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sexiest Lara Croft cosplays

14. Yuki LeFay / YukiCosplay


Image from Yukilefay, photo by Helio Motta.

Hailing from Brazil, Yuki LeFay, whose real name is Thais Jussim, is another talented cosplayer and costume designer. And guess what? She also happens to be a total nerd, who enjoys anime, comics, and gaming! She lists Samus Aran, Sephiroth, and Alucard among her favorite video game characters.

While her Lara Croft cosplay is amazing, her other works are just as brilliant. Don’t believe us? Head on to her social media sites to check out her Poison Ivy, Ada Wong, Chun Li, and more.


Image from Yukilefay, photo by Mônica Somenzari.


Image from Yukilefay, photo by Marcelo Colin.

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