[Top 4] Warframe Best Speargun Weapons That Are Powerful (Latest Patch: Echoes Of The Zariman) And How To Get Them

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Different weapons for different Tenno

Warframe is full of wild and wacky types of weapons. Today, let’s take a dive into one of the wilder and wackier ones. The Speargun.

Not the most popular weapon types, the spearguns are fun weapons to use nonetheless as well as being unique additions to your arsenal. There are currently only 4 spearguns that you can get in Warframe so they’re definitely on the rare side.

The way these weapons work is sort of like how the Chitauri spears worked in the first Avengers movie. They shoot projectiles and can be thrown for damage. But that’s not all, each speargun actually has an effect (each effect is unique per speargun) when it lands like exploding or turning into a bullet magnet upon impact.

Another useful feature spearguns have is that they automatically reload 33% of their magazine per second when holstered or planted.

Without any further ado, here are Warframe’s 4 spearguns ranked:

4. Javlok

Looks like neither a spear nor a gun. Is both

This Grineer speargun will fire exploding projectiles that deal area-of-effect (AoE) heat damage. When thrown, the Javlok will create even more explosions by detonating.

Embody the Grineer’s violent and loud nature with this literal boomstick in the palm of your hands.

What Javlok excels at:

  • Crowd control

Seeing as pretty much all of the ways the Javlok deals damage is through explosions, it should be obvious that it excels at kabooming crowds of enemies and making their numbers more manageable.

  • Bringing the pain

The Javlok’s detonation upon being thrown has an impressively high damage and critical chance (20%). The damage can even be further increased by a special feature the weapon has. 

The explosion damage is actually affected by how much ammo is left in the Javlok’s magazine when thrown. For each piece of ammo still in the magazine, there is a bonus 20% damage added to the explosion (for example: if you throw it when your magazine has 2 ammo, it will add 40% damage). 

  • Timed explosions

Another effect the Javlok has is that its throws can be charged. When thrown uncharged, the Javlok will stick to the ground, surface or enemy it lands on and will explode after 1 second. When thrown charged, the Javlok will instantly detonate on impact.

You can use the 1-second fuse to prepare the explosions a little in advance or the instant detonation when you need the damage immediately. The charging mechanic doesn’t affect the damage it deals so feel free to play with it all you want.

How to get Javlok:

You can research and obtain the Javlok Blueprint in the Chem Lab of your clan dojo.

Javlok Details

3. Scourge

Get your headshots here

The Scourge (as well as its primed version) are the Tenno’s very own take on spearguns. Originally belonging to the Warframe Harrow, it syncs well with his other weapon the knell due to its thrown effect of turning into a bullet attractor. 

You read that right. When thrown the Scourge will produce a field that will attract all incoming projectiles towards enemy heads inside the field. And I’m not just saying that to be funny, it literally steers them towards enemy heads specifically, allowing you to consistently take headshots with ease.

What Scourge excels at:

  • Getting headshots

The thrown effect is really useful for your secondary weapon, especially if it has headshot bonuses like the Knell which gives it infinite ammo, increased critical multiplier, and status chance when landing headshots.

  • Managing crowds

The Scourge’s primary fire, like the Javlok’s, deals AoE damage (though it deals corrosive damage instead of heat). So it’s still a very useful weapon to have when dealing with large groups of enemies.

How to get Scourge:

You can research and obtain the Scourge Blueprint in the Tenno Lab of your clan dojo.

Scourge Details

2. Scourge Prime

Want even more headshots?

Currently the only Primed speargun, the Scourge Prime features better base damage, critical chance, critical multiplier, and reload speed compared to the regular Scourge.

It still deals AoE corrosive damage for its primary fire and also still retains its ability to create bullet attractor fields when thrown.

What Scourge Prime excels at:

  • Being a better Scourge

Aside from the boosted stats, the Scourge Prime functions the same as the regular Scourge and is simply a straight upgrade to it.

How to get Scourge Prime:

Like most Primed weapons, the Scourge Prime’s blueprints and parts are obtainable by cracking Void Relics or trading them with other players. A list of the Void Relics containing this weapon’s blueprints and parts can be found on the “Scourge Prime details” link below.

Scourge Prime Details

1. Ferrox

Make your enemies come together with this wholesome weapon

Finally, the most useful speargun of them all: the Corpus’ very own Ferrox. True to the Corpus arsenal, the Ferrox’s primary fire shoots high-damaging lasers.

But the key feature is, of course, its thrown effect. Once it’s thrown, the Ferrox will generate an electric field where it lands. This electricity field acts as a singularity that will yank enemies toward it all the while dealing electricity damage.

What Ferrox excels at:

  • Stacking up enemies

Pulling all the enemies into one place is incredibly useful for dispatching them all at once with your other weapons and skills. Or it’s simply useful for immobilizing them to allow you to do something else uninterrupted.

  • Critical hits

The Ferrox’s primary fire has a really high critical chance of 32% and is great at taking out tanky or high-priority enemies.

  • Status effects

While the Ferrox is generating the electric field, it has an incredibly high status chance of 50% allowing you to consistently dish out status effects to enemies caught in the field.

Also, the field actually doesn’t necessarily deal electricity damage, adding elemental mods will change the effect type and you could deal more than one elemental damage too if you add even more types.

How to get Ferrox:

You can research and obtain the Ferrox Blueprint in the Energy Lab of your clan dojo.

Ferrox Details


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