[Top 10] UFC 4 Best Fighters That Are Powerful

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These are the best fighters in the game!

UFC 4 is stacked with amazing fighters.

When selecting a fighter to use in UFC 4, it’s important to consider a wide variety of factors, such as perks, striking/grappling stats, and how you prefer to fight. Regardless of whether you like to bring your opponent to the mat and fold them into a pretzel, or stand out of range and chip away with long-ranged strikes, this list has it all. 

Today we’re going over the top 10 most powerful characters in UFC 4, and what makes them the best of the best. Without further ado... 

Let’s get it on! 

10) Khabib Nurmagomedov 

Want to join the smesh express? Look no further than the Dagestani Devil that is Khabib. Wrestling from the of 8 under the tutelage of his father Abdulmanap, it’s no surprise that ‘The Eagle’ is one of the strongest grapplers in the world, especially in UFC 4. His grappling based perks and 5 star takedowns ensure that you show your opponent the art of involuntary yoga. 

What makes Khabib great? 

  • 5* Wrestling and takedowns 
  • Overwhelming on the ground 
  • Strong punch speed/power despite being a grappler 
  • Good to wear opponent down on the ground 
  • Perks boost grappling stats and stamina
  • 97 takedown defence!

9) Daniel Cormier 

If this list were based purely on how much I like fighters, DC would be at the number 1 spot. The Olympian-turned-champion has been my go-to fighter since UFC 2. His immense grappling pulls opponents to depths that they’ve never seen before, and his striking isn’t too shabby either! 

DC can strike with the best of players, but once the fight hits the mat it’s game over. 

What makes DC great? 

  • Strong punch speed/power 
  • 96 accuracy! 
  • Perks boost grappling 
  • 96 takedowns and 95 top control 
  • Destroys opponents on the ground 
  • 95 cardio! 
  • 5* wrestling takedowns and transitions 

8) Robert Whittaker 

It’s no mistake that he is commonly known as ‘The Reaper.’ Whittaker is a striking clinic, boasting strong stand-up perks and decent grappling if necessary. Often overshadowed by Adesanya, people often forget that Whittaker was the former

champion, and his skills in UFC 4 definitely reflect this. 

What makes Whittaker great? 

  • Perks boost strikes and recovery 
  • 95 punch speed and 93 punch power! 
  • 93 kick speed and 92 kick power for kickboxing combos 
  • 97 takedown defence! 
  • Good for pressure and mixing up strikes 
  • 94 cardio and 98 recovery!!! 

7) Petr Yan 

 With relentless punches and pressure fighting, Yan is one of the strongest strikers in the game for players who like to dominate using cardio and an overwhelming volume of strikes. 

With a nickname straight out of Karate Kid, Petr ‘No Mercy’ Yan is one of the scariest men in the UFC, let alone the bantamweight division.

What makes Yan great? 

  • 95 punch speed/power! 
  • 93 accuracy and 95 footwork 
  • INSANE pressure fighter 
  • Strong kick speed and power for combos 
  • Great to put opponent against the cage
  • Strong cardio to land a large volume of strikes 

6) Zhang Weili 

With perks supporting all kinds of striking advantages from movement speed and blocking to punch speed and accuracy, Zhang is a menacing striker to come up against, and her striking stats are at the top of her division in UFC 4.

What makes Zhang great? 

  • Strikes consume less stamina in the first 2 rounds 
  • Amazing boxing stats to pressure the opponent 
  • 96 punch speed/power! 
  • 94 kick speed and 92 kick power for insane kickboxing combos 
  • Great as a pressure fighter, especially in the early rounds 
  • 94 top control if the fight goes to the ground 

5) Valentina Shevchenko 

Shevchenko is one of the few 5* rated fighters in the game, so it’s no wonder that she’s made it so far up the list. With 3 perks to boost her kicking stats and another to increase recovery, Shevchenko is a monster on the feet, with unstoppable chin health and cardio as well as unrivalled striking stats. 

What makes Shevchenko great? 

  • 4* Muay Thai and kickboxing combos 
  • 96 punch/kick speed! 
  • 93 punch power and 94 kick power for devastating kickboxing combos 96 footwork makes her a nightmare on the feet 
  • Strong submission defence and top game if the fight goes to the mat 3 perks to boost her already freakish kicks! 
  • 93 cardio and recovery when the fight hits the later rounds 

4) Max Holloway 

That moment pretty much sums up why Holloway is one of the greatest strikers in the world, and his stats on UFC 4 reflect this. Holloway is the epitome of a pressure fighter, being ‘Blessed’ with ridiculous punch speed and accuracy, with strong takedown defence to keep your opponent on his feet until he can’t stand anymore. 

By the way, did we mention his 99 cardio? 

What makes Holloway great? 

  • Great punch speed and power 
  • Strong accuracy 
  • 99 cardio and 97 recovery 
  • Arguably one of the best pressure fighters in the game
  • 96 chin when standing and banging 
  • 5* boxing combinations 
  • Perks to boost his punches and cardio in the later rounds to punish your opponent for not losing earlier! 

3) Amanda Nunes 

Unfortunately, “The Lioness” lost her last fight, but that doesn’t diminish the 7 years she spent undefeated up to that fight! Nunes is still the featherweight champion, as she had 2 belts up to her defeat to Julianna Pena last year.  

What makes Nunes great? 

  • Perks that boost the speed/accuracy of most of her strikes 
  • 96 punch speed/power! 
  • 94 kick speed and 93 kick power for ruthless kickboxing combos 
  • Strong movement and blocking to make her float like a small lioness and sting like, well, a very sharp lioness 
  • Decent takedowns and top control when your opponent gets sick of your dominant striking 
  • Strong health and cardio when the fight drags on 

2) Jon Jones

If not for the use of PEDs, Jones would be a very strong contender in the GOAT conversation, so it’s a good thing they can’t be used in UFC 4! 

He works best at range, picking shots with his 4000 (Probably, the guy’s huge!) foot reach and frustrating the opponent with well-timed shots. Jones works best as a sniper, but also has great ground stats to survive if need be. 

What makes Jones great? 

  • Perks to boost knees, elbows, front and side kicks to make Jones a threat both up close and from a distance 
  • 99 switch stance to confuse and frustrate the opponent 
  • 98 accuracy to pick clean shots from the outside 
  • 95 blocking and 94 takedown defence when on the back foot 
  • 94 footwork to move like a welterweight 
  • 96 clinch control and 97 clinch striking to get the best of fighters who have lower grappling stats 
  • 94 submissions if the fight goes to the ground 
  • Works best as a sniper, moving around the outside and landing patient, well-timed shots 

1) Kamaru Usman 


Usman is the current welterweight champion and, as of the time this article was written, is still undefeated in the UFC. The Nigerian Nightmare has a record of 20-1-0, with his only loss coming in his second ever pro MMA bout. 

The only disadvantage to Usman is that he has the same number of limbs as everyone else on the list. His striking is second to none, his wrestling is in a league of its own, and his health and cardio may as well give him Wolverine-like healing abilities. 

Usman is a monster in every sense of the word, and last year he received an upgrade despite already being one of the best. 

His record and his UFC 4 stats give no doubt as to why he sits at the top of this list, as well as the UFC pound-for-pound rankings. 

What makes Usman great? 

  • 92 punch speed and 95 punch power 
  • 93 accuracy and 95 blocking to wipe the floor with your opponents 
  • 91 footwork to escape danger 
  • 97 takedown defence, and if the fight does go to the ground... 
  • 95 top control and 95 ground striking to crush your opponents on the mat 
  • 97 takedowns to ragdoll your opponent across the cage 
  • 97 clinch control and 94 clinch striking, just because he wasn’t scary enough 
  • 97 cardio and 95 chin to show that he’s going nowhere once the fight moves to the championship rounds 
  • 5* wrestling takedowns, transitions and sweeps 

And that’s it! 

We hope you enjoyed this list and learned something new. Agree with our choices, or do you prefer to rise with the underdogs of the game? What would you like to see from us next? Let us know and we’ll see what we can do. 

Now go out there and catch some bodies!

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