All Dishonored Safe Combinations (with video guide)

Dishonored Safe Combinations
Every combo you need for all the safes with loads of loot!

Stuck on All of Those Safes?

Dishonored is known for having multiple safes that you can get loot and bounty from, some even have side missions. Sometimes those safes are too complicated to figure out and the riddles attached to them are just as confusing. So you don’t sit there and go through every combination possible here’s a list of all the safes and their combinations.

10. The Sewer Safe

Dishonored Safe Combo I Sewers

just past the spot where Corvo gets his gear back, The combo is found by looking past the empty bottles on the shelf behind the safe.

  • 4-5-1
  • Mission: Dishonored

9. Dr. Galvani’s Safe

Dishonored Safe combo II The docs office

The clue is in Galvani’s building and reading his journals hints that his favourite numbers are the combination

  • 2-8-7
  • Mission: High Overseer Campbell

8. The kennel door

Kennels Safe Combo

The clue is in the kennel cell with two prisoner corpses.

  • 2-1-7
  • Mission: High Overseer Campbell

7. The Barracks Safe

Dishonored Barracks Combo

 You can either get the combo by saving a rogue Overseer’s sister accused of witchcraft or by reading notes in the mess hall.

Mission: High Overseer Campbell

6. The Artists Residence

Dishonored – Art Dealers Safe Key Combinations (Golden Cat Mission)

It uses a different combo each time you play, you’ll have to go through one of the below, or talk to the art dealer himself.

  • 8-7-9
  • 1-3-8
  • 6-5-6
  • 6-7-9
  • 6-9-6
  • 3-2-7
  • Mission: House of Pleasure

5. Pratchett’s safe

Dishonored Prattchets Safe Combination

The clue is to find the number in each of the paintings in his house.

  • 4-7-3
  • Mission: The Royal Physician

4. Behind the painting

Dishonored Safe behind Painting

In the wrecked building where the prisoner pen is outside the sokolov estate. The combo is given to you if you disable the wall of light for the prisoners.

  • 2-9-4
  • Mission: The Royal Physician

3. Lord Regent Hiram Burrows’ Safe

Dishonored – Lord Regent’s Safe Combination

The clues is given to you by the Propaganda Officer so you can fulfil the non-leathal objective. He’s found in the broadcast station.

  • 9-3-5
  • Mission: Return to the Tower

2. The Underwater Safe

Dishonored – Underwater Safe Combo

  • 4-2-8
  • Mission: The Flooded District

1. The Old Port District’s sewer safe

Dishonored Mission 07 - The Flooded District Sewer Safe and how to get the combination

  • 5-2-8
  • Mission: The Flooded District

Now with all the safe combinations you can get all the booty you deserve. You might even get an achievement for getting all the safes.

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