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The heroes (or villains) of your adventure.

Divinity: Original Sin 2 is hands down my favorite RPG. Launched in 2017, it remains a relevant title and a must-play for gamers worldwide to this day. It is frequently praised as one of the best RPGs of all time.

D:OS2 delivers the fun long after your first playthrough. Part of this is the love you manifest for its cast of characters just like I did. Each of the 6 companions impact the story and your gameplay in countless ways. Props to the voice actors for bringing this lovely and well-written band to life.

Here’s the catch: only 3 can join your party as you journey through Rivellon. Bummer, right? This was painful, but I ranked them from amazing to super awesome to help you on your first playthrough.

6. Beast

Beast is scavenging from a shipwreck west of the Fort Joy Ghetto. Recruit him by speaking to him.

I want to start by saying that Beast is by no means an awful companion. The game just doesn’t give him much time for quest depth, but you’ll enjoy having him around. 

Beast is a rowdy and roaring dwarf with rebellion in his heart. He led a faction of nobles in a coup against his tyrant cousin, Queen Justinia. Sadly, a betrayal led to his banishment and the execution of his allies.

Being the revolutionary that he is, Beast embraces the life of a pirate. While raiding a Royal ship, he discovers a plot more ominous than anything the Queen has done. You’ll encounter said plot in the main story, but whether Beast resolves this with you is your decision.

By default, Beast excels in:

  • Dishing out magic damage in the fray. He’s a seasoned battlemage who combines mother nature’s elements to his expertise in close combat.
  • Sustain. Beast is frequently at risk of damage, but he’s able to avoid or heal through it with the many spells at his disposal. As a dwarf, he also gets additional 10% max Vitality and plus 5% Dodging.

Choose Beast if:

  • You want a front seat to messy dwarven politics. Beast’s quest takes you on a roller coaster of smugglers, corrupt advisers, and royal courts in sewers.
  • You want a wholesome companion. Beast has great humor and even laughs when a dwarf in Fort Joy sings a song aimed at trash talking him. He stands for what’s right and is inclined to forgive when he can.

Beast full details: divinity.fandom.com/wiki/Marcus_Miles.

5. The Red Prince

The Red Prince is standing on a rock looking to the sea southwest of your spawn point on Fort Joy island. Recruit him by speaking to him.

The Red Prince is an exile from the Lizard empire. He went from being the empire’s prized military mind to an outcast under constant threat of assassination. Convinced he is destined to rule, Red sets out on a quest to re-establish his royal status. 

He never misses the chance to demonstrate his perceived superiority. You’ll find him refined in conversation, yet callous and egotistic. In battle, though, you’ll be glad that his mastery of warfare is on your side.

The Red Prince’s arrogance can be comedic and endearing. It's possible, though, that you see him as a self-absorbed fool instead. Either way, he’s a worthy ally should you aid him in his campaign for the throne. 

By default, The Red Prince excels in:

  • Massive physical damage. One of the strongest builds in the game revolve around strength-based two-handed weapons. Don’t be surprised if The Red Prince is constantly ending battles for your other companions.
  • Replenishing his magic armor. While others need to learn skills that do this, Red can drain magic armor from opponents using his skill, Demonic Stare.
  • Durability against fire and poison damage. Lizards have an additional 10% resistance against these elements. Both elements abound in D:OS2 so this comes very handy. 

Choose The Red Prince if:

  • You have an affinity for dragonkin. Lizards are descendants of the mighty dragons that once roamed Rivellon. It’s no wonder that members of the Lizard race have a built-in superiority complex!
  • Having a don in your team doesn’t bother you. Red’s not fit for exile because he’s been waited on since birth. Seriously, he gauges how fitting you are as his honored slave in your first interaction with him.
  • Random combat encounters interest you. Assassins are on the prowl for Red, so you need to stay on your toes if he’s in your party. The story is great, though, and you get more XP thanks to more fights.

The Red Prince full details: divinity.fandom.com/wiki/The_Red_Prince.

4. Sebille

Sebille is hiding south of the Fort Joy Ghetto in one of two locations: outside the kitchen or by a shipwreck further southwest. Recruit her by speaking to her. You need to pass a persuasion check if playing as a lizard godwoken.

Sebille was the unwilling dagger in the Shadow Master’s hunt for elves. A life of bloodshed and servitude sealed because of the cursed scar carved on her cheek. Devoid of free will, she could only watch in horror as her kin died by her hand.

She walks free for now and has grown cynical because of her recent past. Femme fatale personified, violence or guile is her answer to everything. Sebille acts with only one goal in mind: revenge on her former master.

But who is the Shadow Master? Where can he be found? Journey with Sebille to deliver judgment and protect her from those who seek to control her.

By default, Sebille excels in:

  • Striking from the shadows. She navigates the battlefield with ease, preparing for her silent and fatal assault. A quick shot or two is all it takes to eliminate her target.
  • Staying active in combat. Her source skill, Break the Shackles, removes most debuffs and only costs 1 source point to cast. As an elf, Sebille can cast Flesh Sacrifice to gain 1 action point for an additional move, spell, or attack.
  • Critical damage. Rogues stack points in the combat ability, Scoundrel. It’s one of only  two ways to increase critical damage multiplier in the game. This synergizes well with her assassin playstyle, since backstabbing is a guaranteed critical hit.

Choose Sebille if:

  • Elven lore interests you. Sebille happens to be a prime figure in elven doctrine and plays a key role in the future of the race. Expect smoother interactions with deeper stories told from your encounters with elves. 
  • You want to uncover the dead’s secrets. Elves relive memories of the fallen by eating their corpses. This can result in Sebille acquiring new skills, learning normally unobtainable information, or commentary on the taste of rotting flesh.
  • The struggle for freedom resonates with you. There are those closer to Sebille who outline a destiny she can forego, but the consequences are dire. 

Sebille full details: divinity.fandom.com/wiki/Sebille_Kaleran.

3. Ifan Ben-Mezd

Ifan is in the square just after the main gates of Fort Joy Ghetto. Recruit him by speaking to him.

Ifan is one of two characters whose quest weaves into the main story. Naturally, having him in your party will let you access more content. Knowing this, Larian Studios made it a point to give this character incredible backstory.

Despite being a gritty killer for hire, Ifan is sincere and charismatic. He grows to resemble a comrade or a close friend to your main character. You can even get drunk with him in one of your interactions!

It’s not impossible to say that you’ll end up attached to Ifan. Before you know it, you’re empathizing with the emotions Ifan feels as his story plays out.

By default, Ifan excels in:

  • Sniping enemies down while his summoned beast ravages the battlefield. The sheer amount of damage that marksmen deal in this game is insane. Couple that with a ferocious summon for a powerhouse at your fingertips.
  • Versatile damage. Normally, you’ll want to build your companions to exclusively deal physical damage or magic damage. Ifan, should the need arise, can switch normal arrows with elemental arrows that also scale with finesse.
  • Crits! The human trait, Ingenious, gives him 5% bonus crit chance and an additional 10% crit multiplier.
  • Reliability. With proper positioning, Ifan can rain hell down on his foes without taking a single hit.

Choose Ifan if:

  • You love animals. Ifan has the talent “Pet Pal” which allows him to speak to creatures of all kinds. This is extremely useful for side quests, Rivellon lore, and meme-worthy content.
  • You want a level-headed companion that cares about getting the job done. Ifan is a former soldier turned bounty hunter who understands the importance of seeing a mission through.

Ifan Ben-Mezd full details: divinity.fandom.com/wiki/Ifan_ben-Mezd.

2. Lohse

Lohse is by the shrine inside of Fort Joy Ghetto. Recruit her by speaking to her.

Next on the list is my personal favorite, Lohse. She’s a famous bard whose charm attracts fans from all over Rivellon. She cracks jokes often and is so lively when you talk to her. Trust me, you’ll end up a fan of this quirky character too!

It’s not all sunshine and rainbows, though. A powerful evil dwelling in Lohse wrestles with her constantly for full control. She spends each day in torment as the demon spreads corruption through her mind.

Watching her fade to the parasite’s growing strength is nothing short of heartbreaking. Lohse wants to rid herself of this affliction, but how her story unfolds is entirely your decision. 

By default, Lohse excels in:

  • Casting elemental magic from a safe distance. You can rely on Lohse to stay alive while wreaking havoc on the strongest enemies.
  • Magic crowd control. An arsenal of skills makes it easy to afflict multiple opponents with the frozen, shocked, or stunned status effects. Pair this with high initiative and your opponents won’t get the chance to move.
  • You guessed it, Crits! Lohse also comes with the human trait, Ingenious. Take the Savage Sortilege talent to apply crits to your spells and watch chaos unravel.
  • Keeping your party alive. Lohse can be built with healing spells to help you through the harder fights. She can top up your team’s health bars when these spells crit.

Choose Lohse if:

  • You’re emotionally ready for nerve-wracking decisions. Getting invested in Lohse’s story is a given and how it ends is up to you. It may just bring you to tears… of joy or otherwise.
  • Your team lacks crowd control. Her source skill, Maddening Song, drives foes to attack their nearest target regardless of allegiance. It’s a great addition to her already stacked arsenal of crowd control spells.

Lohse full details: divinity.fandom.com/wiki/Lohse.

1. Fane

You will find Fane in a hidden alcove northeast of Fort Joy. Recruit him by speaking to him.

Many argue that Fane's the best candidate as “the game’s protagonist”. I'll save you from spoilers by saying that he's the other companion whose story ties with the D:OS2 narrative. 

Fane is an undead scholar and the last member of the Eternals. He seeks answers about his people’s fate while learning about the new world along the way. From his interactions, Fane concludes that Rivellon's races are primitive in technology and culture.

So, yes, he’s a condescending jerk to you along with pretty much everyone else. But Fane is a true academic who learns to adjust his opinions as he gains knowledge. As you progress his story, Fane may warm up to you and the new world he finds himself in.

By default, Fane excels in:

  • Setting opponents ablaze. His geomancer skills coat surfaces and enemies in oil, a good set-up for his pyromancer abilities. Just be careful because this can get out of hand pretty quickly.
  • Picking locks. The undead can open locked chests and doors using their bony fingers. Amplify this by adding skill points to Thievery for harder locks.
  • Drinking poison. Being undead, fane actually heals when he drinks or is attacked with poison. That said, remember that he takes damage from everything that would normally heal others!
  • Saving time, literally. Fane’s unique source skill, Time Warp, grants an extra turn to his target.

Choose Fane if:

  • You want a literal swiss knife. Fane possesses the Mask of the Shapeshifter, a helm that allows him to switch races. When shapeshifted, he gains access to the race’s unique talents and skills.
  • You’re into overpowered builds. I mentioned Time Warp already, but I can’t stress enough how much of a game changer it is. An extra turn for your strongest party member can end encounters decisively.

Fane full details: https://divinity.fandom.com/wiki/Fane.


Look, each companion offers something uniquely enjoyable. They’re all strong choices for a great gaming experience. If you’re still having a tough time, choose one of them as your main character. This way, you can bring 4 instead of just 3. Custom characters don’t bring anything to the story anyway.

Obviously, going down that route is up to you. Divinity: Original Sin 2 is a game about player choice, after all! Whatever you decide, I know you’ll cherish this game and find reasons to binge it for hours on end.

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