[Top 5] Rainbow 6 Siege Best Mute Loadouts

Rainbow Six Siege Mute Loadouts
Fun fact: Mute’s signal disruptors can even disable Blitz’ Flash Shield

The youngest Rainbow operator, but certainly not the least competent. Mute specializes in preventing the enemy team from gathering intel with his signal disruptors which can prevent drones from scanning and many attacker gadgets from activating. With his loadouts, this year one operator continues to prove himself a match even for the newest and most technologically advanced operators in the game.


5. M590A1 + SMG-11 with Red Dot, Extended Barrel, and Vertical Grip + Bulletproof Camera

This shotgun packs a heavy punch

This loadout is great for players who have excellent recoil control. Not for the primary gun, but more for the secondary gun which is the SMG-11. It kicks a lot, but if you’re able to handle it well with your own recoil control, you’ll be able to pick off enemies even from a distance because of the extended barrel. With this loadout, it’s best to treat the SMG-11 as your primary, so always have it at the ready, and only switch to the shotgun when the SMG-11 needs to reload.

This is a roamer loadout, so it’s best to put the camera on pathways you expect enemies to use. If it’s flooring is made of wood, once you spot the enemies using it, harass them with the shotgun from below.

Excels in:

  • Any range
  • Roaming


4. MP5K with 1.5x Scope and Suppressor + P226 MK 25 with Muzzle Brake and Laser + C4

Mute with a silent gun. Very appropriate.

With the suppressor on the MP5K, the direction where your shots are coming from won’t be detected by your enemies, making this an excellent loadout for roaming and harassing enemies. You can even use this for spawn peeking because the 1.5x scope can still zoom quite far. Enough for you to see your enemieswell from a distance.

The laser on your handgun will help you with flick shots when you need to switch to it during gunfights and your primary needs to reload. And the C4 is a great counter for shield operators, especially Blitz. 

Excels in:

  • Medium to long range
  • Roaming


3. M590A1 with Laser + SMG-11 with Holographic, Flash Hider, and Vertical Grip + C4

An anchor with a shotgun always discourages enemies from entering

Mute is a great operator for anchoring, especially when partnered with operators like Castle, because his signal disruptors can support Castle’s barricades. Not only with the signal disruptors though. They can can disable any electronic breaching devices that can destroy Castle barricades, but it can’t prevent it from being manually destroyed by melee attacks. But when that time comes, surprising the ones who destroyed the Castle barricade at close range with a shotgun is one of the most effective ways to get a kill.

But the shotgun is only really effective in close range. Thankfully, we have the SMG-11 to remedy that. With its very high fire rate, it will make quick work of enemies from a distance beyond your shotgun’s effective range as long as you’re able to control its high recoil. But for that, you’ll have the flash hider aiding you.

Excels in:

  • Close to medium range
  • Anchoring


2. MP5K with 1.5x Scope and Compensator + P226 MK 25 with Suppressor + C4

Wonder why they changed the color of the C4. White looks cool though.

The most balanced Mute loadout. With the compensator giving you the most stable recoil with sustained fire, and the 1.5x scope providing enough zoom to be competitive in long range while not being disadvantaged in close range, the MP5K in this loadout will make all your shots count. So, it can be used effectively in any range or any playstyle, be it roaming or anchoring.

Use the suppressed handgun, especially when roaming and shooting attacker drones so that your enemies won’t get a handle on your position.

Excels in:

  • Well roundedness
  • Accuracy


1. MP5K with 1.5x Scope and Flash Hider + P226 MK 25 with Suppressor + C4

If #2 is the most balanced, why is this #1?

This is in #1 because once you develop good recoil control and cursor placement, this loadout would be the deadliest. A good cursor placement with the 1.5x right around the shoulder area would almost always result in a headshot because the following kicks will go to the head. And in R6, especially in the higher ranks, headshots are what you should always aim for. 

The downside of this loadout is that the flash hider feels rougher when it comes to long sustained fire. Therefore, only use this loadout in close to medium range where your recoil would be much more effective.

Excels in:

  • Close to medium range
  • Headshots


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