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Playing normal Dota all day can be extremely monotonous and tiring. You may get tired of seeing your ancient explode for the 10th time that day. That’s when you switch it up a bit by trying out Arcade games. Arcade or Custom games as they are called, are various different game modes, different from the normal Dota you are used to playing. These game modes are often enjoyed better with friends and can result in some fun and memorable game nights.

With so many Arcade games in the Steam Workshop, it may not be possible to try all of them to find one which you really like. That’s where we step in! We bring you the Best 10 Arcade Games, which are both fun to play yet challenging at the same time.

10. Dota Run

Dota Run is essentially a Need For Speed mod for Dota. It is exactly what you think it is, it’s the all-supreme Olympics where all players have a race, with the addition of some obstacles and annoying disturbances by peers. 

Dota Run is a hilariously fun mode that has unique spells and animations which can be rather humorous at times. This is one of the few custom games on this list which does not require the player to be skilled at the game. It is a real example of a casual mode. 


9. Dota 10v10

As if the game couldn’t get any more chaotic, Dota 10v10 is exactly what it’s called, 10 players on two teams each, battling it out on a normal-sized map of Dota. Talk about claustrophobia! Other than increased XP and gold there aren’t many changes in this game, except the chaos that ensues every two minutes.

  On paper, this may sound like a hectic and competitive mode, but in reality, it is hard to take this game seriously due to its vast and unpredictable nature. Wander in the enemy jungle alone and you are guaranteed to get ganked by 6 blood-thirsty enemy heroes!


8. Skillshot Wars

If you are having difficulties in landing those game-changing skillshots, then this mode will help you learn how to land them precisely while having fun. In Skillshot Wars, every player has the same spells, Mirana Arrow, Pudge Hook, Invoker Sunstrike, and Clockwork Hookshot. Your goal is to lock down and slay the enemies with those skillshots. 

This custom game mode is extremely gripping if you are a new player who is struggling to land the skillshots. This game may get competitive pretty quickly since it requires some team communication so you don’t end up stacking the spells!


7. Custom Hero Chaos

Custom Hero Chaos is quite the niche arcade mode, it has been around for a while, but it hasn’t been getting the deserved attention that it deserves. You are allotted a random hero, and you select your abilities just like the ability draft mode. After a basic fight against the creeps, you are pitted against the remaining 7 players, and the one that survives wins the game! It's essentially Dota battle royale.

Earlier, you could select up to 4 abilities like the normal Ability Draft, but now the number has been upped to 6, making it extremely chaotic to play. The game is immensely fun if you’re planning to end the game night with your friends, so much chaos and everlasting memories!


6. Roshpit Champions

Once the rage, Roshpit champions is one of the most played custom games in recent times. It is an RPG that can have up to 4 players, with 23 unique heroes to choose from. There are over 270 items, which vary in their purpose and ability. 

The game begins with you slaying different NPCs, which drop loot or other items which can be beneficial in the later stages of the game. There are various different levels to the root items as well, making the game more interesting. The goal of the game is to get extremely overpowered and destroy the final NPC boss, which takes quite the coordination and team effort to do so. This game is extremely enjoyable with friends and gets better as you keep on playing.


5.  Atomic War

One of the recent sensations in Dota custom game world is Atomic War. To master this game, it is essential to be well versed in the normal game of Dota. Currently, you can choose from over 20 lords to use for a skirmish in this arcade mode. You get to choose between one of the four options in the picking phase, every lord has added bonuses that are different from the actual game’s bonuses. 

The game finally begins, you get to buy heroes with the starting gold. You can place only one hero at a time on the battlefield board. The fight starts and your hero skirmishes with the other heroes, which is out of your control, you can only buy items before the start of every round to strengthen your heroes and dominate the game. The last man remaining is considered to be the winner. This game may sound complex to play but is extremely easy if you get the hang of it.

4. AutoChess

Auto Chess is by far the most famous arcade game in Dota 2. There aren’t many similarities to chess except the layout and a few basic concepts. Auto Chess has achieved acclaim from gamers outside the Dota space. Tens of thousands of people downloaded Dota just for this custom mode. It is a turn-based game (akin to chess), where you’re up against 7 other players, but after you place the heroes, they automatically start fighting each other!

Have you never seen that in a real chess game, have you? This game is entirely dependent on RNG, so you just sit back and watch your heroes slay the other heroes and proceed to the next round until one player proves victorious. The game may look rather easy for a beginner, but it takes hours of play to understand the dynamics of it, but just like real chess, you improve with time!


3. Overthrow

The prestigious Overthrow holds the title of being the first of a few Valve-designed arcade games. The game mode has different map settings, ranging from a casual four teams of two players facing against each other, to a more competitive setting of three teams of five players battling it out ferociously. 

No matter the game setting, you win the game by being the team with the most kills. And most of the kills happen at the center of the map, near the Midas Throne, which drops gold and items randomly on the map. You win by being the team with the most kills. Overthrow is a mode best enjoyed with friends. Its unpredictable and chaotic nature of it makes it a unique and fun arcade game.

2. Watcher of Samsara 

In Watcher of Samsara, you will be fighting against the deadly horde of creeps with 3 teammates on your side to guard your Towers. It is similar to normal Dota game mode, but the only difference is you defend towers instead of ancients. You can appoint 8 creeps yourself to assist you on the battlefield. Watcher of Samsara 

The game ends if the creeps are successful in outnumbering you. Or if you are successful then you will be facing Roshan as the final boss. This game is suited both for casual and competitive players as you have the option to choose the difficulty before the game begins. Watcher of Samsara is addictive due to its replayability and RNG. 


1. Pudge Wars 

This game mode lets all 10 players enter the battlefield as the hook-wielding butcher as if one Pudge on your team wasn’t enough. The two teams of 5 are divided by an uncrossable river, with only the hook ability available. As you progress, you will gain certain abilities that can give you an edge over your enemies. The first team to reach a set amount of kills wins the game.

Not only is Pudge Wars one of the most played Dota Arcade games, it is a blast from the past for many Warcraft 3 players, bringing back those LAN cafe memories. It is an ode to the Pudge Wars mod from Warcraft 3, providing the exact fun and exciting experience.

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