[Top 5] Rainbow 6 Siege Best Buck Loadouts

Rainbow Six Siege Buck Loadouts
Simple and straight-forward is often times the best way to go

Like his bio states, operator Buck is a pragmatist. He would always choose the shortest path to victory and straight-forward solutions to problems. It’s no wonder then that he chose the “skeleton key” underbarrel shotgun as his unique gadget. Its simplicity is what makes it very effective. Based on the M26 in real life, his skeleton key makes him a one-of-a-kind operator in that no matter which loadout he chooses, he’ll excel at any range.


5. C8-SFW with 1.5x Scope and Extended Barrel + MK1 9mm with Suppressor + Stun Grenades

Try pre-firing spawn peek spots with this and thank me later

This loadout is highly effective for players with great recoil control. The C8-SFW can be quite hard to handle, but if you’re one of those players who can keep it stable with their own recoil control, the extended barrel would be the best attachment for you, because it ensures that you’ll inflict maximum damage from any range. And with the 1.5x Scope, you’ll be able to make those long-range kills with ease.

Some enemies might try a runout from the other side of the map while you’re trying to breach a window, door, or soft wall. This will be a good counter to that. And while the skeleton key shotgun might make a lot of noise, it’s still a good idea to have some measure of stealth. That’s what the suppressed handgun is for. Always shoot defender cameras and other gadgets with it. If you set up your play well, you’ll even be able to surprise your enemies with the skeleton key at close range.

Excels in:

  • High damage from any range
  • Long-range one taps


4. CAMRS with 3.0x Scope and Suppressor + MK1 9mm with Suppressor + Stun Grenades

A proper sniper-rifle

While Buck is known as one of the best entry fraggers in Siege, it doesn’t mean that he can’t be an effective long-range support. This loadout is great especially if you already have other soft wall breachers in your team such as Ash or Sledge. With this, you’re taking advantage of the CAMRS high damage even with the suppressor.

The suppressor won’t give your enemies any directional indicator whether you miss or make a shot. It hides the muzzle flash and doesn’t make any smoke trails. Making it a great attachment for any marksman rifle.

Excels in:

  • Damage from any range
  • Long range support and recon


3. C8-SFW with 1.5x Scope and Compensator + Mk1 9mm with Suppressor + Stun Grenades

The C8-SFW with the skeleton key under it looks so badass

The most balanced Buck loadout. It works great for newbies and experienced players alike. As mentioned above, the C8-SFW can be pretty hard to control, and the compensator will give you the best recoil benefit when it comes to long sustained fire. With this loadout, you can effectively do what Buck does best, which is to be an entry fragger.

With this loadout, you can do linear, bottom, or high attack. The most conventional way to attack with Buck is to breach a soft wall with the skeleton key and proceed with the push, but with this loadout, you can effectively harass enemies from a lower floor and above floor as well. Punch holes on the wooden floorings whether it's above or below, and strafe enemies from those holes. You can also pop your stun grenades from the holes in order to assist your teammates who are doing a linear push.

Excels in:

  • Balance
  • Recoil control
  • Any range


2. CAMRS with 2.5x Scope and Muzzle Brake + MK1 9mm with Suppressor + Stun Grenades

One look at that barrel and you know it's nasty

I love equipping my marksman rifles with suppressors, but there are situations where letting it go in favor of more damage and recoil control is better. With this loadout, you’re gonna do exactly that. Yes, the suppressor offers many benefits, but so does the muzzle brake. Not only does it make the CAMRS recoil a lot lower, the unsuppressed sound and damage from this rifle also serves as a major distraction for enemies.

Excels in:

  • High damage from any range
  • Long range support and recon


1. C8-SFW with 1.5x Scope and Flash Hider + MK1 9mm with Suppressor + Stun Grenades

Clear vision in Siege is very important

As the name implies, the flash hider hides the muzzle flash, making it a great attachment so that your enemies will have some delay before noticing where the shots are coming from. But there’s another benefit from the flash hider that the game play descriptions won’t tell you about. In Siege, clear vision is very important, especially when engaging enemies in close to medium range. Things can happen in a blur. And without the muzzle flash from your own gun, your screen will be clearer. And that is a big help especially with guns like the C8-SFW which has a strong and wide muzzle flash.

Excels in:

  • High damage from any range
  • Close to medium range cross fires


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