[Top 10] Splatoon 2 Best Abilities

Splatoon 2 Best Abilities
Turf War Here We Come!

Before getting into the ability list, all players must know that the abilities are broken up into four different types. The four categories are Death, Ink Usage, Player, and Weapon Ability. All the abilities fit into these categories and finding the balance is the key. Abilities are special because they can only be put onto the player’s gear such as their clothing, headgear, and shoes. Now onto the best abilities in Splatoon!



10.  Ink Recovery 

There’s an enemy following a player and they just ran out of ink. This causes them to be splatted without a fighting chance. Therefore, Ink Recovery is important to consider as an ability before going to the Turf War. Ink Recovery is favored by the Tentatek brand and unfavored by the Firefin brand. Ink Recovery is in the Ink Usage Ability category.

Ink Recovery is an ability that increases the player’s ink tank capacity without having to stop and refill fast. This ability only works while the player is filling up their ink tank in their ink. Players that love using a heavy weapon such as chargers, rainmakers, and splatlings will love adding this ability to their list. 


Ink Recovery Details: https://splatoonwiki.org/wiki/Ink_Recovery_Up



9. Object Shredder

The ability Object Shredder comes in handy to the players that use it. It is only available as an upgrade on shoes. Many players use objects to help in turf wars but if the player is on the opposite team it can get annoying destroying it. Object Shredder is in the Weapons Ability category as well.

Object Shredder boosts how much damage a player can cause objects so it doesn’t take many shots to get rid of enemy objects. These objects can be a Baller, Bubble Blower, Splash Wall, Sponge Block, Inkrail, Sprinkler, Squid Beakon, Rainmaker shield, Ink Armor, or a Booyah Bomb armor. Having the ability Object Shredder makes sure you get rid of objects in your path without a problem. An enemy sets a Splash Wall and the player can take it down and continue to invade the enemy’s turf. 


Object Shredder Details: https://splatoonwiki.org/wiki/Object_Shredder


8. Special Charge Up 

Special Charge Up helps with the player’s special attacks. It is favored by the Takoroka brand and unfavored by the Zekko brand. Special attacks help players get the upper hand when the enemy least expects it. The Special Charge Up ability is in the Weapons Ability category. 

This ability helps speed up the charging process and it helps with the weapons that need more points to collect before it can be used. Also, since Special Charge Up is filling up the Special Weapon Gauge sooner the player can use it more often. Players fill their Special Weapon Gauge by the turf they ink. The more the player inks, the sooner the Special Charge Up can be used. 


Special Charge Up Details: https://splatoonwiki.org/wiki/Special_Charge_Up


7. Run Speed Up

Ok swimming quickly in squid form is great but what else could help you move faster on the battlefield? That’s right, being able to move as quickly as the humanoid version. Well, this ability was made for that. Rockenberg is favored by this ability and Splash Mob is unfavored by this ability. Run Speed Up is in the Player Ability category.  

Run Speed Up is meant to make you move quickly only if not using a roller for inking and when in an enemy’s ink. It makes the player harder to hit, making the player harder to splat. Players that love using Splatling type weapons are in luck because this ability allows them to move faster while charging their weapon. This helps players keep an upper hand in their humanoid form. 


Run Speed Up Details: https://splatoonwiki.org/wiki/Run_Speed_Up


6 & 5. Ink Saver (Main and Sub)

These two I put as one because either one will give the player advantage and they are both Ink Saver. Ink Saver (Main) is favored by Splash Mob and unfavored by SquidForce. Ink Saver (Sub) is favored by Firefin and unfavored Forge. The only difference is which of your weapons do you want to add Ink Saver and how will it help you in Turf War. These two abilities are in the Ink Usage category. 

Both Ink Saver (Main) and Ink Saver (Sub) decrease the amount of ink it needs to use the weapon. In this way, you save time by not having to refill your ink tank soon. When using Ink Saver (Main) ability, the weapon the player is using can cause a stronger effect on it than other weapons. Saving more ink means more ink to splat the enemy without running out quickly. 


Ink Saver Details (Main): https://splatoonwiki.org/wiki/Ink_Saver_(Main)

Ink Saver Details (Sub): https://splatoonwiki.org/wiki/Ink_Saver_(Sub)


4. Ninja Squid

Do players want to sneak up on opponents without showing them where they are hiding in the ink? The answer is yes who wouldn’t want to move in the ink without leaving those little ripples behind that give the player away. Ninja Squid is in the Player Ability category. 

This ability will help you take advantage of moving on the battlefield without being detected or get out of danger. If the player is wearing Armor Ink they need to be careful because their eyes glow and can give them away when trying to hide. Also when using Ninja Squid the player will move slower and must be careful when charging their ink because they might be seen by nearby enemies. 


Ninja Squid Details: https://splatoonwiki.org/wiki/Ninja_Squid


3. Special Power Up

Special Power Up gives players the ability to boost their special attack on their enemies. Forge brand tends to favor this ability and has 5 times the chance of getting this ability. Takoroka’s brand tends to unfavor this ability.  Special Power Up is in the Weapons Ability category.

Several weapons are affected by this ability in a positive way which are Tenta Missiles, Sting Ray, Inkjet, Splashdown, Ink Armor, Bomb Launcher, Ink Storm, Baller, Bubble Blower, Booyah Bomb, and Ultra Stamp. Depending on which weapon the player is using, the increase of power varies. In a Turf War, some players use these weapons as a last resort so having a power-up added to it makes it even stronger. Meaning they won’t get splatted easily by their enemies.


Special Power Details: https://splatoonwiki.org/wiki/Special_Power_Up


2. Swim Speed Up

With the Swim Speed Up ability, it allows a player to use their squid form to swim faster in their ink. Sorry, you can’t use this ability to swim away in enemy ink. This ability is favored by the brand Krak-On and unfavors the brand Rockenberg. Swim Speed in the Player Ability category. 

Imagine the player is playing in a ranked battle and needs to get there fast, this will give the player a boost. Say the player is in a pinch and needs to swim away, then this is an ability they would want. Also, if you have the special weapon Kraken, this weapon will help you move easier while chasing your enemies. 


Swim Speed Up Details: https://splatoonwiki.org/wiki/Swim_Speed_Up


1.Main Power Up

The Main Power Up is an ability to power up your main weapon in Splatoon 2. Who wouldn’t want to add more power to their main weapon? This ability is favored by two brands, Toni Kensa and Annaki. It is also unfavored by the brand Inkline. Main Power Up is in the Weapon Ability category. 

With this ability, the player’s already powerful weapon becomes more of a powerhouse when dealing with damage in a battle. It increases the player’s shot accuracy and with some weapons even increases ink coverage. Say for example the player is up against an enemy with the same weapon. The enemy shoots but doesn’t do much damage but when the player shoots, it almost splats the enemy in one shot. This is because the Main Power Up ability allows this to happen.


Main Power Up Details: https://splatoonwiki.org/wiki/Main_Power_Up 


Well, this is the end of the list. The amount of effectiveness the abilities have to rely on the player and each one is different. This gives the player’s freedom to mix and match abilities to best suit their individual needs. If players didn’t have individual abilities in the game, Turf War matches would be boring. Players can’t only rely on just one type of ability to win matches in the Turf War. This list isn’t a definite answer to how to win Turf Wars. As the player, you must find your way of which abilities serve best. Hope all you Splatoon 2 players out there enjoyed it. 



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