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best weapons in Dying Light
With the endless amount of flashy weapons we can fight with, it's hard not to love this game!

What are the best weapons in Dying Light?

The weapons in Dying Light range from drain pipes for melee to powerful crossbows for high damage longshots. If gamers know one thing, it’s that a powerful weapon is needed, especially when night falls in Dying Light.

In this guide, I will list the top 10 weapons, so you can properly kick ass. The parts listed that are needed to make the weapons will be found around the map: on tables, in cabinets, and in places that nobody would ever really leave a cell phone, like in a basket on top of a three-story building. Let’s get started so you can get back to the hours of gaming you have ahead of you.

10. Angel Sword Blueprint

This angelic weapon will definitely come in handy during fights. 

The Angel Sword Blueprint is the mega ass-kicker of the game. To get this and add it to your weapon, you need to obtain the blueprint and have all the required parts ready in your inventory. The blueprint comes at the end of a side mission with Rupert the Gunsmith, titled “Troll”. The base weapons used for the blueprint are the Short sword, Blade, Two-handed sword, Machete, and Khopesh. Along with one of these, you will need 2x Metal parts, 2x Duct tape, 2x Aerosol, 2x Batteries, 2x Power Cable, and 1x Electronics part. Once you have the blueprint, one of the base weapons, and all of the listed items, you are able to craft the weapon, granting you higher damage, electricity, and firepower.

How to get the Angel Sword Blueprint

9. God Hammer Blueprint

This legendary blueprint is the perfect upgrade for your weapon. 

Not only does this weapon LOOK like a wrecking machine, but it also delivers mega damage with the God Hammer upgrade. The God Hammer blueprint is found after a side quest called “Chasing Past”. In this mission, you must defeat a cannibal. The room at the end of the mission that the cannibal comes out of houses the blueprint needed for the God Hammer.  Base weapons needed for this are the Two-handed hammer, Pickaxe, Two-handed axe, One-handed axe, or the Small hammer. In addition to one these, you’ll need 2x Metal parts, 2x String, 2x Aerosol, 2x Batteries, 2x power Cable, 1x Electronics part. With one of the base weapons and the additional parts, you’ll be able to wreck everything in your path. This also increases damage and grants fire and electricity to the base weapon.

How to get the God Hammer Blueprint:

8. German 9mm Pistol

Get easy one-shot kills with this pistol.

This is an easy find in the game. You can lockpick police vans that are all over the map. Alternatively, on the map, there is a house in the lower right corner of the Slums. There will be a man sitting at the table in the rundown house and it appears he committed suicide and the gun is at his feet, which is sad. But it’s also a free gun. It’s usually a one-shot to the head to regular zombies. You just have to be on the lookout for ammo.

How to get the German 9mm Pistol:

7. Crossbow

This weapon is perfect for taking shots from afar.

To get the crossbow, you need to access the train cars close to Jasir’s farm. You can follow drain pipes over to the left and find a partially open orange train car. You’ll want to open this the rest of the way up. Inside will be some bolts, the crossbow, and a blueprint to make this bow even more badass. This crossbow is perfect for stealthy missions, and you can take down the zombies at a longer range. Just don’t forget to retrieve the bolts so you can continue with the ass kicking. The weapon also grants high damage and easy maneuverability.

How to get the Crossbow:

6. Fenris or Basic Axe

This is the perfect weapon for decapitating some zombies.

The basic axe is a great melee weapon, and it has 16 variants that make the regular axe look like an ugly stepsister. You can obtain a variant called the Fenris Axe by doing a challenge where you get the Bloodlust bounty from a safe house. Your objective is to cut three zombie heads with one swing thirty times. Or you can usually get an axe by killing a demolisher, who drop them once they’re dead.

How to get the Fenris Axe:

5. Sledgehammer

With this weapon, take a swing at a huge group of zombies and increase your kill count by the multiples.

This sledgehammer is a heavy weapon, but while it decreases maneuverability, it makes up for it by killing more than one zombie at a time. You can buy a sledgehammer, which is probably the easiest way to get it. If you’re low on cash, they do spawn at random spots on the map.  They can be modified in a lot of different ways to create super powerful weapons, like the Flat-End sledgehammer above. The base sledgehammer is a must have for every inventory. With blueprints and mods, it can only get better.

How to get the Flat-End Sledgehammer:

4. Katana

One swing with this weapon will send zombies tumbling down. 

The Katana is a practical weapon with excellent melee kills. It is a one-shot, taking zombies down with just one hit. It lets the player quick-fire and there are no harsh swinging times added to it. You can find the Katana for purchase from several vendors once you reach survival level 16. Once again, there are several mods you can add to upgrade this weapon to do some severe killing on these zombies.

How to get the Katana:

3. Semi-Auto Shotgun

Take shots at zombies without worrying about reloading. 

Obviously, firearms are going to be the best defense on the game. Even though I would personally choose a melee weapon, you can’t go wrong with this gun. The semi-auto shotgun has the fastest reload on shotguns in the game. You can find it in the Slums and Old Town traders and stores. You can rarely find it in police vehicles and military crates as well.

How to get the Semi-Auto Shotgun:

2. Machete

The marks on this beautiful, glow-in-the-dark machete show the days Harran has until the military finally wipes it out. 

This weapon isn’t typically available early on in the game. However, it’s definitely worth the wait. It can instantly decapitate zombies with headshots and it doesn’t impair speed. They are available through traders and shops and rarely appear around the map. Like all of the previously mentioned weapons, you can turn the ass-kicking up to a solid 10 with mods and blueprints to upgrade the machete.

Top 5 Machetes in Dying Light:

1. Baseball Bat

Beginners can still do a lot of damage with this weapon. 

For all the gamers who are just starting, the bat will be your best friend. You can get it for free from the quartermaster early in the game and it’s a decent weapon. I would recommend headshots. It’s a free weapon, so it’s not a total annihilation machine. Are free hot dogs from the corner gas station going to be gourmet? No, because they’re free and it’s a gas station run by a man named Shirley. Like most weapons in the game, you can modify it and it will get better with each mod.

Best Blueprints for Baseball Bats:

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