects.”  Cost - 5 runes.


  • Tiny animals like rats and fishes will let you get into otherwise inaccessible places.
  • As humans, you can bypass security devices like Arc Pylons and Walls of Light.
  • When the time limit is over, you will spawn behind guards. Make sure you’re alone by then if you don’t want to get attacked by others.


3. Bend Time

Time manipulation is probably one of the coolest powers in imagination and fiction. Being able to slow down your opponents gives you an unbelievable edge. Take that a step further to completely stop time, and you’re unstoppable.

In-Game Information: 

  • “Slow down the world around you for a limited time, or until you end the power.” Cost: Corvo/Daud - 2 runes.
  • “At Level 2, time is completely stopped. Enemies and security systems are unaware of you for the duration.” Cost: Corvo - 8 runes | Daud - 6 runes.


  • Slowing or stopping enemies is very effective for getting past them or even killing them.
  • Stopping time makes you almost invincible. Enemies won’t move and can be killed instantly.
  • When time is stopped, security devices won’t have time to register your presence. So you can bypass them without risk.


2. Agility

Fast and fluid movement can make a world of difference. And Dishonored is built for moving around in every direction. So a little boost in that department can give you a lot of benefits. 

In-Game Information: 

  • “Jump height is increased and falling damage is reduced.” Cost: Corvo - 2 runes | Daud - 1 rune.
  • “At Level 2, overall movement speed is increased.” Cost - 3 runes.


  • Holding the jump button executes a double jump. This can be combined with blink to access higher places.
  • Double jump is very effective in dodging Bottle Street Gangsters’ fire attack.
  • Jumping high helps to dodge bullets. Does not work if they aim after you’ve jumped. Sorry.
  • It can also get you close enough to tallboys to execute them.
  • You get high enough to Drop Assassinate any enemy.


1. Blink

Blink is the first power you start with, it’s your gateway into the arcane. (See what I did there?) The mana cost for this is negligible, a tiny amount that is automatically restored. You might think it’s only for navigation. Get a little creative, though, and you can use it in any way!

In-Game Information: 

  • Corvo- “Execute a fast and stealthy forward dash through the world. You can also use it to move upward, but the distance is reduced. Aiming at ledges will allow you to Blink forward and climb up.”
  • Daud - “Move rapidly from place to place unnoticed. You can move horizontally as well as vertically and aim at ledged to climb over them. Time will freeze if you stop moving while you aim, even mid-jump. This gives you time to plan an escape or perform feats like changing direction in mid-air.”
  • Level 2 Cost: Corvo - 3 runes | Daud - 4 runes.


  • If you wait a little between two Blinks, you can use this power without running out of mana.
  • It can easily get you out of combat.
  • You can use Blink to flank and backstab your enemies. Or dodge enemy bullets.
  • Fall damage can be negated or reduced. To do this, use blink before you begin falling.
  • Daud’s Blink stops time, making it a great tool for strategizing.


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