Top 10 Games Like Dying Light (Games Better Than Dying Light In Their Own Way)

games like dying light
Dying Light is an amazing and almost incomparable game packed with tons of action!

What Are The Best Games Like Dying Light?

Dying Light is a unique video game. You get the open map world, parkour, and several different types of zombies and hundreds of weapon types to kill them with. Listed below are some games that have a similar concept to that of Dying Light and are even better in some ways.

10. Green Hell

"Green Hell" Gameplay:

In this game, you start with only your fists and you have to fight for everything else needed for survival. Jaguars, snakes, and poisonous plants are the least of your worries in this game. With the ability to craft weapons, your life depends on you keeping an eye out for anything that will aid you in surviving the horrifying island full of skull painted warriors that belong to a lost tribe.

Survival isn’t easy when you’re already injured.

The skull painted warriors don’t take too kindly to outsiders on their land.

9. Mist Survival

"Mist Survival" Gameplay:

A few years ago, the world was blanketed with a heavy mist, affecting anyone who came into contact with it. The people turned into terrifying creatures that were constantly hunting for food, even if that food was human. In this RPG, your main concern is survival against cannibalistic creatures that were once human, as well as hunger and the harsh climate.

It may look peaceful, but you have to be on your toes even when admiring the landscape.

The mist is just as dangerous as the zombies are.

8. Far Cry 5

"Far Cry 5" Gameplay

The Father plays the hand of God, playing with people’s lives and sometimes ending them. After a helicopter crash leaves you injured, your life depends on your ability to escape the clutches of The Father and his mass following as they fight you every step of the way. You’re going to need to have more than faith to take on this crew and their unlimited firepower.

They’re taking the law of God into their own hands.

If you’re not one of them, you’re not welcome.

7. OVERKILL's The Walking Dead

"OVERKILL's The Walking Dead" Gameplay:

With an arsenal of weapons to choose from, your group faces off against walkers, and worse, humans who are just as desperate to survive as you are. Danger is around every corner, and death is knocking at your door with every step you take. Scavenge, Steal, Craft, Survive.

This scene feels just like the show when they were overrun by SWAT zombies.

The apocalypse waits for no man.

6. 7 Days to Die

"7 Days to Die" Gameplay:

With feral zombies running rampant all over the world, kicking ass is your only option. You can choose to ride out the waves of zombies alone, or band together with other survivors for a group experience. Regardless of how many people you have on your side, you will always be outnumbered, but never be outsmarted.

The size of the weapon doesn’t matter, it’s how well you use it.

Day or night, you have to be ready to fight.

5. Dead Frontier 2

"Dead Frontier 2" Gameplay: 

You’re dropped in a rainy city with nothing on you but $50, a wooden plank, and the clothes on your back. With stealth and perseverance on your side, you will take on zombies that are just not willing to be a one-hit wonder. Search the cities, the bodies, and survive only with what you are capable of salvaging and crafting yourself.

Zombies will always be on you, and sometimes they’re also on fire.

You have to use whatever you can find as a weapon when the time calls for it.

4. Resident Evil 7

"Resident Evil 7" Gameplay:

Your girlfriend has gone missing, and it’s your job to find her and possibly save her before it’s too late. You didn’t know just what you were getting yourself into when you pulled up to the disheveled, isolated house. Your survival depends on your stealth skills and your ability to fight against a crazy family that just won’t stay dead.

The family welcomes you to their very special dinner.

There is no shortage in the monster supply for Resident Evil 7.

3. State of Decay 2

"State of Decay 2" Gameplay: 

In an open world, you fight against hordes of zombies and hopefully survive with the resources you have at your disposal. Every decision you make has consequences, so be diligent in everything that you do. Your weapons will break, you will be hungry and exhausted, and your survival won’t be easy.

With everything and everyone around you in various stages of decomposition, you fight to survive.

High damage weapons take zombies down if you can take the time to aim correctly.

2. World War Z

"World War Z" Gameplay: 

In a world ravaged by vicious zombies, survival won’t be handed to you. You will be faced with savage hordes of jumping, running zombies just like from the World War Z movie. Nowhere you go is safe and nothing you try to scavenge is guaranteed with zombies on your heels for the entire game.

The horde won’t wait for you to reload, they want you now.

They are vicious killers, and they will do anything to get their hands on you.

1. Dead Island Definitive Edition

"Dead Island Definitive Edition" Gameplay:

You’re on a beautiful tropical island, ready for vacation. However, you’re in imminent danger, with the infected running rampant around the island. There is no safe place in this haven, but you have the ability to fight and make a safe place of your own. If you survive long enough.

No relaxation required with these zombie tourists on your every step.

Several different types of zombies are present, but they all want one thing: you.

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