Dota 2 How To Level Up Fast

How To Level Up Fast

The leveling process in Dota 2 can be a bit intimidating, especially for new players. It might seem like a pretty straightforward process, but sometimes, it can be pretty difficult just to absorb the experience.

Lanes are the best way to get XP from early to late game, this place grants the highest amount of experience than any other technique in the game, however lanes are also dangerous where other players try to gank often, if you want to farm in a lane and get xp you must have some wards around the area or have an eye for any missing hero on the map.

Jungle is also a way to get XP by stacking the neutral camps and killing them at one go you can get a large amount of experience and gold in just a couple of seconds, however do note that it takes time stacking the camp as well, when you are stacking you are not getting levels.

How it Works:

  • Farm in lanes till the mid game as that is when players start ganking as a team.
  • Stack neutral camps in the jungle yourself or tell your support to do for you.

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