[Top 10] Sims 4 Best Households

Sims 4 Best Households
Father Winter's been enjoying his Summer vacation in Sulani!

10. Zest

Oh Johnny Zest… I’ve had my sims marry you more times than I can count. Johnny Zest is a pretty stand-up guy with an interesting secret. He’s fun to marry and fun to play!

What Makes Johnny Zest Amazing:

  • He’s all around a pretty interesting and nice dude! His traits are Outgoing, Goofball, and Ambitious, making him one of the few great single guys that come with the base game. He’s not particularly rich, but you can make a good bit of money with him fairly quickly. He’s a great person, and it’s fun to level him up in his career!
  • Okay, so his career - Johnny Zest wants to become a standup comedian. This is a career I don’t play too often, but I like moving him up through the ranks because I really love to see him pursue his dream! Unfortunately, not everyone wants to see him succeed…
  • Johnny Zest used to be a Landgraab - I know! This is one of the more interesting storylines in the base game, and I love playing it out. He was disowned when he told his family he wanted to become a comedian, so he started going by his stage name ‘Johnny Zest’. Climb through the comedian career, start beef with the Landgraabs, or just marry him off to one of your sims - whatever you choose, he’s one of the best households in the game.

How To Get Johnny Zest:

Mr. Zest lives in Oasis Springs in ‘Bedrock Strait’. His house looks sort of like a trailer, and is on the right side of the map with the starter homes. Good news is, he comes with the base game. Play away!

9. Ward

Judith Ward is a Global Superstar living in Del Sol Valley. She’s an absolute queen, and is a great household to play in the Sims. 

What Makes Judith Ward Amazing:

  • Her description tells us that she has several ex husbands… why not add a couple more? Since she’s a five-star celebrity, she can get almost any man in any world to fall in love with her. Seriously, it’s a really entertaining storyline.
  • Ward’s reputation is pretty bad. She’s made a lot of enemies over the years in an effort to “get rich at all costs”. Her traits are Materialistic, Snob, and Mean, so it shouldn’t be too hard to stir up some drama. She lives next to the Bailey-Moon family, and that’s a pretty great place to begin. Start all the beef!
  • This queen starts off with 100 grand in the bank and an awesome acting career. If you want to try your hand at the acting career but don’t want to spend a ton of time leveling someone up, Judith Ward is a great townie to play as. The fame, the fortune, and the paparazzi breaking into your house at three A.M. really give this game such a lovely touch.

How To Get Judith Ward:

Judith lives in Del Sol Valley in ‘The Pinnacles’, a neighborhood full of the rich and famous. This world comes in the Get Famous expansion pack, so if you’ve got it downloaded you’ll be able to select it from ‘Manage Worlds’! 

8. Pancakes

We hate to love them, we love to hate them - the Pancake household is iconic in the Sims community. Play this household to start tons of marriage tea, or heal something that was otherwise broken. Hooray for options!

What Makes the Pancakes Amazing:

  • Bob and Eliza Pancakes are having some serious trouble with their marriage. These two just can’t get along! As a simmer, you can look at this two ways. One, you can swoop in and try to save their crumbling marriage and be the hero. Two, you can stir up more and more tea until they just can’t take it any more and one of them goes absolutely insane! The choice is yours.
  • These two are very different, so if you’re looking to play two different storylines at the same time, they are a great option. He’s a Gloomy-Slob-Loner who loves to cook, and she’s a Neat, Materialistic, Perfectionist. No wonder they butt heads!
  • Bob has a job Catering, but Eliza doesn’t work. This can be spun a couple of different ways. You can get Eliza a job, build her up in her career, and move her out to start her life as an independent business woman! Or… you can always keep her at home and stir tea with the other townies.

How To Get The Pancakes:

This couple lives in Willow Creek and comes with the base game! You can find them in ‘Courtyard Lane’ in a nice suburban home.

7. Delgato

This is one of the most adorable families in the entire game. Playing as this family is absolutely wonderful due to the strong love between the parents, the sweet bond throughout the family, and the cute pets they have living with them!

What Makes the Delgatos Amazing:

  • Justin Delgato is level 5 of the business career and his wife, Supriya, has always wanted to be a veterinarian. Because she’s been at home with the kids, she hasn’t been able to follow her dreams, but her adoring husband offers to stay home so she can become a vet! 
  • The kids are both really unique. Pierce is Self-Assured, and is a super sweet kid, and his little sister Evie is Angelic. Raising the kids and turning this into a multi-generational family just makes me so happy, and it’s really darling to watch these kids grow up.
  • The dog, Blue, and the cat, Bartholomew A. Bittlebun Sr. (yes, it’s an incredible name) are absolute icons. They are definitely my favorite pets in the game. These little guys not only add to the gameplay, they are one of the best parts of this family’s gameplay!

How To Get the Delgatos:

This beautiful family lives in Brindleton Bay in ‘Cavalier Cove’! They own a gorgeous and large blue house in the very far right side of the map. This world comes with the Dogs and Cats pack, so if you have that expansion, try out the Delgatos!

6. BFF

This household has a love triangle!!! Need I say more?

What Makes BFF Amazing:

  • All three of these characters are so well-known and well-loved in the Sims 4. They come with the base-game world Willow Creek, so every simmer has seen them at one time or another! Summer Holiday is Outgoing, Active, and Cheerful, and wears a cute navy skirt with a striped polo. Liberty Lee, the other girl in the bunch, is a bit of a wild nerd. You’ve probably seen her green hat and dark brown pigtails at the park or the library. Then there’s Travis Scott. We’ll get to him in a minute. 
  • Their careers are all very different, fun to play, and at different times! You’ll always have a sim at home, which is nice because work rabbit holes are boring. These three are in some of my favorite careers in the game, so leveling them up is really fun.
  • Okay, now for the part you’ve all been waiting for - the tea! Both of these ladies have big crushes on Travis. Yay! This love triangle is so fun to play, and Travis Scott actually is pretty dope. I’ve had my other single sims marry him almost as often as Johnny Zest!

How To Get the BFFs:

This bunch lives in Willow Creek. Three cheers for base game townies! You can find their humble abode in ‘Foundry Cove’. Who will end up with Travis Scott in your game?

5. Goth

Of course the Goth family made the list! This family has been with us since the original Sims game, and they hold a special place in every simmer’s heart.

What Makes the Goth family Amazing:

  • The whole household gives off a very ‘Addams family’ vibe, and it’s so intriguing. Their furniture is gothic, their outfits are gloomy, and their personalities match. There is no one else in the sims that pulls off this Victorian vampire style so well, and we love them for it.
  • Mortimer is always writing something broody and intense. He is the most interesting writing career character in the game by far. Sit Mortimer down to write some books and name them absurd things like Sad Kittens in the Graveyard or Spooky Stories That Are Definitely Scarier Than Stephen King Books. Help Mortimer live his best life.
  • Bella is such a queen. In the Sims 4, she is a level 2 Secret Agent, and it is just too much fun! Imagining Bella sneak around in her classic red dress just puts a smile on every simmer’s face. Plus, you can stir tea in the household by keeping her career (among other things) a secret from the family. Fantastic!

How To Get the Goths:

 This spooky household sits in Willow Creek in the ‘Pendula View’ neighborhood. Their house is pretty recognizable considering it’s dark and creepy!

4. Villareal

The drama in this household is just so juicy! Jacques’ wife and the mother of his children disappeared, and it really seems like a member of this household is her killer.

What Makes Villareal Amazing:

  • It is so much fun to play as Jacques. He’s actually crazy (hence the Erratic trait) and his aspiration is to be a Public Enemy! It seems at first like he offed his wife - but why? Is he just some insane killer who snapped at his wife one day? He’s level 9 in the Criminal career and his job title is ‘The Brains’, which is strange for someone mentally insane. Interesting…
  • This house is huge, gorgeous, and has hideously terrible vibes. The Villareal mansion is gated and can’t be reached by any road. It even has a terrifying dungeon-like basement! The horror-movie energy radiating off of this house excites me and freaks me out at the same time.
  • The youngest son, Max, is a grade D student, wears a leather jacket, and his only trait is Evil. This little boy is straight-up terrifying! His siblings are fun to play as, but Max is one of the most enthralling characters in this whole game. I know everyone thinks Jacques murdered his wife, but I have a strange suspicion little Max may have had something to do with it.

How To Get the Villareal family:

The unsettling household can be found in Windenburg, the world from the Get Together expansion pack. Their house sits in ‘The Crumbling Isle’ on the left side of the map. Have fun solving this murder mystery (or creating more)!

3. Pleasant

These twins made their debut in the Sims 2 and have been a beloved part of the Sims community ever since. The sisters are complete and total opposites and are in college in the Sims 4. They don’t like each other very much, and there’s so much you can do with this household!

What Makes Pleasant Amazing:

  • Lilith is a ‘Villainy’ major at Foxburry, which is a career I almost never play! She has the smaller, lesser bedroom of the two sisters, and as we saw in Sims 2, was not shown as much love or attention as Angela growing up. Her years of built up anger and frustration are so much fun to play with.
  • Angela is the ‘angel’ of the two of them.. She has the nicer and more expensive bedroom on the top floor of their shared house, and is sure to make a ton of friends at Britechester. She seems very kind and genuine, but if you want to really spice things up, have her initiate sickly sweet interactions with everyone else except Lilith. When it’s just the two of them, Angela’s can really be the evil twin!
  • If you want to play using your University Life pack but don’t want to choose a college to commit to, playing as these twins is a great solution! Angela goes to Britchester and Lilith goes to Foxbury, so you can really get a feel for both schools. The first household I played when using this pack was the Pleasant sisters, and they still remain one of my favorite households in the game.

How To Get the Pleasants:

 The Pleasant sisters come with the University Life expansion pack and live in Britchester. Their house can be found in Gibbs hill right between the two schools!

2. Caliente

This household landed the number 2 spot for how entertaining they are. Their basic description tells us that Don and Katrina are together… and he may get involved with one of the other ladies in the household!

What Makes the Calientes Amazing:

  • Don Lothario just radiates douchebag energy. His aspiration is ‘Serial Romantic’, and his traits are Active, Romantic, and Noncommittal. He moved in with Katrina (who’s much older than him), but definitely noticed her daughters Dina and Nina. That’s bound to start some drama.
  • Katrina Caliente’s aspiration is to find a ‘Soulmate’, which is sad, but also great for gameplay! She’s Family-Oriented and is constantly trying to tie Don down, but he definitely doesn’t want to be the other girls’ stepdad. Katrina’s story is epic, and she’s one of my favorite characters in the game.
  • Nina and Dina really are wilding. Both of them are Romantic and pretty ladies, so they strut around the town like they’re all that and a bag of chips. These sisters are wild and boy-crazy to their core, and are excellent at causing drama!

How To Get the Calientes:

This hilarious family lives in Oasis Springs in the ‘Skyward Palms’ neighborhood. Their house is on the far left side of the map. Enjoy stirring tea!

1. Father Winter

Yes, Father Winter takes the top spot for Sims 4 Best Households. Playing as Father Winter is hands down the most fun I’ve had in this game. 

What Makes Father Winter Amazing:

  • His skills make so much sense! He is level 10 in Baking, Charisma, Handiness, Parenting, and Singing, and he’s level 3 in Fitness. I love it so much! Sending Father Winter himself to the kitchen to whip up some Christmas cookies is unmatched, and because his Charisma is so high he’s really popular with the ladies. 
  • If you’ve been playing the Sims for any semi-long amount of time, you’ve definitely tried to get with the Grim Reaper and Father Winter. Well, now it’s time to play from the other side of this. Seeing the jolly holiday man strut around and flirt with my favorite townies makes me laugh out loud every time. Also, yes, that is Judith Ward in the picture. Father Winter and her really hit it off!
  • FATHER WINTER STARTS WITH $500,000! This man is genuinely loaded. Move him into a giant mansion from the gallery or take him out for expensive nights on the town every single day. Out of any character in the game, his starting funds are the highest, and I think that’s absolutely incredible. Father Winter is undoubtedly the best household in the game.

How To Get Father Winter:

This one’s a little bit different! He comes with the base game, but he’s not placed in any town. To find him, select ‘Manage Worlds’ and then in the top right, you will see a bar with four different icons. Select the one of two people and a pencil that says ‘Manage Households’ and then click to ‘Other Households’. From there, click ‘Show: All Households’ and deselect everything except for ‘Unplayed Households’ and ‘Not In World’. There he is!

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