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GTA got its start making a very simple game. Let’s make a crime sim. From the simple sim of the best way to get the most amount of money out of a drawer from a liquor store has snowballed into being able to pull out millions upon millions of dollars from seemingly impossible heists. Because, let's face it, in the city of Los Santos, money doesn’t mean much unless it comes stolen from the Diamond Casino and stuffed into a dirty gym bag. So, here’s five ways to step up your heist game and make the most money in GTA Online. 


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Buckle up for this bat-shit-crazy, satirical, 3 act, almost 6-hour long multi-mission to save the world. Each act is harder than the last and boasts some of the coolest and most challenging missions just in the prep work to get ready for the final heist. With the chance to drive submarines, tanks, and the flying Delorean from Back to the Future you would be crazier than the developers at Rockstar to pass this incredible heist up. Plus, the chance to earn over 2.8 million in a high-octane joyride doesn’t seem too bad either. So, without further adieu let's get into it. 


ACT ONE: The Data Breaches

Data Breaches had me laughing in the first five minutes with the Elon Musk stand-in by the name of Avon Hertz. A name made by combining two rental car companies. This act of the mission was simple enough from calling an ambulance to the starting facility to getting a USB stick from a very specific location.

 If done right you’ll waste minimal time in the set-up and have a blast with your friends getting everything Ready. Act 1 continues in increasing wild ways from stealing a military-grade helicopter to flying cars and breaking into a server farm. 


ACT TWO: The Bogdan Problem 

Act two is by far one of the most combat-heavy acts. You will die and need to restart several of the prep missions alone. So bring several snacks both in-game and in real life as you won’t want to get up even for a second. 

This act is chock full of intense gun fights with both police and private security and they didn’t come to play. Expect riots, water cannons, a night vision encounter reminiscent of the latest COD: Modern Warfare. 

This act in the overall heist is very team-oriented and should be planned with lots of care, armor, and snacks.


ACT THREE: The Doomsday Heist 

In the words of a wise man, “Oh yeah, it’s all coming together.” And in Act three of The Doomsday Heist, all the restarts, near rage quits, hard work it does seem to all come together.

However, don’t be fooled by the seeming ease of the set-up work. The finale doesn’t mess around as it brings juggernauts, railgun aided tanks, waves upon waves of enemies, and some of the most intense hacking you will face. 

While the tasks might be daunting, the risk level through the roof, and a start-up cost of $280,000 you’ll never have quite the experience that Rockstar brings to the table with this Heist. Only a fool would pass up this level of challenge and payoff. Overall, this heist will leave you on the edge of your seat, knuckles white holding your controller/mouse praying that everything goes according to plan. But, if you pull it off you’ll have a cool 2.8 million dollars and have unlocked access to the flying car of your dreams. 

Why Heist Name is great


  • The highest payout in the game 
  • Unlock some very exclusive cars, and gear 
  • Test your heisting skills to the limit 
  • Over 6 hours of gameplay 
  •  Some of the best-written jokes from Rockstar 



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The house always wins, right? Well, put that old saying to the test in the Diamond Casino heist. With three different ways to complete the mission, the cards are truly stacked in your favor to collect almost 2.2 million dollars. 

While there are many ways to go about pulling off this scheme there is one way that works best. The only way to use the least amount of resources, take the biggest score and draw the least amount of attention. 

That is of course to play the ‘The Big Con’ play through. Take the role of the everyman doing his deliveries to the Casino and sneak right in under the noses of big business and take them for everything their worth. 

If done right this heist can be a walk in the park, or if done wrong one of the hardest scores to pull off. Try and limit the violence to a minimum and you’ll be sitting on a pile of cool hard cash. 


Why this Heist is Great: 

  • Huge payout 
  • Can pull it off without firing a single shot 
  • You just get to play the GTA version of Ocean's Eleven 
  • Hones your skills as the greatest criminal master in all of Los Santos
  • After losing too much money at the Casino you can finally take it all back



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The Pacific Standard Job is what put GTA as a franchise on the map, it’s Breakpoint meets the Four Leaf clover job from GTA: 4 meets criminal minds. It’s a simple heist to plan but damn near impossible to pull off without a hitch. 

This job is a fairly straightforward heist. Two on Crowd Control, one demo-expert, and a hacker. Crowd Control is the most important job and be sure to choose someone without an itchy trigger finger as if N.O.O.S.E is called your getaway just got twenty times harder. Make sure someone on the team is packing an RPG to make your run for it to the bikes that much easier. 

This heist is a load of stressful fun that takes the proper communication, planning, and skilled driving to getaway. However, there are about a million or so reasons why this should be your next big score. 

Why this Heist is Great: 

  • Classic GTA heist 
  • A simple plan for a huge payout
  • Intense and fun getaway scene 
  • Easy hacking and easy crowd control 
  • It’s based on the Four Leaf Clover Job



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The Humane Labs Raid feels much more like a COD: Black Ops mission than a traditional heist. The black hawk helicopter, the H.A.L.O jump, and night vision facility final the battle will have your combat skills put to the test as you breach a secure facility in the north of Los Santos to steal the most important thing of all, information. 

Minus the final mission, all prep work is very stealth-heavy and will take speed and patience. While the final mission suggests you also have a chopper gunner in the valkyrie, the better move is to have the gunner parachute out with the ground team with a locking RPG to better take out the incoming security helicopters. 

This heist is more of a covert mission to take a break from the classic GTA style of mission but is still a load of fun. The half-million pay-out isn’t a bad shout either. 

Why this Heist is Great: 

  • Improves your stealth skills 
  • A small break from the traditional GTA Heist style 
  • A way to act out some CIA black ops style gameplay 
  • ‘Danger zone’ by Kenny Loggins plays during the finale 
  • H.A.L.O jump parachuting 



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It's a classic defend the fort and escort mission with every fan’s favorite psychopath, Trevor! While the payout is low, the mission itself is very simple. Keep every gang and mafia in Los Santos from stealing Trevor’s stash and killing everyone involved.  

This mission is a breeze and could be fully completed in under an hour with a little bit of skill. Use technicals to aid in the defense and get away with heavy firepower and never forget some heavy armor in case things go a bit further south than you would like. 

With a payout of just $404,000 and a tenuous rinse repeat cycle of steal, sell, steal it can seem a bit like a waste of time but at the end of the day, an easy payday is an easy payday. Knock this heist out in an afternoon with some buddies and enjoy the easy laughs and easy money. 

Why this Heist is Great: 

  • Easy payday 
  • Great jokes and classic Trevor antics 
  • Escort Mission with Technicals 
  • Personal play style to play how you think is best 
  • Tower defense style finale with you in the driver's seat  

Thanks for reading! Know a better heist, not on this list? Leave a comment below! 

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