[Guide] Yakuza Kiwami Best Fighting Style - What To Choose

Behold! The Four Styles of Kazuma Kiryu.

Hey, y’all! We’re here today with a guide on how to best utilize Yakuza Kiwami’s Fighting Mechanic i.e. the Styles!

Introduced in Yakuza 0, this was a revolutionary way to diversify your average Yakuza playthrough, giving you a chance to execute those perfect combos, cancels and style switching at the same time. Since Majima was also playable, it was open to 8 styles of playthrough. Now that Yakuza Kiwami is Kiryu focused, we’re down to 4 styles namely:- Brawler, Rush, Beast and Dragon.

One thing to be noted is that to upgrade these styles, you need experience points in this game compared to money in Yakuza 0. So, gather around, kyoudai! Time to enlighten you new players and veterans alike on how to make the best use of these styles!


4. Brawler Style

“KIRYU CHA-“ Majima’s Last words before getting beaten to a pulp.

First off on the list, we have the Brawler style which is Kiryu’s basic style after you finish the prologue and ACTUALLY start the game. Also one of the starting of the three styles

This one’s the rough-and-tumble fighting style focused on the general beating and pounding of enemies with balanced speed and power. You can say it’s the “poor man’s Dragon style”. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great style and sure to be one of the most powerful when you max out this variation!

One weakness this style does have is that it’s considerably slower than the Rush and Dragon styles but adequately faster than the Beast style. BUT it can be used for generating Heat with your combos and executing those epic Heat Actions!

What’s good about Brawler Style:

  • Balance of speed and power makes for perfect combos against enemies.
  • Eventual combos lead to Heat generation which in turn gives more Heat Actions.
  • Being drunk gives you an edge in this style as you get no physical damage when in Brawler style.
  • Resolute Counter is a brawler-exclusive ability where you get to hit back at enemies hitting you unexpectedly.
  • Heat Actions with not just fists but accompanied objects as well. Weapon items count too.

Choose Brawler Style if:

  • If you want those sweet Heat Action finishers to be used on enemies.
  • If you want to break up a group of enemies.
  • If you want to gang up against a single enemy.


3. Rush Style

OOF! That’s gotta hurt.

Up next, we have the Rush Style, also known as Kiryu’s “Speed” Style, another one of the three styles that you’re wholly familiar with if you’ve played Yakuza 0.

It’s in this style that Kiryu can either run towards an area safe from the onslaught of the incoming enemy damages or do multiple quicksteps and do some counter dodging. If you’re in a long sequence boss fight, which is the tradition of Yakuza games, you can use this to move much faster and get to the destined waypoint via this method.

There are, however, downsides to this Style. It’s got increased speed but the damage it does is ridiculously low. Apart from that, you can’t properly guard from attacks but instead you can “weave” your way out of it. Quicksteps have been increased but they reduce your Heat with it.C

What’s good about Rush Style:

  • Increased Speed gives chance to manoeuvre out of enemy attacks.
  • Barrage of combos makes stunning enemies easier.
  • An increased amount of quick steps for better evasion.
  • Can get behind boss/enemy backsides for maximum damage.
  • Chances of enemies hitting you become slim to none.

Choose Rush Style if:

  • If you want to stun enemies constantly and slide away like a snake.
  • If you want to land barrages on a single enemy or boss without taking damage.
  • If you want increased movement and mobility.


2. Beast Style


Next, we have the Beast Style, also known as Kiryu’s “Power” Style and the last of the three styles you’re wholly familiar with if you’ve played Yakuza 0.

Compared to the previous two styles, this one has MORE Power and attack damage and it absolutely shines during random encounters in the streets of Kamurocho. It also utilizes any lying objects or weapons mid-combat without having the need to pick them up, making it all the more versatile! The “Resist Guard” ability, exclusive to the Beast Style, has Kiryu take reduced damage from everyone without faltering and gives the opportunity to break those mobs apart!

Since Beast Style has more power, it has VERY LESS mobility and moving from one place to another is a drag in itself. It has no quickstep but instead an evasive roll which makes Kiryu susceptible to further damage.


What’s good about Beast Style:

  • Utilization of nearby objects mid-combat without having the need to pick it up via the button prompt.
  • Massive damage is given to enemies making for quick battles.
  • “Resist Guard” lets you stand tall without having to falter.
  • Awesome for breaking away mobs of enemies which can cause trouble later on.
  • Heat Actions with this Style can cause massive damage to enemies as well as bosses, making for useful tactics.

Choose Beast Style if:

  • If you’re in an open space with objects lying around to be used as weapons against enemies.
  • If you have multiple enemies to face.
  • If you want to deliver the maximum amount of damage with brute force.


1. Dragon of Dojima Style

What happens when Kiryu is totally done with Majima? This.

And now, we have the famed Dragon of Dojima style! Kiryu’s signature fighting style from the original Yakuza series all the way till now.

This style is the culmination of all the three above Fighting Styles with greater speed, power and precision. If you remember playing Yakuza 0, you unlock this style by playing through the Kamurocho Real Estate Royale and you get all the moves for it. It’s great for those epic beatdowns and Heat Action animations.

Here’s the annoying part, for the sake of playing and upgrading the Style, IT’S BEEN NERFED DOWN AND YOU HAVE TO FIGHT MAJIMA TO GET THE WHOLE STYLE BACK! 10 Years in the joint … has made Kiryu a numbskull and he’s forgotten this style as a whole. But once upgraded, it is so worth it.

What’s good about Dragon Style:

  • High attack power with over-the-top counters makes Kiryu a formidable force to deal with.
  • Simple combos will give devastating damage once fully upgraded.
  • Cool and Satisfying Heat Action animations for the player to see.
  • Weapons would give special damage like with the Pummeling Bat and Demonfire Dagger combined when unlocked Essence of Mad Dog: Demon.
  • Tiger Drop. Enough said.

Choose Dragon of Dojima Style if:

  • If you want to one-shot enemies around you with the Tiger Drop.
  • If you want to feel overpowered by unlocking all skill trees of this Style.
  • If you want to utilize your parry skills.


And with that, we conclude our best fighting styles list for Yakuza Kiwami! I really hope it helped you. That’s about it. See ya.

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