[Top 10] Pokemon GO Best Attackers

Pokemon GO Best Attackers
It's a lot better to have the most powerful Pokemon on your side than having to face them!

In 2016 Niantic released the first virtual reality Pokemon game, the infamous Pokemon Go. This event made headlines in newspapers, took the internet by storm, and everything short of awakening fans from the dead.

Generations new and old downloaded the app and it has grown steadily ever since, despite inevitable bugs and server issues and has become one of the top downloaded apps of all time! Without further ado, here are 2019’s comprehensive list of the best attackers to have on your team in Pokemon Go.

10. Raikou

Raikou is so far the strongest electric-type contender in the game. This is partly because the tougher Pokemon of its type that are currently available are few and far between. Raikou is a speedy attacker and is by far the longest-lasting battler of its legendary comrades Suicune and Entei.

  • While its flying-type counterpart, Zapdos, may have a slightly higher attack stat, the legendary bird has more weaknesses that can easily take it down. Raikou’s only weakness is the ground type, one of the few Pokemon types that has a single weakness, and a good backup counter against Kyogre if Roserade fails.
  • Wild Charge for Raikou’s charged attack is no question. One of the highest-damaging electric-type moves in the game, it is best partnered with the fast attack Thundershock.

Base Stats:

  • Attack—241
  • Defense—195
  • Stamina—207

9. Machamp

Hailing from all the way back in the first generation of Pokemon released in the game, Machamp has stood the test of time as the fastest and strongest fighting-type Pokemon in Go. Even when pitted against its weaknesses, Machamp can still take a little bit longer to defeat than other Pokemon in the fighting type family.

  • This top attacker is one of the easier ones on this list to obtain because its first evolution, Machop, is easy to come by. With enough Machop candy, you can evolve your way to a Pokemon that is ready to take on those bulkier opponents!
  • Counter as a fast attack is a must for Machamp, and pairs beautifully with the charge attack Dynamic Punch. Having the advantage over rock and dark types, this Pokemon spells big trouble for Tyranitar.

Base Stats:

  • Attack—234
  • Defense—159
  • Stamina—207

8. Chandelure

Chandelure is the non-legendary ghost type everyone’s been waiting for! Currently the top fire type attacker, this eerie fighter is worth a lot more in battle than it looks.

  • Having a slight edge over Blaziken as a fire-type, Chandelure also outclasses Gengar as a ghost type, making for an epic double-whammy attacker in this tier. It has a great movepool, too.
  • Fire Spin and Overheat are the best fast attack-charged attack combo to use for this Pokemon. If you’re going for a ghost type advantage, it’s best to stick with Overheat and change its fast attack to Hex.

Base Stats:

  • Attack—271
  • Defense—182
  • Stamina—155

7. Kyogre

The Sea Basin Pokemon, Kyogre, will likely always be the best water-type Pokemon in Pokémon Go, having been around since the third wave of monsters were released and still out-speeding the fifth generation’s legendary Palkia, who is also a water type.

  • Kyogre can combat rock, fire, and ground Pokémon, which are some of the bulkiest fighters in the game. This water type can last quite a while in battle, having a decent base stamina stat, which is only rivaled by its base attack power. Keep it away from electric and grass types, especially Raikou and Roserade, who exploit its only weaknesses.
  • Waterfall and Hydro Pump are fast/charge attacks that lend Kyogre its position as the ultimate water type in Pokemon Go. Blizzard as a charge move doesn’t combo as nicely with Waterfall, but it is necessary if you want to give Kyogre some advantage over its grass type weakness.

Base Stats:

  • Attack—270
  • Defense—228
  • Stamina—205

6. Roserade

Move over Venusaur, because generation five has released the best poison-grass type in the game, and it evolves from the lesser-in-strength Roselia! Trainers will need a lot of candy and more specifically a Sinnoh Stone to get Roserade, the Bouquet Pokemon.

  • No grass or poison type Pokemon currently outclasses this dual-typed masquerader. While its typing gives it many weaknesses, Roserade still packs a punch when used against the right opponents.
  • Roserade’s best poison moveset is Poison Jab for a fast attack and Sludge Bomb for the charged attack. If you’re going for a tough grass user, Razor Leaf (fast) and Grass Knot (charged) are your best bet. For a mixed setup, Poison Jab pairs neutrally well with Grass Knot.

Base Stats:

  • Attack—243
  • Defense—185
  • Stamina—155

5. Mamoswine

Mamoswine is both an ice type and ground type, making it weak to five other types, but don’t discount this brawler just yet. Its vulnerability is more than made up for by its icy prowess.

  • The evolved form of Piloswine is the dragon and ground type Garchomp’s worst nightmare, with a double weakness to the tusked Pokemon's freezing movepool. Other dragon types that are also flying types don’t stand a chance against Mamoswine’s attack power.
  • The Powder Snow and Avalanche fast/charged attack combo turns Mamoswine into an absolute ice tyrant. If you want to use it as a ground type as well, you’re better off substituting Powder Snow for Mud Slap, which will effectively cover Mamoswine’s fire and steel weaknesses.

Base Stats:

  • Attack—247
  • Defense—146
  • Stamina—242

4. Tyranitar

If you want power, durability, and some speed in your rock type battler, Tyranitar is the stony reptile you can count on! Tyranitar has been a rock-solid contender since its release in Pokemon Go’s second-generation wave, having the ability to wipe out flying, psychic, ice, fire, bug, and ghost types!

  • Though it may be easily taken out by Machamp with its double weakness to fighting type moves, Tyranitar has a much wider type coverage than Metagross—who almost made the list—and can last twice as long against any other type. Tyranitar’s dark typing also makes it impervious to psychic-type moves and give it the upper hand in a battle against Metagross.
  • Tyranitar has access to a wide range of fast and charge attacks that can be used to shape this Pokemon into a multitude of different attackers! Going strictly with its dark typing, Bite and Crunch are the ideal pairing, while Smack Down and Stone Edge are a hazardous duo if you plan on solely taking advantage of its rock typing. The best fast/charged combo using both of its types should be Smack Down and Crunch or Bite and Stone Edge.

Base Stats

  • Attack—251
  • Defense—207
  • Stamina—225

3. Origin Forme Giratina

The legendary Renegade Pokémon has two forms available in Pokemon Go—Origin Forme and Altered Forme. While both are formidable attackers, Origin wins out over the other in the end for various reasons that can mean the difference between a loss and an overpowered win.

  • While not as fast as Gengar, Giratina Origin Forme will hold up against the strongest dark types—one of its weaknesses—a lot longer and has almost double the stamina. This version of Giratina was an off and on raid boss in the last year, but it may return in the same way or as a special research reward for players who missed out on a chance to catch it.
  • Shadow Claw and Shadow Ball are the most reliable fast-charged action this guy is ever going to get. If you’re stuck on making it a useful dragon type however, Shadow Ball is best replaced with Dragon Pulse. 

Base Stats:

  • Attack—225
  • Defense—187
  • Stamina—284

2. Rayquaza

The legendary Sky High Pokemon is one of the hardest to catch in the game thus far. Rayquaza is one of the most beloved dragon-type Pokemon in all the generations before and those yet to come for a reason—it's simply overpowered!

  • So far, the best flying type and one of the best dragon types on this list. This gives Rayquaza coverage over Dragon (it can stand eye to eye with Giratina), Grass, Bug, and Fighting (perfect against that brutish Machamp). Watch out for its double weakness to ice types, however.
  • Rayquaza’s best fast and charged attacks are Dragon Tail and Outrage, respectively. If you’re looking to take advantage of its flying typing, Air Slash for a fast move or Aerial Ace as a charged move is the best choice.

Base Stats:

  • Attack—284 
  • Defense—170
  • Stamina—213

1. Mewtwo

Only with the event move, Psystrike, does this Pokemon truly land the #1 spot on this list. However, the DNA Pokémon still stands as one of the strongest Pokemon in the game, period. Normally available only in raid battles (sometimes through special research), you’ll probably have to team up with a large group of players to stand a chance at defeating and capturing this all-star.

  • The best fast and charge moveset for Mewtwo is undeniably Confusion and Psystrike, but you can easily get by with having Psychic as your charge move instead. If you’re looking to outmatch dark types—which Mewtwo is weak against—having it learn the charge move Focus Blast is a must.
  • Mewtwo is a standard fast attacker, and is hard to take down with its highest stats being in its attack and stamina. Mewtwo’s weak to dark, bug, and ghost types, which makes Giratina a solid counter against.

Base Stats:

  • Attack—300
  • Defense—182
  • Stamina—214





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