Dishonored Corvo: 10 Most Important Facts You Should Know About Him

Dishonored Corvo
Corov Attano, the main character of the Dishonored series has a lot you should know about him.

10. Corvo was accused of Empress Jessamine’s murder after Daud kidnapped Emily

Corvo killing assassins who are attempting to kill the Empress and Kidnap Emily.

This is pretty much the basis of the entire game. Corvo has returned after trying to find a cure for the rat plague and soon after Daud appears and kidnaps Emily and kills the Empress.
Soon after the spy master, who paid Daud to do so, rushes in and accuses Corvo of her death and arrests him.

9. Corvo spent six months in Coldridge Prison while being tortured to get a false confession from him.

Corvo is brandishing his gun and sword as he prepares to take out the gaurds to escape Coldridge Prison.

Corvo is held in prison to try to get him to confess to the Empress’ murder. If you listen to the<  audio graph : in the torture room you can hear the culprits trying to get him to admit it.
This of course fails and they decide to execute him instead, to which is why Corvo escapes from prison.

 8. After a visit from the outsider, Corvo receives the Outsiders mark and supernatural abilities

The mark of the outsider that Corvo receives after being freed.

The Outsider is a magical god like being, or perhaps devil like being that grants supernatural abilities. The Outsider seems to thrive on chaos and the death of others.
Upon receiving his mark Corvo can run faster, jump higher, slow time, and even possess people. 

7. Corvo is told to kill every target he is given except for Anton Sokolov

Anton Sokolov, the royal physician and the only person Corvo wasn’t instructed to kill.

Although whether or not you actually decide to kill the person and find the low chaos way out of it, every target Corvo is given he’s supposed to kill.
The only person he’s not supposed to kill is Anton Sokolov, the royal physician. He’s given the direct order to kidnap him and bring him back to the Hounds Pitts Pub so they can get information out of him.

6. Daud is his Archenemy

Daud, the archenemy of Corvo and the man who is responsible for the murder of the Empress and the kidnapping of Emily.

Although an archenemy isn’t clearly made in this game, it seems Daud is the closest you can get. Daud also has the mark of the outsider, the reason Emily’s abduction was successful, and is responsible for the whole problem.

In the game you decide to either kill Daud or let him live. If you keep him alive that will be one of the hardest decisions Corvo has ever made.

5. Corvo cares strongly for Emily because she is his daughter

The Drawing Emily left for Corvo in which it’s labelled “daddy.”

After rescuing Emily and bringing her to the Hound Pitts Pub she leaves you a drawing in which corvo is drawn without his mask and he is labled “daddy.” It’s also clear from the beginning that they have a very close relationship as Emily meets him at the boat in the beginning of the game.

Corvo’s love for his daughter is the whole reason he continues fighting, even after he has been betrayed twice. He will do whatever it takes to keep Emily safe and clear the Kaldrige name.

4. Corvo may have a high social status, but he is willing to do whatever it takes to reach his end goal

Daud, the moment before Corvo kills him.

In the beginning of the game Corvo is officially the Empress’ royal protector. This is one of the highest positions someone in the guard can hold and puts him very close to the Empress Jessamine Kaldwin, as to why they had a romantic relationship.

Despite his high social status throughout the game you can see his character is willing to do anything. Corvo will kill whoever he needs to and take any route necessary; even if it takes him through weeper infested sewers.

3. Corvo is known for his combat skills and stealth capabilities

Corvo, on a window ledge of one of his future victims, whilst hiding from a big boy.

The reason Corvo was made royal protector because he was well known for his abilities. That’s also the reason the Loyalist choose him to do their bidding.

Corvo is highly skilled in stealth and can hide almost anywhere. He is also a skilled swordsman capable of engaging multiple combatants at once and skilled in long range weapons such as cross bows and guns. He is also a talented free-runner and can scale most buildings and is also a great swimmer.

All of these abilities are also enhanced by the mark of the outsider.

2. The Authorities don’t know Corvo’s true identity, but the lower classes do

The wanted poster for the “masked assailant” that kidnapped Solkolov.

If you’re seen by the authorities in any of the missions you’ll see posters around looking for a masked assassin. If you also talk to any of the nobles at the party where you are meant to kill Lady Boyle then you can hear talk of an unknown assassin.
When talking to Slackjaw, he hints that “word is all over the street.” He hints that everyone knows that Corvo and the masked assassin are one in the same.

1. Corvo becomes the Spymaster after Emily is restored to the throne

Corvo standing beside Emily as she sits on the throne as the newly crowned empress.

In the Dishonored canon Emily is restored to the throne with no problem and rules well. She clears Corvo’s charges and names him as royal protector and Spymaster. 

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