[Top 10] Guild Wars 2 Best Music That You Can Vibe To In-Game

Vibe in-game with these amazing songs in Guild Wars 2!
Vibe in-game with these amazing songs in Guild Wars 2!

Guild Wars 2 has always had a place in the hearts of its player base with them having tons of favorites about this brilliant MMORPG. One thing that players don’t often talk about, however, is how much of a vibe the soundtrack of the game is, and makes or breaks scenes in the game. Let us honor the soundtracks of the game that has brought us amazement, awe, and can even be vibed to on a regular basis, which the community has lovingly chosen. 


10. Path of Fire - Main Theme

Guild Wars 2 players that first received the second expansion, Path of Fire, are greeted by the beautiful sounds of the soundtrack with the same name. The soundtrack’s horns herald the coming of players that will blaze a trail and defend Elona from the forces of Balthazar, the evil undead Lich, Palawa Joko, and Kralkatorrik. However you choose to fight the overwhelming odds, your trusted mounts and new Elonian allies will fight by your side, Commander.

Location Path of Fire can be heard

  • Played as the Path of Fire main theme when opening the launcher.

Analysis and notes about the song

  • The Path of Fire theme greeted players when they loaded the game while having the expansion on their account and presented players with the awesome sounds of the desert.
  • The soundtrack evokes a grand adventure into an arid wasteland filled to the brim with challenges under the scorching, hot sun and the Forged army of Balthazar.
  • Whether you are a fan of sand or not, the score, Path of Fire, will make you long for those rolling desert hills and riding along on your trusty Raptor mount.

Link to the soundtrack


9. Sabetha the Saboteur - Raid

The last boss within the Spirit Vale raid happens to have on of the best soundtracks in the game, and it is also named after the very same raid boss you encounter: Sabetha the Saboteur. This villainous foe is the leader of the bandits that captured a squad of Pact soldiers during the start of the raid and must answer for their crimes. With such a bopping tune, you can make quick work of this raid boss in style and earn the riches you rightfully earned.

Location Sabetha the Saboteur can be heard

  • Heart of Thorns Raid Boss encounter - Sabetha the Saboteur

Analysis and notes about the song

  • If you want to end your first raid wing of your very first raid, you will have to contend with the raid boss as well as resist the urge to 
  • Sabetha the Saboteur may be the soundtrack of a villainous raid boss, but it still evokes the feeling of being a badass hero ready to tackle their enemies Rambo style in the thick Maguuma forest.
  • Most of the player base often seem to believe that the track is inspired by Pirates of the Caribbean, although if you listen closely, you can see that there are very similar beats which could simply be homages to the franchise.

Link to the soundtrack


8. The Shiverpeaks - Overworld

The Shiverpeaks are not just the breath-taking mountainous region on the far north of Tyria or the homeland of the Norn race, but it is also the name of one of the soundtracks that plays as you wander in the area. As you traverse the snowy white trails and frosted landscape, the music continues to give players this sense of longing for a warm fireplace to cozy up on while appreciating the winter beauty of the region. Whatever you do, Commander, don’t go and start drunken brawls with any of the natives and bet all your belongings in some game.

Location The Shiverpeaks can be heard

  • Core Tyria - Shiverpeak Mountain areas 

Analysis and notes about the song

  • The Shiverpeaks evokes that natural feeling of taking in the wonders of nature and the grand beauty within, much like how players can’t help but stop and take a look at the gorgeous landscape of the region the music is named after.
  • The horn and brass are the heart of the piece, fitting so well with the theme of the region and the Norn race.
  • It is one of the best ambience music while you are roaming core Tyria and there are no enemies in your way to disturb you in the cold mountains.

Link to the soundtrack


7. Maguuma Overture - Main Theme

Maguuma Overture is possibly one of the rarer pieces to listen to if you quickly login, are really quick in creating characters, or quickly finish the Dragon Stand meta event and leave. The piece usually happens after the meta event and not everyone sticks around the map to listen to this magnificent piece. Those that happen to stay awhile, however, get an appreciation for this marvelous composition of Maclaine Diemer.

Location Maguuma Overture can be heard

  • Played after the Heart of Thorns main theme during the character selection and creation screens
  • Played after the defeat of the Mouth of Mordremoth meta event at Dragon Stand

Analysis and notes about the song

  • The slow build-up of the song escalates, from the ominous strings to the addition of the percussion instruments and the horn section until it becomes a triumphant sounding score.
  • The soundtrack evokes a feeling of making it through a vast wilderness and dodging perils around every corner and finally finding allies that come to your aid.

Link to the soundtrack


6. Mordremoth - Heart of Thorns Story

You are finally face-to-face with the evil Elder Dragon Mordremoth that has taken countless lives from your allies in the Pact and has even slain one of your friends and mentors, Eir Stegalkin. You raise your weapons and ready to end this fight once and for all, and the music kicks in. The fight with Mordremoth becomes more epic with the soundtrack of the same name as you continually dodge the electric floors and destroy the Blighted versions of your friends as the dragon attempts to bend you to its will.

Location Mordremoth can be heard

  • Mouth of Mordremoth Boss Fight - Heart of Thorns story during “Hearts and Minds”

Analysis and notes about the song

  • The battle music from this epic encounter against the big bad Elder Dragon of plants and the Mind, Mordremoth, evokes a battle that takes the fight to the enemy.
  • Aside from the music being a really fun boss stage music, you cannot deny that the beat is sick. You can’t help but smack Mordremoth around the arena while doing so in sync with the beat.

Link to the soundtrack


5. A Journey Through Caledon - Overworld

Imagine you are your player character as you start anew with a Sylvari character, or one who has yet to explore the Maguuma Jungle region. After exiting The Grove, you are met with this lush forest that calls to you, beckoning you to go on an adventure. The music kicks in as you begin your journey as you wander this brave new region and go off on your wild excursion.

Location A Journey Through Caledon can be heard

  • Core Tyria - Maguuma Jungle

Analysis and notes about the song

  • Sylvari players become nostalgic with  A Journey Through Caledon since it is the namesake of the first map they will be able to access in the game other than the prologue mission and home city. 
  • The music evokes that feeling of magic filled in the air as young would-be adventurers go out into the world and make names for themselves, while still having the safety of home nearby.
  • A Journey Through Caledon makes for a wonderful soundtrack for a player simply looking to go on a journey and hopefully find their place in the world as they carry only hope and luck on their side.

Link to the soundtrack


4. Lornar’s Pass - Overworld

According to the game’s wiki, Lornar’s Pass is the region that was named after a legendary dwarf that single-handedly held off an invasion of Hill Giants. The soundtrack for the map kicks in and you hear this breath-taking piece as you look over a mountain and see the landscape beneath you: it becomes a mystical experience for players all over again despite roaming the lands repeatedly. Take the time to soak in the views of the Shiverpeaks and remember why these mountain ranges are beloved to the Norn-folk.

Location Lornar’s Pass can be heard

  • Core Tyria - Shiverpeak Mountain areas 

Analysis and notes about the song

  • Despite the song being titled Lornar’s Pass which is one of the level 25-40 of Core Tyria, the song can be heard from the majority of the Shiverpeak Mountain areas, otherwise known as the Norn areas.
  • This piece has a meditative, hypnotic quality to it that just evokes a sense of relaxation and tranquility, much like the mountains found in Lornar’s Pass.
  • This music used to be played in the character creation screen, but was removed from it to the annoyance of some players.

Link to the soundtrack


3. Tarir, The Forgotten City - Heart of Thorns Overworld

You just escaped the torment of the ravenous pocket raptors that have been causing others a great deal of trouble and have just sneaked past the roaming Mordrem guards and from the forest floor, you see them: giant golden towers. You have found Tarir, The Forgotten City, along with the race of Exalted: powerful entities that were once humans that were recruited by the Forgotten to safeguard the egg of the soon-to-be protector of the world, Aurene. What secrets lie inside this hidden stronghold deep within Maguuma that not even Mordremoth can access fully?

Location Tarir, The Forgotten City can be heard

  • Auric Basin - Tarir, the Forgotten City

Analysis and notes about the song

  • Tarir, The Forgotten City evokes this feeling of imagination and awe which is fitting because that is what the player character feels upon learning the existence of an ancient race and their illustrious city is still standing, despite the constant attacks from the Elder Dragon, Mordremoth.
  • The soundtrack gives that awesome feeling of exploration as the music starts of slowly, and once the main body of the track picks up and begins to swell, the track takes on a more adventurous tone.
  • It is one of the many songs in Tarir that cycles around while players are within Auric Basin and is usually played after the Octovine meta event.

Link to the soundtrack

Reitsuna’s YouTube Video

Tarir, The Forgotten City on Spotify


2. A World Without You - End of Dragons Credits

You have done the impossible, beat the odds, and have ended the Dragon Cycle with your many allies. Soo-Won bids farewell to the last Elder Dragon, Aurene, who has fostered good will with the sentient races and can balance the magic of the world. The World celebrates, but is it truly ready for a life without the dragons?

Location A World Without You can be heard

  • Played during the end credits of the End of Dragons main campaign
  • One of the few pieces that has a music video which can be found in the link below.

Analysis and notes about the song

  • The song features the heartfelt musing of a character, most likely to be Aurene, who sings about not knowing if the world is ready for a world without Soo-Won, the mother of all the previous Elder Dragons, now that she has passed, and that the former must now take up the enormous task of filtering the world’s magic.
  • It is a hauntingly beautiful song that encompasses all of the player’s journey and signifies that the Dragon Cycle is truly at an end.
  • If you listen closely, you can see that there are hints of Soo-Won’s theme, Tyrian theme, and Aurene’s theme in the music, tying them all as instrumental references.

Link to the soundtrack


1. Fear Not This Night - Core Game Credits

We have reached the final song on our list, and it is one of the most beloved songs in the Guild Wars 2 community: Fear Not This Night. This beautiful composition celebrates the player’s first major success and in beating the core game. You’ve done it: You have beaten the Elder Dragon, Zhaitan, and its minions are running off scared and dwindling. You now take the opportunity to take a breather, only to find out that the work is never done as this is only one chapter in the Commander’s ever growing story.

Location Fear Not This Night can be heard

  • Played during the end credits of the Core Guild Wars 2 main campaign
  • The Wintersday bell version can be played during this Christmas event with other players

Analysis and notes about the song

  • According to the lore, Fear Not This Night is a song sung by the Pale Tree to her children, the Sylvari race, in their dream.
  • The song evokes memories of our time spent from the beginning of the game learning and fighting, earning the trust from our mentors only to lose them as they valiantly defend their peers, to our journey to what we once believed to be the end and defeating Zhaitan.
  • The song can also often be heard while in The Grove at times, and tiny portions of the song while observing some vistas in Orr.

Link to the soundtrack


Closing Thoughts

Guild Wars 2 is brimming with all sorts of ambient music that players of all types can enjoy and it would be impossible to put all of them into one list. Do remember that these are just the ones selected by the community and if your favorite soundtrack didn't make it, it may appear in a follow-up article. Who knows, we could make a future entry as a part two article just for you.

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