[Top 5] SilkRoad Best PvE Class - What’s the Best Class for PvE?

Silkroad best classes to grind through the game!
Road map to a lot of useful monsters to help you grind!

Silkroad is one of the most time-consuming games as it requires a lot of leveling up, farming for SP, farming for items, and leveling up other characters.
It can be really fun though and rewarding if you choose the right builds in order to crush your game at PvE.
This article will help you choose the right builds for PvE so you can have more fun without wasting your time!

Here are the top five PvE classes in SilkRoad:




5. Pure INT Sword/Shield Nuker:

Sword/Shield Nuker is a great option for damage!

Whenever the word Nuker is mentioned you can’t think of anything but damage!
The Sword/Shield Nuker is a great option if you want to level up fast and farm SP or Items as it can output great damage!
Going Full INT is the way to properly build a Nuker.
You should go for Fire, Bicheon, Cold, and Light as this is the best combination.
Fire is purely for damage and it’s great for immunity but eventually, you’ll need to max out Bicheon.

Why Full INT Sword/Shield Nuker is Great for PvE:

  • Dealing a great amount of damage.
  • Some good defense because you will be having a shield to protect you from monsters’ damage.
  • The ability to Knockdown monsters can give you extra time to use a potion or deal extra damage.

Pick Full INT Sword/Shield Nuker if:

  • You want to farm easily by dealing a lot of damage and possibly one-shot the monsters.
  • You don’t mind sacrificing some defenses in order to deal more damage.




4. Full INT Spear Nuker:

Imagine a Spear Nuker charging your way. Scary, right?

As any nuker, you will be dealing a ton of damage to everyone and every monster around you!
Choosing Spear is great as it can help you attack monsters from a distance and you can probably finish them off before they even attack you which means less potion usage.
Going full INT will be the right thing to do as you want to maximize your damage and MP.
Using Fire and Cold is the most common build in a Spear Nuker.
Fire will help you deal a lot of damage while Cold will help you stay safe by upping your defenses.

Why Full INT Spear Nuker is Great for PvE:

  • Dealing high damage to most monsters and enemies.
  • Attacking from a distance, which can keep you safe and help you save potions.
  • Having high sustain with high HP.

Pick Full INT Spear Nuker if:

  • You want to farm and crush PvE but still want to do well in PvP.
  • You like dealing damage while being untouched thanks to the Spear as you can attack monsters from a distance.
  • You want to farm items fairly well as you can kill a lot of monsters with your damage.




3. Bard/Cleric:

Music can heal, but it can also hurt!

This is not a common build but if you think about it you will surely love it!
The Bard is great for damage and buffing while the Cleric grants you more buffs and the ability to Res others. It is a great combination to go Solo or if you want to be in a farming party.
In this build, you will go full INT as you need a lot of MP and it can benefit your damage dealing.

Why Bard/Cleric is Great for PvE:

  • Great damage dealer and can one-shot monsters at high levels.
  • Can farm faster than other classes thanks to the Bard buffs.
  • Can farm safely without getting attacked due to the Noise buff.
  • Finds a spot immediately in any party either as a Bard or Cleric holder.

Pick Bard/Cleric if:

  • You want to farm solo which can be done easily thanks to the many buffs of the Cleric and the Noise buff on the Bard.
  • You like being an important part of any party as you can be there to buff your party members with your Bard and Cleric while also being able to Res them.
  • You don’t want to buy movement speed scrolls as you can easily have great movement speed thanks to the Bard buffs.




2. Wizard/Bard:

Wizard/Bard is a really lethal combination!

A Wizard build is considered the king of PvE as you can deal a lot of damage while still being able to do almost everything in the game.
Choosing Bard with Wizard is a great choice if you want to farm faster and go solo as having Noise under your belt can help you stay safe while farming.
All Wizards must go full INT as a rule so you won’t run out of MP and be able to deal the needed damage.
Light Armor is a must if you want to solo monsters and farm safely as it helps you stay alive.

Why Wizard/Bard is Great for PvE:

  • A lot of damage, which can help you farm a lot of monsters.
  • Speed is key with the Bard! You can farm more monsters in a shorter time.
  • Safety if you go solo as your Noise skill will protect you enough so you can farm better.

Pick Wizard/Bard if:

  • You want to farm a lot and possibly use a bot so you can collect more items.
  • You are playing solo as Wizard/Bard can farm well by himself.
  • You want to be a necessary part of any PvE party.




1. Wizard/Cleric:

Nothing feels better than a fresh Wizard/Cleric leveling up!

This build is the best one for PvE. You will be seeing a lot of new characters made as a Wizard/Cleric because this is the best one yet.
Choosing Cleric makes you comfortable in farming, it gives you protection and the ability to Res others in your party.
Full INT as a typical Wizard is a sure thing to guarantee MP and damage.
If you are aiming for farming with your character then you surely need to go for Light Armor as it can prevent you from dying too many times.

Why Wizard/Cleric is Great for PvE:

  • The damage output is insane as a Wizard.
  • Having Cleric to support you and your Party members.
  • Bot setting for a 24/7 farming party is easy due to your Res ability and all the damage skills that can help you farm faster.
  • The ability to Res other party members is great and guarantees a smooth 24/7 farming party.

Pick Wizard/Cleric if:

  • You want to farm a lot and make this your main farming and leveling account.
  • You like being needed in any party during farming.
  • You want to have diversity as you can participate in almost everything and you’re always needed in a party whether it’s for farming or anything else like FTW or FGW.




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