Top 15 Space Games Like Freelancer (Games Better Than Freelancer In Their Own Way)

Games Like Freelancer
If you like Freelancer space adventures you'll love the games below.

What Are The Best Games Like Freelancer?

The classic space combat simulator Freelancer is a timeless game that has garnered a strong cult following.

Freelancer may have lead the way in the space sim genre but we have 15 games just like it that are worth a play.

15. Star Citizen

Star Citizen Gameplay

This long-anticipated MMO is finally in Alpha and ready for gamers to try out this epic game. Star Citizen allows you to become a citizen of this simulated universe and make your own path from the get-go. Be a merchant, a criminal, a mercenary, or anything in between. Collect countless ships and modify their looks and loadouts in your personal hanger. Engage in intense FPS arena battles with high-tech weaponry and zero-g maps. Customize your avatar and take to the stars in this epic simulator.

Star Citizen is an immense role-playing game where you play as a citizen of this persistent, ever-changing galaxy. A good graphics card is required but this game will bring endless entertainment to your PC. One of the best MMOs of 2019!

If you think you have flown in massive fleet battles in other games, think again. The scope and scale of Star Citizen cannot be matched. Aside from epic space battles, the FPS arenas will keep you on the edge of your seat.

14. Rebel Galaxy

Rebel Galaxy Gameplay

Ever wish you could live a life like Nathan Fillion in Firefly? Then Rebel Galaxy is the game for you. A space combat simulator with a bit of Western flare keeps Rebel Galaxy a cut above the rest of the space games on the market today. Battle pirates, mine asteroids, discover artifacts, rendezvous with aliens, and explore anomalies while you choose your path in this wild wild space sim. Wanna be an outlaw? A shrewd trader? A do-gooder? Looking for battle? Trying to make a fortune? Or maybe you just want to explore the vivid galaxy presented by the illustrious graphics of Rebel Galaxy. Any way you play it, you’re gonna love it!

360 degrees of close quarters space combat is awaiting you in Rebel Galaxy. Rebels, swashbucklers, vigilantes, bounty hunters, mercenaries, and wealthy tradesmen collide on the fringe of galactic civilization creating epic space warfare. Will you keep to yourself, or will you dive head first into the fight?

This western-themed space simulator has plenty of aesthetic beauty to offer. Epic dog fights await you in this rough and tumble, wild wild space simulator.

13. X4: Foundations

X4: Foundations Gameplay

X4 is one of the largest open world space sandbox games that packs a massive punch with elegant graphics. Continuing the epic “X” game series, X4: Foundations is bringing the most sophisticated Universe simulation straight to your PC. Nothing is off limits, fly your own ship and explore the universe or amass political power and manage your own galactic empire. Build factions and fight in massive space battles or hire pilots and run a corporation that will bring in trillions of credits. As if the alluring graphics were not enough, the elaborate gameplay offers endless amusement for both those new to the series and the hardiest veterans of the X series. Looking for the greatest space simulation? Look no further than X4: Foundations.

Pilot spaceships that vary in sizes from small fighters to massive carriers and freighters. Fly yourself or hire pilots to do the flying for you. In your travels, you will experience the beauty and vastness of space.

The beauty of X4 cannot be summed up in words. Even if you’re not seeking intense space combat, flying around as a space tourist alone is worth the play. Massive ships, gargantuan celestial bodies, and all sorts of anomalies are as pretty as they are entertaining.

12. Star Valor

Star Valor Gameplay

Take control of your own spaceship in a gigantic, top-down, open world galaxy. Akin to many point and click RPGs, Star Valor provides unique space gameplay unlike just about any other game. Explore, trade, mine asteroids, complete quest, dogfight, and even craft your custom weaponry. The top down style of Star Valor does not diminish the graphics by any means. The game is a clever game style with gorgeous graphics, providing wildly fun play in a seemingly endless universe.

Combat in Star Valor has all the feel of a real-time / top-down RPG. Each hit of your ship’s weapons displays the numerical value of damage inflicted as well as real-time stats of your units making tactical finesse the utmost priority.

Mine, explore, and trade around the galaxy in Star Valor. Space stations and planets, like the one above, facilitate galactic trade, issue quests, and encounter others exploring and fighting their way through the galaxy.

11. Starcom: Nexus

Starcom: Nexus Gameplay

Starcom is another exciting top-down space flight game with an endless galaxy to explore. After receiving your command for your first vessel you find yourself stranded and suddenly in a strange new galaxy. Pilot your craft through this beautiful galaxy, battle or befriend strange aliens, research powerful techs, uncover ancient artifacts, and build your ultimate spaceship.

Top-down battles in Starcom provide a beautiful view of awesome fleet combat. Use a variety of different weapon types and create your own with the powerful techs you research in your travels. Keep some of those you encounter as allies or you will find yourself in constant peril.

While it is intense and gorgeous, combat is not the only aspect to Starcom. Trade, personal diplomacy, and exploration are cornerstones to the game. Finding out what brought you to this new galaxy and why is going to take a lot of detective work.

10. Avorion

Avorion Gameplay

Looking for a great co-op space sim game? Avorion is for you! You and a partner build your ships with Avorion’s dynamic and scalable block builder. Battle in enormous space battles, mine resources, trade across the galaxy, and build your own space empire. The galaxy’s very existence is threatened by an unknown force….can you find it, defeat it, and save the galaxy?

The graphics of Avorion are breathtaking, the combat is intense, and the game itself is epic. Build a powerful ship, lead your fleet across the galaxy, and partner up with another player to save the galaxy.

The ship building aspect of Avorion is the most customizable ship building sandbox ever. The possibilities and designs are endless. Let your imagination loose and build some of the largest and unique ships in the galaxy.

9. Eve Online

Eve Online Gameplay Eve online is the cream of the crop when it comes to MMOs. The Eve universe is a persistent world. Every action in the game affects everyone else playing. As a player, you start small with a basic ship and the ability to gain experience in dozens of traits. As you level up you will be able to buy bigger ships, hire other players to work for you, build armadas, establish space stations and lead factions that can control entire star systems.

The visuals of Eve are stunning and provide an intense space sim MMO experience. Pilot hundreds of ships to thousands of locations across the ever-changing galaxy as you fight for your place in the universe.

Eve has been hailed by PC Magazine as the most elaborate virtual world ever created. Every ship is piloted by a player fighting it out in million dollar battles that dramatically change the political and economical structures of the galaxy.

8. Angels Fall First

Angels Fall First Gameplay

From the captain’s bridge to the boots on the ground, command every aspect of the battle in Angels Fall First. The ability to board enemy ships, pilot capital ships to fighters, fight rifle to rifle on the ground and take advantage of the total weapon customization. The depth of AFF is unbeatable and this game gives you the ability to play every single aspect of a fleet battle and planetary invasion.

Fighting in massive fleet battles provides the stunning beauty of the void of space. Pilot gargantuan battleships, acrobatic fighters, and everything in between.

Taking the fight to the boots on the ground adds an entirely new aspect to the intense gameplay. Leading the ground invasion has you command your men to take objectives and securing the planet. The wide weapon selection is complemented by the vehicles and aircraft that will also take part in the land battle.


EVERSPACE Gameplay EVERSPACE is a space shooter that focuses on top notch graphics and a captivating storyline. The universe is ever changing and crafted to be full of surprises. Each character you meet provides a piece of the puzzle to the overarching storyline of your existence. The space combat is jaw droppingly intense and vivid. And unlike most games, in EVERSPACE, death is not the end of the game but rather the beginning to a larger journey.

EVERSPACE undoubtedly has a unique storyline and intense combat. As if those weren’t enough, the graphics are next level amazing. The bodies and voids of space will take your breath away and leave you wanting to traverse the galaxy endlessly.

The fighting in EVERSPACE is hard to beat. The first person cockpit view immerses you into the vast galaxy and intense combat that you face seemingly at every turn.

6. Starpoint Gemini Warlords

Starpoint Gemini Warlords Gameplay

Starpoint Gemini Warlords is a blend of space trading and combat simulator, role-playing and 4X game. Build massive armadas and command them in battle. Attack and conquer those in the Gemini system and become the only warlord standing. Strategy, space simulation, and role-playing collide in this amazing new game.

Fleet battles on a grand scale await your command. Fight, build, and trade your way into domination of the Gemini Sector.

The ships at your command are built on an enormous scale and customizable. Build strong fleets and space stations to hold your territory and expand throughout the sector.

5. 3030 Deathwar Redux - A Space Odyssey

3030 Deathwar Redux - A Space Odyssey Gameplay 3030 Deathwar Redux creates a massive open world and intense space combat with an homage to the classic arcade games of the past. Deathwar Redux is the most unique mixture of side-scrolling and top-down gameplay, with all the trappings of a great space flight simulator and role-playing game. Explore the galaxy and various star systems, mine, fight and evade pirates in top-down mode. Leave your ship and enter adventure mode. Explore derelict ships, talk to mysterious characters, and hit the bar in this endlessly entertaining space sim that has a classic arcade feel.

Throughout the game, you will find yourself in various odd situations and encounter strange aliens and other characters. The relationships you build or burn with characters throughout the game will change your stories and put you in frightening and eccentric situations.

The space travel and battles in the game illustrate the pretty graphics of 3030 but still retain that retro arcade feel. The universe is seemingly endless and the battles are wildly entertaining. Traverse solar systems and explore the hundreds of space stations and planets you come across in your epic space adventure in 3030 Deathwar Redux.

4. Endless Sky

Endless Sky Gameplay Endless Sky offers the prettiest top-down space combat and total control over your storyline and how you want to play. Inspired by the classic game series Escape Velocity, Endless Sky is a 2D epic space and combat simulator. Starting with a cargo freighter, fighter, or a shuttle work your way up to building customized flagships or a massive armada to fight your way through the stars.

The space battles in Endless Sky offer some intense 2D battle actions. Battles can vary from small skirmishes to enormous fleet battles between armadas.

The vast galaxy of Endless Sky provides an epic quest of conflict. Sweeping through star systems, lay claim to the galaxy as you build up an armada that can dominate the known galaxy.

3. Evochron Legacy

Evochron Legacy Gameplay Evochron Legacy is an advanced space flight, combat, trading, and exploration simulation. The storyline is not linear and allows the player to create their own destiny and paths of adventure. Manage your spacecrafts and focus on survival in this intense lone wolf style close quarters combat.

The stunning graphics of this game are jaw-dropping. The surreal nature of the space combat mixed with the stunning graphics makes the perfect space combat simulator. Pilot your space craft and survive in the hostile void of space.

As you work your way up as a galactic contender after racing, spying, trading, and fighting you will attain more powerful and massive warships that will allow you to assert your dominance over the galaxy.

2. No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky Gameplay

No Man’s Sky is a one of a kind space survival game. There are four fundamental pillars of the game: exploration, survival, combat, and trade. The game is graced with amazing graphics and infinitely generated, meaning every star in the night sky is a solar system you can fly to and explore. Fly between solar systems, explore planetary surfaces, and fight in epic space battles, seamlessly and free of loading screens. On planetary surfaces, you can explore the vast plains, towering mountain ranges, and even the deep seas. Trade supplies on space stations and battle your way across the galaxy both in space and on the surfaces of exotic planets in limitless gameplay When it comes to Sci-fi adventure, you would be hard pressed to find a better game in 2019.

Pilot your spacecraft through massive space battles with gripping excitement. Maneuver through the thick of combat and put your pilot skills to the test. In a galaxy at war, massive battles in orbit are about as common as stars in the sky.

During your adventures planetside you will encounter all kinds of aliens and hostile forces. After jetting around the stratosphere and the voids of space, put your marksmanship to the test with epic gun battles against countless enemies.

1. Elite Dangerous

Elite Dangerous Gameplay Elite Dangerous is back with epic 1st-person space combat that will keep you on the edge of your gaming chair in the best way possible. The fourth installment of the “Elite” series boasts a realistic 1:1 scale ratio of the Milky Way Galaxy with open gameplay. This is one of the most ambitious MMOs in gamer history. This isn’t your granddad’s Elite Frontier game. The entire gaming universe is contiguous and traversable. The universe will continue to evolve on its own and all the players’ actions will reverberate into everyone else’s gameplay. Elite Dangerous is pushing out intense graphics quality and your travels through the void will be absolutely jaw-dropping. Space combat will be just as pretty as it is intense in this gripping continuation of a classic Sci-fi simulation.

Dog fighting in Elite Dangerous isso awe inspiring that it is definitely not for the faint of heart. Duking it out in orbit will put butterflies in your stomach and excitement in your chest. There is no game as intense as the 4th iteration of this classic game series.

Fighting in orbit is only half the battle. On the surface of exotic planets, you will fight tooth and nail in wildly exciting combat. Whether you’re caught in close rifle to rifle combat or futuristic mechanized warfare.

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